Five Popular Keno Games At Ripper Casino

Five Popular Keno Games At Ripper Casino

Keno Games at Ripper Casino

1.Popular Keno Games
2.Cleopatra’s Pyramid Keno
3.Keno Regular
4.Keno Star
5.Amaterasu Keno
6.Book of Keno
7.Why play Keno games at Ripper Casino

Keno Games at Ripper Casino

Ripper Casino
Ripper Casino

Keno games at Ripper Casino are simple video keno games. These keno games can be played for free or played with real bets. All you need is to visit Ripper Casino with your mobile, PC or Tablet and head to the Keno games lobby to play these games. Keno games at Ripper casino are powered by top gaming brands that develop pokies and Keno games. Also these keno games at Ripper Casino have the game RTP ranging from 95% to 98%.

Playing Keno games at Ripper Casino is easy. Ripper casino accepts Australian punters therefore if you wish to place real bets on these keno games you join this online casino, make deposit with Australian dollars and play Keno in real time.

Cleopatra's Pyramid Keno
Cleopatra’s Pyramid Keno

Popular Keno games are those keno games that players love to play. These keno games become popular due to their awesome game features, bonus rounds and wins. Here are some popular Keno games that you can find at many online casinos:

  • Standard Keno: This is the traditional version of Keno where you select a set of numbers and wait for the draw. The rules and payouts can vary from one online casino to another.
  • Power Keno: Power Keno is similar to the standard version but offers higher payouts for specific hits, such as hitting all numbers in a particular zone on the Keno board.
  • Multi-Card Keno: In this version, you can play multiple Keno cards in a single game. This allows you to place more bets and increase your chances of winning.
  • Progressive Jackpot Keno: This type of Keno game features a progressive jackpot that grows with each bet placed by players. To win the jackpot, you typically need to hit a certain number of selected numbers.
  • Cleopatra Keno: Cleopatra Keno combines elements of traditional Keno with an Egyptian theme. It often includes special features and bonus rounds related to the theme.
  • Superball Keno: Superball Keno introduces a special “Superball” that can double your winnings if it’s drawn in the game.
  • Video Keno: Video Keno is a digital version of the game that you can play on electronic machines. It offers a more interactive experience with animations and sound effects.
  • Instant Keno: In Instant Keno, you don’t have to wait for a draw. You receive the results immediately after selecting your numbers and placing your bet.
  • Way Tickets: Some Keno games offer “way tickets” that allow you to group your selected numbers into different combinations, providing more chances to win.
  • Live Dealer Keno: Some online casinos offer live dealer Keno games, where you can watch a real dealer draw the numbers in real-time via a live video stream. This adds an extra layer of excitement and authenticity to the game.

When choosing a Keno game to play at an online casino, consider factors such as the game’s rules, payout structure, betting limits, and any special features it offers.

Popular Keno games at Ripper Casino are as follows:

  1. Cleopatra’s Pyramid Keno
  2. Keno Regular
  3. Keno Star
  4. Amaterasu Keno
  5. Book of Keno

1. Cleopatra’s Pyramid Keno

Cleopatra's Pyramid Keno
Cleopatra’s Pyramid Keno

Cleopatra’s Pyramid Keno is powered by Wager Gaming. To play this Keno game all you need is to join Ripper casino. Play for free or with real money.

  • Locate Cleopatra’s Pyramid Keno and tap or click to play
  • Choose your bet amount
  • Select your numbers. At least 3 numbers must be chosen to enable the start button. You can choose up to 10 numbers.
  • The Quick Pick button will choose 3 numbers at random is the board is clear.
  • Select additional numbers as you wish.
  • The Quick Pick Button will randomly select an alternate set of numbers for each selected number on the board.
  • Selecting the start button will start the game where 20 numbers will be generated and shown on the grid.
  • Any hits will be shown on the board with the corresponding win shown in the win table.
  • A bonus pyramid symbol will be places on one of the 80 numbers on the board. Should the pyramid symbol appear on one of the 20 generated numbers and a win is received the bonus feature is triggered.
  • Choose the play button to generate the 20 numbers using slow, medium or fast speeds.
  • At the end of each game play a bonus pyramid symbol will be placed on the board. If a win occurs, and the pyramid lands on one of the 20 generated numbers then the bonus game is triggered.
  • Select a stone to reveal a prize and advance to the next level. Should a mummy appear the bonus game ends with prizes awarded being collected.

2. Keno Regular

Keno Regular
Keno Regular

Keno regular is another popular Keno games to play at Ripper casino and is powered by WGS gaming company. This game was released in 2008 and is a popular game to play at online casinos.  Join Ripper casino to play this game for practice or place a real bet. You can go to keno games lobby and search the Keno game. Tap or click to play.

  • Place bets from $1 to $10 and also use multipliers 1X,5X or 10X when selecting the 1- 15 keno numbers from the gird.
  • Once you have selected the numbers the balls will roll on the rolling glass and roll out displaying the winning numbers.
  • Your wins will automatically be displayed on the gaming screen according to the payouts.

3. Keno Star

Keno Star online
Keno Star

Keno Star is an exciting and fun Keno game from Spinoro gaming. This Keno game at Ripper Casino offers amazing big wins. In this game you need to select between 1-10 of the 80 numbers on the game board. Win up to 25,000 times your bet.

Keno Star is an addictive and fun Keno game. Here you will also find exciting gameplay with amazing big wins. In each game, 20 balls are played. The rules are as follows – you choose from 1 to 10 numbers out of 80 presented numbers on the playing field, and the more numbers they choose correctly, the higher their winnings. 

4. Amaterasu Keno

How to play new Amaterasu Keno
Amaterasu Keno

Amaterasu Keno is powered by Mascot gaming. Amaterasu Keno is a number game with win multiplier defined according to the rules of lucky number feature and free games feature. The goal of each game round is to get a winning combination, which is the largest number of Hits from the player chise from 1 to 10 numbers with 20m numbers that will be draw in the current game round.

In the lucky number feature if there is a winning combination and in case of Hit of 1,2, or 3lucky numbers the multiplier is applied to the total win as X1, X3 or X5 for the main game and X2, X6 and X10 for free games.

  • To play Amaterasu Keno you need to join Ripper casino. You can opt to play free Amaterasu Keno game or play for real money that’s your choice. As this game has convenient interface in “book” format you can even enjoy with mobile devices.
  • You can place your bet as low as $0.01 and high as $5.00 in this game.
  • With Lucky Number feature in this game 3 random numbers are selected by the game and enable a total win multiplier up to x10!
  • Also it has a Free Games feature. Free games can be won by the player according to the Last Number rule.

5. Book of Keno

Book of Keno
Book of Keno

Book of Keno from Evoplay Entertainment is another Keno games to play at Ripper Casino In this Keno game you will get the chance to unlock the Pharaoh’s treasures. Make the right choice of one of the ten numbers displayed in the mysterious Keno Book to receive exciting rewards for each match.

  • To play this keno game you need to join Ripper casino. Play for free or play with real bets.
  • Pick out up to ten numbers and hope to match them with ten random winning numbers. The more numbers that match, the bigger the payout. However, the more numbers you pick, the lower the multipliers. You will find a max win of x100 and bet sizes range from 1.00 to 500.00.
  • To play select from 1 to 10 numbers from the 36 numbers in the grid, or use the random button
  • Press the spin button
  • Get a payout depending on the number of guessed digits.
  • Start by clicking on the wager button, which is located below the numbers and to the right of the spin scarab. Choose a total bet of between 1.00 and 500.00. Then choose between one and ten keno numbers from the 36 displayed on the screen.
  • You can also hit the random button above the scarab, and have ten numbers picked for you. Hit the scarab and watch as ten numbers are highlighted as random winning numbers. If any of those numbers match yours, you win. Before you spin again, you can adjust your wager and change any or all of your keno numbers.

The more numbers you pick, the greater the chance of winning. If you only pick 1 number, the chance of getting one match is lower, but the win multiplier is higher. With every additional number you choose, the chances of matching a winning number improve, but the multipliers go down. In this simple game, small wins do occur frequently, plus it’s easy to limit losses by making low wagers.

Why play Keno games at Ripper Casino

There are genuine reasons to play Keno at Ripper Casino if you are from Australia.

  • Ripper Casino is legit casino and is licensed at Curacao gaming commission.
  • The Casino accepts Australian dollars your own currency.
  • Ripper casino offers $10 no deposit bonus which is quite lucrative for players and adds value to your bank roll.
  • The welcome bonus of $7500 in match deposit is also fantastic.
  • The cashback bonus is also superb.
  • The casino offers great numbers of scratch cards and pokies beside keno which Aussie players love to play.
  • When you are ready to place real money bets it’s time to make a deposit. You can do so by credit and debit cards, Neosurf, Bitcoins, Cah to code, Ezeewallet, Litecoins, Bitcoin Cash and bank transfer.
  • The banking transactions is fully safe and secure.
  • Ripper casino has very helpful and customer support for Australian players.


Keno games at Ripper Casino are video keno games which offer great wins and are affordable to bet. Playing keno games with no deposit bonus is certainly great as without spending a penny you can make wins on Keno games. Instant play, without any download and top graphics and Keno themes lure the players to enjoy these games and have full entertainment at this online casino.


Q1. How do I play Keno at Ripper casino?

To play Keno at Ripper casino, you’ll first need to select the numbers you want to bet on. This is typically done by clicking on the numbers displayed on the virtual Keno card. Next, choose your bet amount. After making your selections, you’ll initiate the draw. The numbers will be randomly drawn, and if any of your chosen numbers match, you win. At Ripper casino you can play Keno free or place real bets.

Q2. Are the odds the same for every Keno game?

No, the odds can vary depending on the specific rules and payout structure of each Keno game. Different online casinos may offer different variants with varying odds. It’s important to review the rules and payouts of each game before placing your bets.

Q3. Is there a strategy for playing online Keno?

Keno is primarily a game of chance, and there’s no foolproof strategy that guarantees a win. However, players can apply some tactics like choosing a mix of high and low numbers, spreading out their selections, or using certain betting systems. It’s important to remember that these strategies don’t alter the fundamental odds of the game.

Q4. Can I play free Keno games at Ripper Casino?

Yes, Ripper online casinos offer free play options for Keno games. This allows you to practice and become familiar with the game without risking real money. Keep in mind that while you won’t win or lose real money in free play demo mode, it’s a valuable way to learn the game.

Q5. How to find new Keno games at Ripper Casino?

The Keno games lobby at Ripper Casino will showcase the new keno games. You will see the tag New Game on that Keno game thumbnail.