Keno In Queensland

Keno in Queensland

Keno in Queensland

1.Where to play Keno in Queensland
2.How to play Keno
3.Keno Results in Queensland
4.Keno in Brisbane Gold Coast and Cairns
5.Play Keno Online

Keno in Queensland

Keno is widely played number based game which plays a big part in the Queensland lifestyle. Keno in Queensland is a popular lottery-style game that offers players the opportunity to win cash prizes by selecting numbers from a pool. It is a widely enjoyed form of gambling in the state, available in various licensed venues, including pubs, clubs, and casinos. You can find this fun filled and exciting game of chance at Queensland casinos spread across the coast from Brisbane to the far north. Keno licensing is regulated in Queensland by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. The revenue generated by Keno in Queensland plays a significant role in supporting the state’s economy and various community initiatives. The funds generated from TAB Keno contribute to areas such as infrastructure development, education, health services, and sporting programs, among others.

Where to play Keno in Queensland

Keno Lounge at Queensland Club
Keno Lounge at Queensland Club

Keno in Queensland is operated by Tabcorp Holdings, which has has a distribution network of over 3,600 venues across clubs, hotels and TAB outlets in Victoria, Queensland and the ACT. You’ll find keno available in paper ticket form or for electronic play at a majority of all pubs, casinos, RSLs and news agencies across Queensland. This means in Queensland, there is no shortage of keno. There are 590 casinos and hotels that offer the game, not included in that number are all of the clubs and bars that also offer the game of keno. As you can see Keno is a very popular game in Queensland, Australia. A new keno game is held across Queensland every three minutes, so you never have to wait long for your chances to strike it lucky.

Queensland has joined in the pooling of Keno jackpots between NSW, Victoria and the ACT. You can also play Keno online with Official Keno App or at Keno website of Australia.

How to play Keno

Play Keno in Queensland
Play Keno in Queensland Online or at the Retailer

Queensland plays keno at various hotspots just like much of the world plays keno.

In Keno, players typically choose numbers from a range of 1 to 80. The number of numbers they can select varies, and the more numbers they choose, the higher the potential winnings. A random number generator then draws winning numbers, and players can watch the results displayed on screens within the licensed venues.

Keno in Queensland like Keno in SA provides flexibility in betting options, allowing players to customize their wagers based on their preferences and desired level of risk. The game offers regular draws throughout the day, providing frequent opportunities for players to participate and potentially win prizes.

Keno can also be played electronically on computerized screens in some venues. The rules and gameplay are exactly the same as like having a Keno paper ticket, the only difference being you need to have the touch screen to make your selections instead of completing the card manually.

Along with standard keno gameplay, you can select some extra options to boost your  chances of a bigger win:

  • Keno Bonus Game-In this game you will have the cost of your ticket  doubled, but you will have the chance to multiply any keno wins you make by X2, X3, X4, X5 or X10.
  • Keno Heads or Tails You can easily have this  keno ticket in Queensland where you have the option of playing the additional Heads or Tails keno game. This add-on requires you to choose either heads (that more numbers drawn will appear in the top half of the keno card), tails (that more numbers drawn will appear in the bottom half of the keno card) or evens (that an equal amount of numbers will be drawn from both the top and bottom sections of the card). A successful prediction will award you with double your money.
  • Keno Advanced- In this game you can have a Keno Advanced ticket which allows you to play multiple entries in each game on a single ticket. Winning combinations are formed by combining groups of numbers.
  • Keno Kwik Pik: Make it easy by letting Keno pick your numbers at random for you.

Keno Results in Queensland

Keno win at Queensland
Keno win at Queensland

Finding Keno results in Queensland is relatively straightforward. Here are a few ways you can access the latest Keno results:

  1. Licensed Venues: If you are at a licensed venue in Queensland where Keno is offered, you can usually find the results displayed on screens within the establishment. Many venues have dedicated areas or screens specifically for displaying Keno results. Keep an eye out for these screens to see the most recent winning numbers.
  2. Online Platforms: Queensland Keno results are also available on various online platforms. The official website of the Keno operator in Queensland often provides up-to-date results. Additionally, authorized gambling websites or mobile applications that offer Keno may display the results on their platforms. Visit the official Keno website or check authorized online gambling platforms to find the latest Keno results.
  3. Mobile Applications: If you have downloaded a mobile application specifically designed for Keno in Queensland, you can usually access the results within the app. These applications often provide real-time updates, allowing you to view the winning numbers as soon as they are drawn.
  4. Newspapers: Some newspapers in Queensland may publish Keno results. Check the local newspapers’ gaming or lottery sections to see if they include the latest Keno results.
  5. Social Media and News Websites: Keno results may also be available on social media platforms or news websites. Keno operators or news outlets often share the winning numbers on their social media accounts or websites, so consider checking their pages for updates.

You can check your ticket while in-venue to see if you’ve won by scanning the ticket at the Keno Cashier or Keno Touch machine once all games on your ticket have ended.

Alternatively, you can check your results via the Keno App or website under the ‘Check Results’ tab. Results are available on the Keno website or by scanning your ticket via the Keno App immediately following the end of the game. The results displayed are for draws which occurred between approximately 4am on the date selected and 4am the next day.

Keno in Brisbane Gold Coast and Cairns

Brisbane seems to be the biggest players of keno. They have exclusive clubs like the Geebungrsl for members that play keno. Some casinos promote having a keno vault that houses over $100,000 and is available to the one that can crack the keno game code. Brisbane has pubs that play keno games every three minutes.  Brisbane also has many winners on record for Keno game. It seems that when in Brisbane it is actually harder to avoid the game of keno than it is to find a place to play keno.

Similarly in Gold coast you can play keno in Taverns, Clubs, Hotels and Motels. There are over 46 such places to enjoy the game of Keno. Mackay has over 19 followed by Cairns and Townsville having 17 of such venues to play Keno.

Play Keno Online

Keno app Let's play
Keno app Let’s play

You can play keno online in Queensland as well. Although is the leading official website of Keno and lotteries in Queensland, The Lott Golden Casket too offers online keno results. Residents living in Queensland and New South Wales are currently unable to play Keno online due to restrictions in Keno’s current state license.

Golden Casket is the public limited lottery corporation in Queensland trading on ASX, Australia. It sells lottery tickets and Instant Scratch-Its tickets through newsagents and other convenience stores. Lottery draws are televised on Channel Sevenfour nights a week.

Besides the official online site and apps for Keno, there are hundreds of online casinos that offer Keno games. These Keno games are not your usual lottery tickets, but are video games like Pokies to play and win. These games are RNG powered games coming from top-notch gaming providers like Microgaming and RTG. You don’t have to visit any physical store to play Keno here, but visit an online casino of your choice with your mobile, PC, or tablet. Simply open your casino account with an easy to do registration process, go to an online cashier and make an initial sum of A$10 or more to play Keno. Remember at these online casinos it’s your choice to play Keno for free without even making a real money deposit.


In conclusion, Keno in Queensland provides an entertaining and potentially rewarding gambling experience for players. With its widespread availability in licensed venues and contribution to the state’s economy, Keno has become a popular choice among Queenslanders. Responsible participation and awareness of gambling habits are essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players.


Q1. How do I play Keno in Queensland?

To play Keno in Queensland, you need to select numbers from a pool of 1 to 80. The number of numbers you can choose varies, typically ranging from 1 to 10. After selecting your numbers, you can place a wager and wait for the Keno draw. If your selected numbers match the winning numbers drawn, you win a prize based on the paytable and your wager amount.

Q2. Where can I play Keno in Queensland?

Keno is available in various licensed venues across Queensland, including pubs, clubs, and casinos. These establishments often have designated areas or screens where you can watch the Keno draw and see the results. Additionally, online platforms authorized to offer Keno may also provide the game for players located in Queensland.

Q3. How often are the Keno draws held in Queensland?

Keno draws in Queensland are conducted every few minutes, providing frequent opportunities to play and potentially win. The specific draw schedule may vary, but typically there are multiple draws throughout the day, ensuring regular and accessible gameplay.

Q4. What are the prize amounts for Keno in Queensland?

The prize amounts in Keno depend on several factors, such as the number of selected numbers, the number of matches, and the amount wagered. The more numbers you match, the higher the potential winnings. Each licensed venue may have its own paytable outlining the different prize levels and corresponding payouts.

Q5. Can I play Keno in Queensland online?

Yes, you can play Keno online in Queensland through authorized platforms. These platforms allow you to select your numbers, place wagers, and participate in Keno draws remotely. Ensure that you choose reputable and licensed online platforms to play Keno safely and securely from the comfort of your own home.