Keno in South Australia

Keno to play in South Australia

Keno in South Australia is played pretty much the same way the rest of the world plays keno. It is run by the SA Lotteries commission, a government organisation which appointed the Tatts Group to oversee its keno offerings. With a new game happening every 3.5 minutes you never have to wait long to join in on this game of luck.

Keno has been played the same way since the Han Dynasty Ancient China. Keno is a game of chance. You are considered lucky if you win. Typically the game involves the numbers from one to eighty, there are some places that play with less numbers.

The player chooses between 1 and 10 numbers. These numbers are called spots. After bets are placed the drawing beings, there are twenty numbers out of the eighty that are drawn. Your spots are considered caught when they are called. The more of your spots caught the better you payout will be.

How to play Keno in South Australia?

Keno in SA

Keno with entries starting at $1 and a draw every 3.5 minutes, you could have the chance to become a Keno winner in minutes! 

  • To win the Spot 10 jackpot, your entry needs to match all 10 winning numbers in a single game. If there are no Spot 10 jackpot winners, the Spot 10 jackpots to the next draw.
  • To win Keno Coin Toss, you must correctly select HEADS, TAILS or EVENS based on the result of where the numbers fall on the Keno screen grid.
  • Keno is a quick and easy game that is played every 3.5 minutes!
Keno game to play in SA

The first step to playing Keno is deciding which game you want to play!

  • Keno Single is the best game to play if you’re new to Keno. Simply select the numbers you want to play for your chance to win.
  • Keno Coin Toss can be added to a Keno game or played on its own. Guess where most of the drawn numbers will fall on the Keno grid for your chance to win.
  • Keno Combo requires a bit more skill but if you’re up for the challenge this game allows you to create more number combinations, giving you more chances to win.

Basically you have three options to choose from. Your options are heads, tails or evens. If you choose heads you believe that the majority of the twenty numbers that are to be drawn are going to be in the first half of the numbers between 1 and 40. If you choose tails then you believe the majority of the twenty numbers will be on the last half between 41 and 80. If you feel that the numbers are going to be evenly split between the first half of the numbers and the last half then you will choose evens.

The next step to playing Keno is deciding if you want to play a QuickPick or a Marked Entry.

  • QuickPick is the easiest way to play, where the number of games you play is fixed and your numbers are randomly generated for you.
  • Marked entry lets you choose what numbers you want to play and even lets you save them as a Favourite for next time.

To win Keno Single and Keno Combo, the Spots (numbers) you’ve picked must match the numbers drawn. How much you win is based on:

  • The Spot you’ve played (how many numbers you’ve picked)
  • How many of your numbers matched the winning numbers drawn
  • How much you’ve played per game (between $1 and $100)

To win the Spot 10 jackpot, your entry needs to match all 10 winning numbers in a single game. If there are no Spot 10 jackpot winners, the Spot 10 jackpots to the next draw.

Numbers are displayed for each draw on Keno screen grids in-store or on View Results.

What is Keno Coin Toss?

Players who take part in the South Australian Keno game can also choose to play an associated Keno Coin Toss game. This is a side bet that the 20 numbers drawn will be mostly Heads (in the range 1 to 40) mostly Tails (in the range 41 to 80) or Even (10 numbers Heads and 10 numbers Tails). A correct bet on Heads or Tails (the odds of which are 1 in 2.5) doubles the stake of the player and a correct bet on Evens (odds of 1 in 5) quadruples their stake. The maximum wager allowed per game is AU$100.

To win Keno Coin Toss, you must correctly select HEADS, TAILS or EVENS based on the result of where the numbers fall on the Keno screen grid. Correctly guessing HEADS or TAILS doubles your money and correctly guessing EVENS quadruples your money.

Keno SA

You can purchase your Keno or Keno Coin Toss entry in-store.

When is Keno Draw in South Australia?

South Australian Keno draws take place every three and a half minutes. Players can choose to enter their chosen numbers for multiple draws in advance, saving time for those who are inclined to play regularly. The player can choose anything from 1 to 10 numbers out of a range of numbers from 1 to 80. In each draw, 20 numbers are selected at random. The more numbers a player matches, the more they can win:Keno winning numbers are usually available shortly after the draw in-store or via the Lott website.

Number of SelectionsSelections MatchedPrize Paid (AU$)
10101,000,000 (Minimum)

You can check your Keno ticket onlinein-store, or scan your ticket using the Lott App. See Results Services page for more information on how to get your results.

Can I play Keno in South Australia at TAB outlets?

Yes you can play Keno in South Australia at TAB outlets. Visit here to play Keno in South Australia.

How does playing Keno South Australia help?

SA Lotteries has over 590 outlets throughout South Australia. Keno games can be played in newsagencies, petrol stations, pharmacies, pubs, RSL’s and selected TAB venues throughout the state.Playing keno in South Australia is not only fun but it is also beneficial. Did you know that the revenue that is earned from the playing of keno and keno coin toss is donated to state public hospitals? How many states do you know of that donates the profits to local hospitals instead of pocketing it for themselves? South Australia also supports South Australian sports and South Australian suppliers with the profits they make from Keno.

Besides doing something for the greater good with the profits, keno South Australia also promotes playing keno and all betting game responsibly.

So if you are trying to decide if you really want to play that game of keno in South Australia, you should already know the answer. Not only will you be possibly fattening your wallet but you will also be doing your part in helping local hospitals and their patients get the treatments and technology they need to keep all South Australians healthy, not only that but you are also supporting the South Australia community as a whole. Way to go!

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