How to Play Keno – Keno Rules

How to Play Keno - Keno Rules
How to Play Keno – Keno Rules

Keno is one of those games that is easy to learn, has few rules, and only requires you to be at least 18 years of age to play according to the law.

Keno is a lottery game and can be played in different ways. The three popular ways to play Keno are:

  • At online casinos
  • Online at Australian Offical Keno Site
  • With Keno Australia App
  • On-land venues

How to play Keno at online casinos?

Why Keno is a sucker game

Online casinos in Australia offer wonderful Keno games. At online casinos, there are a variety of keno games to play. These games are video keno games just like pokies. Also, these games are powered by different gaming software like Microgaming, Betsoft, NetEnt, and others, giving punters a chance to experience different Keno games with different themes and features.

In a standard Keno game, the rules of the game are simple: first, you get your keno card, on the card, there are the number 1 through 80. You are to pick between 1 and 10 or 15, depending on the casino, numbers and then turn your ticket into the counter. You will get a copy of your card, and then you wait for the keno race to begin. What you want to happen is to have your numbers, or spots, caught.

Click here to find out how to play keno games at online casinos.

Moreover, at online casinos, Keno can be played for free or with real money. Free Keno games don’t require any real cash to play. These games are simply fun and you can play these free keno games as long as you want with your mobile, PC or tablet. You are offered free credits to play these free keno games and when you win you get more virtual free credits to play more.

Real money Keno games are those games where you have to make a real cash deposit at the online casinos to play Keno. You can deposit at the online casino with any of the Australian-friendly deposit methods on the banking page or the cashier page with your currency AUD.

The best casinos offer plenty of safe payment options for international players, including Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard and POLi, with deposits accepted in multiple currencies

Real money keno games are just like buying a keno card with real cash and then picking your keno numbers.

Steps to follow to play Keno at online casinos

Keno is played online at online casinos with your mobile, PC or tablet.

  1. Find an online casino of repute that offers the game of Keno
  2. Either play instantly or choose to download the free software and open a real money account.
  3. Go to other games section or specialty games in the online casino games lobby
  4. Click on the game of Keno you wish to play
  5. Now choose your bet size.
  6. Select your keno-board numbers by clicking the numbers.
  7. Next choose between 1 to 15 numbers. The payout will vary depending on how many numbers you pick.
  8. Start the game by clicking “Play”.
  9. The numbers on the Keno board are now drawn. When a selected number and a drawn number match, the selected number will change colour. A total of 20 numbers are drawn.
  10. You can now start another game. Or collect your winnings.

Why should you play Keno at online casinos- Here’s the answer.

Online at Australian Offical Keno Site

Online Keno in Australia

You can play Keno games online at the Australian official Keno Site. At present NSW and Queensland residents cannot play Keno online at the Australian official Keno website due to restrictions in Keno’s current state license.

All you need is to pick your mobile or tablet or play with your PC and type the casino URL on your mobile or web browser to enter the official keno site in Australia.

Now open your account when you tap ‘Sign Up’. To open a Keno account you must be a resident of Australia and 18 years or over.

Your account will be verified. The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 requires Keno to verify the identity of every customer who opens a Keno account. This means you need to verify your full legal name, your date of birth and your current residential address.

Once down you need to deposit at the Keno site so that you can buy tickets to play Keno.

The site utilises secure encryption processes to secure all betting transactions and account management transactions, including deposits.

You can be sure that maximum security is in place when you use your Keno account.

How to play Keno with Keno Australian App?

Keno Australia App

As an Australian, you can play keno at the official site and app of Keno Australia. The Keno games you can play are:

  • Keno Classic: Costs A$1 The classic Keno game where 20 numbers are drawn from the 80 available on the Keno game grid. If you match the numbers you play to the numbers drawn, you’re in the chance to win $1 million! So pick your numbers and watch the Keno game screen to see if they come up. You can add a Keno bonus to this game. Keno Bonus creates a chance to multiply your regular Keno Classic prize by x2, x3, x4, x5 or x10! The cost of the Keno ticket will double when you nominate to play Keno Bonus.
  • Keno Mega Millions: Keno Mega Millions gives you the chance to win $5 million for just $2! 20 numbers are drawn from the 80 available on the Keno game grid. Match the numbers you play to the numbers drawn for a chance to win! Pick your numbers and watch the Keno game screen to see if they come up.

How to play Keno in Australia

  • Keno Heads or Tails: Play Heads or Tails for a chance to double or quadruple your money. Simply pick which half of the Keno grid will have more numbers appear, or you can even choose equal numbers in each half.
  • Keno QuickPick: Keno Kwikpik lets you play auto-picked numbers. It’s the quickest and easiest way to play, with more chances to win in a single game. With a Kwikpik, there’s no need to choose your numbers and you’ll be given multiple chances to win a single game. There are six Kwikpiks to choose from. Simply choose your preferred spend and how much you’d like to play for.
  • Keno Superplay: In Keno Superplay there are multiple spot types on one ticket, you’ll have multiple chances to win in a single game. Keno Superplays are available via the Keno Touch or you can ask your friendly Keno Operator at the counter. Superplays are as simple to play. Select a Superplay, Watch your numbers come up and Scan your ticket to see if you’ve won!

How to play Keno in Australia

Check the ways to find the results of Keno Australia

Steps to follow to play Keno with Keno Australia App

All you need is to Download the Keno app, create an account, choose your Keno game, pick your numbers and start playing Keno

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Once you have downloaded the Keno Australia app on your mobile you need to create your account

Tap ‘Sign Up’ to open a Keno account and you must be a resident of NSW and 18 years or over.

Your lottery account can also be created at the Keno Australia site if you want

As you need to buy the Keno ticket you need to buy it so make a deposit

Keno utilises secure encryption processes to secure all betting transactions and account management transactions, including deposits. You can be sure that maximum security is in place when you use your Keno account.

You can buy the Keno ticket with a credit card or any of the deposit options given at Keno Australia

To register a credit card to use with your Keno account:

  • Select my Balance.
  • Select Deposit then Deposit via Card.
  • Enter your credit card information.
  • Enter your Security Number or CVV number (usually found on the back of your credit card).
  • Select Add card.
  • To deposit, select your card and enter the amount you want to deposit.
  • Your credit card deposit will appear in your account immediately.

In case you win you cannot withdraw from your account until your ID has been successfully verified.

Only turned-over funds can be withdrawn. Your withdrawal balance is displayed in the My Account section. You can withdraw money to your bank account by selecting the Bank withdrawal option in the My Account section. No limits apply to withdrawals to your bank account.

Money withdrawn to your bank account will be available within 1 to 2 business days, depending upon your financial institution.

Note that residents of Australian jurisdictions (excluding NSW & QLD) are eligible to open a Keno account and play the Keno ACT game via the app by the ACT Keno Account T&Cs (which can be accessed at

Residents of QLD are not eligible to play Keno via the app.

Residents of NSW are eligible to open a Keno online account and utilise features available specifically to a NSW resident, however, they are not able to play Keno via the app. For more information, visit to see full ACT Keno Account T&Cs.

You can also play Keno Australia at a lottery retailer near you or buy it online.

How to play Keno on Land Venues?

Keno is available at your local pub, club, casino or TAB agency across NSW, QLD, VIC & ACT. Land venues include the above places to play Keno easily.

You can play Keno TAB at the local lottery retail store near you by buying a physical ticket.

To play Keno, fill out a Keno game card, play via the Keno Touch (a self-service machine where you can process your ticket yourself) or ask your Keno Operator to play. Keno game cards are available from designated Keno game card holders, located around any participating venue. Keno game cards must be filled out using a grey lead pencil.

To fill out a Keno game card, select the following:

  • How many numbers do you want to play? Most people play 1 to 10 numbers or could play 15, 20 or 40.
  • Which numbers you’d like to play, ranging from 1 to 80?
  • How much you’d like to spend per game?
  • How many games you’d like to play?
  • Once complete, take your Keno game card to the Keno cashier and hand it to the Keno Operator who will process the card and take payment.

Click here to find Keno games that you can play at the land venue

The Keno Card

The more your spots caught the higher your winnings. Simple, now you see why it is such a popular game although it has lousy odds.

Keno card Australia

Keno Payouts Table

keno payout table

The first column, numbered 0 to 15, indicates the number of matches. The numbers selected are shown in the top row. The number of matches is cross-referenced to the numbers selected to show your payout.

  • In the top row select how many numbers to bet on.
  • Follow the column down until it intersects with the row showing the number of matches you had.
  • The amount, at the intersection of the row and the column, is the payout you will receive. A “–“ indicates that there is no payout.

Click here to find out all about Keno Odds

How much you can win at keno varies between each game, with different vendors offering different pay scales. Your potential winnings are also dependent on how many numbers you choose. Given these variables, you’ll need to refer to the game at hand to suss your potential winnings. The individual paytables reflect just how much you can win based on how many of your chosen numbers are picked. For example, if you pick five numbers and three of these are picked, your payout may be 3:3, while hitting five out of those five numbers will give you a payout of 5:50.

Some games of keno also give you the option of enabling bonus bets, like placing an additional wager for the chance to multiply your winnings, or even placing a fun side bet like heads or tails.

How to play Keno and win

Now you know how to play keno. The trick to playing is winning. It can be an elusive thing to do however some popular techniques are used by long-term players.

  1. One such technique is choosing numbers in pairs or sequences such as 20, 21, 22 or just 21, 22.
  2. Another one suggests playing the same numbers over and over, supposedly your spots are going to catch eventually.
  3. A third possible technique is using patterns when choosing numbers especially if the draw of numbers is done electronically.

Computers use algorithms, so the chance of a pattern of spot-catching is supposed to be better than the chance of having sporadic numbers across the board. Another technique recommends playing the numbers 1, 2, 5, 7, 10 and 11 and then having two random numbers as well.

You are supposed to continually change the random numbers but keep the set of numbers the same. Now these may seem to be good ideas, however, keno is purely a game of chance. You have just as much chance at all of your spots catching your first time out as someone who has played the same numbers at the same spot for the last twenty years.

Best Way To Play Keno

There are several ways to play keno, and the best way to play depends on the person playing. Some people enjoy the anticipation of waiting for the numbers and seeing the excitement of those that win. If this is the case then playing in a casino is going to be the best way to play.

On the other hand, if you are one that just wants to play the game and does not care about being with others or you care to not wait on the numbers, then playing online at home may be best suited for you. That way you can have your own space and enjoy a game of keno that can be finished in just a few seconds of pressing the bet button.

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