Odd Pub Food Everyone Has to Try

Every pub offers something unique, & their food is no exception. While curries & cheeseburgers dominate most menus, some venues offer more exotic choices. These vary around the world, & make for some interesting conversation pieces. The more people travel, the more they enjoy exposure to odd foods. These novelties remind us about the delightful differences each culture provides. While it’s great seeing familiar dishes, getting a dose of something different is even more intriguing. Don’t let your taste buds stagnate, it’s time to enjoy a wildly different entrée.

Aussies are infamous world travelers, so we are no strangers to wild food. As we continue to explore, pub culture is brought to unexpected places. From Asia to South America, pubs are springing up in places that they never used to. Even though the main dishes remain, many pubs around the world offer a taste of local cuisine. This preview can often feature something completely unexpected. You don’t know how good your normal dishes are until you have tried something crazy. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the oddest pub food in the world. Prepare to be surprised, you’ll never find this in Sydney!

Odd Pub Food Worth Eating

Odd Pub Food
It tastes just like chicken!

Odd Pub Food #3: Frog Fry – Found mostly in Asia, this delicacy is seasonal. Everyone knows Asia is no stranger to heavy rains, which pour down with unprecedented ferocity. When rainy season strikes, it brings tons of frogs out of hiding. Locals jump on the chance to catch them, & make use out of their culinary potential. This provides a dish that invades many bars, & tourists jump on the chance to try it.

Caught frogs are skinned & the meat is marinated with varying blends of spices. Once the meat has sufficiently absorbed all the flavors, it’s deep fried in oil. Depending on the bar’s recipe, these can be delightful treats. They complement most beers & are an entertaining way of spicing up the night!

Odd Pub Food
Enjoy shrimp in its most intoxicate state.

Odd Pub Food #2: Drunken Shrimp – Not satisfied with simply frying seafood, Chinese bars decided to try something new. They started throwing raw shrimp into liquor, & a new delicacy was born. It exploded in popularity, becoming a staple in bars across China. This interesting cooking method even made its way to the United States.

Brought by immigrants, it had to make one change to pass health codes. In America, drunken shrimp have to be cooked before being served. It destroys some of the novelty, but insures no unwanted bacteria are transmitted to clients. If you want to try the original version, it’s easy to find across China.

Odd Pub Food
One bull’s sacrifice is another man’s treat.

Odd Pub Food #1: Rocky Mountain Oysters – Hailing from Colorado, this dish has become a late-night favorite. Despite what the name implies, this treat doesn’t have anything to do with oysters. They are bull calf testicles, but their meticulous preparation helps clients overlook this. The testicles are peeled, flattened & then deep fried. This process transforms them into a surprisingly delicious bar food. They are great for late night get-togethers, so don’t miss out on them next time you are in America!