Heads or Tails- Play Keno Coin Toss

Keno Coin Toss

Tossing a coin- Heads or Tails! How about playing Keno Coin Toss? Are you wondering what it is? Keno Coin Toss is a feature in every Keno Lottery brought to you by SA Lotteries -South Australia’s Lottery. One of the favourite lottery games they offer is Keno.

Few Facts

  • In the year 1990 SA Lotteries introduced Club Keno, which combines features desired by modern players: dynamic computer-generated game, fast action draws every five minutes, instant cash payouts up to $1,000 and large jackpot prizes.
  • On February 1998 Keno prize structure is altered to replace Spot 8, 9 and 10 jackpots with fixed prizes of $ 50,000, $ 150, 000 and $1 million respectively.
  • On February 2011 Spot 10 Keno Jackpot is reintroduced offering a minimum prize pool of $1 million.

What is Keno Coin Toss

Keno Coin Toss is a feature played as part of the regular Keno draw of 20 numbers. With Keno Coin Toss, you pick ‘Heads’, ‘Tails’ or ‘Evens’ based on where you think the majority of the numbers drawn will be placed.

  • Heads—the majority of the 20 drawn Keno numbers will be between 1 and 40.
  • Tails—the majority of the 20 drawn Keno numbers will be between 41 and 80.
  • Evens—the 20 drawn Keno numbers will be evenly dispersed between the Heads and Tails sections.

How to Play Keno Coin Toss

Keno Coin Toss can be played on its own or with Keno. There are two ways to play: ‘Standard’ or ‘Run’ Entry. Simply make one of the selections from the two.

The Standard Entry

Keno Coin Toss- Standard Play

On a regular Single Keno coupon which is available at SA Lottery Agencies, mark your selection or ask for an Easi-Pick for your chosen draws, along with the amount you wish to play per game.

The Run Entry

Keno Coin Toss- Run Entry Play

On a Keno Coin Toss Coupon mark the RUN box and your selections or ask for an Easi-Pick to run over 2 to 5 consecutive draws and the dollar value per game. In the event of a RUN win, the prize is automatically invested into the next draw. To win a RUN, all selections of ‘Heads’, ‘Tails’ or ‘Evens’ must be correctly matched.

With more than 590 SA Lotteries outlets throughout South Australia, you can play Keno Coin Toss. This game is not available at Keno in Queensland.

Winning Keno Coin Toss

Head and Tail Win

As said above to win Keno Coin Toss, you must correctly select Heads, Tails or Evens based on the results of the corresponding Keno draw. You can select how much you wish to play, between $1 and $100 per game. For every $1 you spend, correctly guessing Heads or Tails wins you $2. Correctly guessing Evens wins you $4. The chance of winning by correctly selecting Heads or Tails is 1 in 2.5. The chance of correctly selecting Evens is 1 in 5.

Now Toss the Coin for a Keno Win!