Superball Keno – Most popular form of Keno at Casinos

Superball Keno is one of the most popular forms of Keno game played at the casinos. This keno game provides you with a chance to win truly huge jackpots, all through laying down bets on a various series of board numbers ranging from 1-80. This game is called Super ball because the very last Keno ball that is dropped in a celebratory jackpot which is also known as the “20th ball” is called the “Super Bowl’. The Super Bowl will have the ability to pay a big 4-times winning combo if it so happens to hit one of the particular numbers that you have chosen to play at the beginning of the game. Suppose you won $50 via hitting a bunch of your chosen number spots, your tally would reach up to $200 when the Superball is a part of the combination.

Superball Keno

Superball Keno is a variation of the traditional Keno game that incorporates an additional feature called the “Superball.” The game follows the basic principles of Keno, where players choose numbers and hope for them to be selected in the draw. However, the Superball adds an extra element of excitement and the potential for increased payouts.

Here’s how Superball Keno typically works:

  1. Selecting Numbers: Similar to regular Keno, players choose a set of numbers (usually between 1 and 80) on their Keno card.
  2. Superball Selection: In addition to choosing their regular Keno numbers, players also select one additional number, known as the Superball.
  3. Draw and Payouts: The Keno machine then randomly selects a set of numbers (usually 20 in total). If any of the player’s selected numbers match the drawn numbers, they win based on the paytable. If the Superball matches any of the drawn numbers, it may enhance the prize.
  4. Superball Multiplier: In some versions of Superball Keno, the Superball may act as a multiplier. If the Superball is drawn and it matches one of the player’s selected numbers, the prize for that combination is multiplied, leading to potentially higher payouts.

It’s important to note that Superball Keno is often found in casinos or online gaming platforms, and specific rules and features may vary between different versions of the game. Additionally, the presence of a Superball does not change the fundamental nature of Keno as a game of chance.

As with any form of gambling, it’s advisable to play responsibly and be aware of the odds and potential outcomes. If you’re interested in playing Superball Keno, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules of the specific version you’re playing and to check the paytable for potential payouts.

How to Play Superball Keno?

In this game, you can place a bet on one specific number or you can also place a bet on ten numbers at any given time. With confidence, you believe that your chosen number will be dropped and it should prove to be the key factor in winning the ultimate Keno magic progressive jackpot.

You can also select from a smaller pool of Keno numbers with the ultimate desire that the small selection of numbers that you have chosen will be dropped accordingly for a nice victory. The high roller players will select from a larger pool of numbers so that they will pull in the big win.

The reality is, the smaller amount of spots that you choose will indeed better your ultimate chances of hitting all of your spots. It is the Keno players themselves who will ultimately figure out what their perfect balance will be because when it comes down to it, you must factor in the better odds vs the larger payouts if the numbers should all hit at the very same time.

In several of the other Keno games, you have the ability to select from 1 to 20. A great example would be if you were to choose a 15 spot, it means that you would, of course, need 15 numbers in order to hit that great progressive jackpot that you have been working for.

How to Pick the Numbers in Superball Keno?

The various keno numbers which are dropped are always chosen on a random basis and there is no real accurate way to guess the correct numbers beforehand, it really simply comes down to just good luck and bad luck.

You will be able to watch the specific area of the board which is receiving the most numbers dropped over the course of the numerous drops being made. You can then play your numbers in those particular spots in the hopes that the trend will continue in that area of the board.

The “Keno Spots” or Selection of Numbers in Superball Keno

Keno Superball game has “keno spots” known as the selection of keno numbers which have been chosen on the board by you to place a bet on. You will be given the option to place a bet on a variable number and you will be able to select a one spot bet, which basically means that you are not only betting but putting your hopes into one specific number hitting. In Superball Keno, you can select a bunch of different number combinations in order to make up your keno spots like you can select or up to 10 spots to bet.

It is you to decide, as a player, to make your preferred balance in selecting the spots. In many other keno games, you can choose any amount of number of spots between 1 and 20. Suppose you select 15 spots that mean you need 15 numbers to hit the Progressive Jackpot Payout. It is said that the selection of 7 spots offers the best odds for hitting the Superball Progressive Jackpot.

The point to remember is that keno numbers dropped are chosen randomly and there is no way to accurately guess numbers beforehand. As keno is a game of chance it is, therefore, a matter of luck whether good or bad to win. As you hit the play button in Superball keno a random selection of 10 numbers are dropped. What you can do is take a close eye on the area of the board that is getting the most number drop selections over the course of several drops and then play the numbers in that area with the hope that they might continue to hit spots on those locations of the board.


Hopefully, you might have realized that there is no set rule to increase the odds in keno except a few already discussed in this piece of the blog! So friend, try out these tips and watch your keno game improve!