6 Best Restaurants in Brisbane

Brisbane could be regarded as the city of alfresco dining. The elegant and subtropical climate gives it a position of a place with paramount elegance and dazzling beauty that is riverside literally would soothe all the locals that would dine out each day and night outside their homes.

1. South Bank Beer Garden, South Bank

The beer garden, which brings the pub vibe into the sunshine, is an essential part of Australian gastronomic life and this upscale take on it counts as the city’s only beachside beer garden. The location not only overlooks South Bank’s man-made Streets Beach but provides 180-degree views of the river and the city from the venue’s decks. Beer and steak is the order of the day, but beer can translate to local craft beers, and steak ranges from local cuts to 9+ Japanese Wagyu beef. Most meats are cooked over the Beer Garden’s bespoke char-grill while house-smoked meats are another specialty. Try an Australian favorite, apple and pear crumble, for dessert.

2. Customs House, City Center

The gem of the city is an even more famous river. Columns and copper domes are elegantly built in the Customs House at the famous Queen Street. This is definitely one of those places where you can just adore the intricate interiors which are about 200 years old dating back to 1889. So you can say that this is definitely a historic landmark to dine. As sentient meat, this place is truly a sight to behold because of its heritage and one of the best Australian food recipes being served over here.

3. Riverbar & Kitchen, City Center

Wouldn’t it be just calming for you to dine in front of the Brisbane river watching the water flow there and the food in your gut! Although your first preference would be Riverbar which serves meal three times a day, just for a relaxing view you just can’t miss the river view. So if you ever feel like your stomach is getting the better of you, and you are in the area, do visit this place of admiration where you can find yourself in harmony with food and nature unlike in any place else. Experience a perfect blend of breakfast with avocado, halloumi, kale, and seeds. The coffee might be from Sydney, but the brunch cocktails are indigenously Brisbane.

4. Hello Please, South Bank

Hello Please is a place which is in Hip Fish Lane near South Bank converted into a shipping container. This place is opposite to Julius Pizzeria with bright lights filling up the alleyway. All that locals could talk about this place is the pork-belly bao and do-it-yourself pork pancakes. at lunch, a crispy banh mi is an excellent choice.

5. Mary Mae’s, New Farm

Resting on the waterfront of Brisbane’s suburb of New Farm, Mary Mae’s likes to do things a little differently. The atmosphere evokes the soulful vibe of New Orleans’ French Quarter, and the menu follows suit. Keep it classic with buttermilk fried chicken and beef brisket, or taste the fusion of an oyster po’boy or a spiced chickpea burger. Kick on into the evening with Mary Mae’s cocktail menu, or simply watch the sunset with a cold beer in hand.

6. Jellyfish Restaurant, City Center

Specializing in the varieties of fish, Jellyfish is definitely one of those restaurants that you absolutely want to dine at. With between eight to fourteen different species with versatility of cooking from Saffron batter to Szechuan pepper crumo. You can experience all there is to offer by this restaurant at the riverside location opposite to the Story Bridge. Nothing beats a blend of some fish and wine on the menu for a ravenous and healthy diet.