Keno is like a form of bingo, it is thought that it originated with the ancient Chinese. The game has a modern twist to it now since you can play in a casino at a live call game, or you can play it like you do video poker, and then there is also playing keno online. Many websites that offer keno on line allow you to play with free money.

However you can play keno online for real money.

Rank Online Websites Bonus Max Bonus Wager (Keno) Play Today
1 Rich Casino AUD Rich Casino Australia 200% $5000 35x * Play Now
2 Emu Casino Emu Casino 100% Triple Bonus 25x * Play Now
3 WinaDay Casino WinADay Casino 100% $500 Bonus 15x * Play Now
4 7 Reels Casino 7 Reels AUD 200% $5000 30x * Play Now
5 Superior Casino Superior Casino Australia 100% $1000 10x * Play Now

Playing Keno Online

When playing Keno online, twenty balls will be drawn and the player’s aim is to predict what the numbers on these balls will be. There are eighty numbers to choose from on the board per round, and players can bet on a maximum of fifteen of them.

Here’s how players go about playing keno:

  1. Choose their chip size.
  2. Choose their keno-board numbers by left clicking and highlighting the numbers. Players can un-select numbers by left clicking again.
  3. Players can now choose between 1 to 15 numbers and can see what the payout will be for hitting a number of selected spots in the game on the board to the left of the keno table.
  4. Start the game by selecting Play.
  5. The numbers will be highlighted on the Keno board as they are drawn. When a selected number and a drawn number match, the selected number will change colour. Once all of the twenty numbers are drawn, players will be paid out according to the amount of number matches made.
  6. Players can now start another game. To use the same numbers again, players must select Play or Clear to start with new numbers.

Payout schedule

The players winning amounts are dependent on how many numbers were selected and how many of those were hit.

As stated before you can play Keno in a casino with other people or you can play keno online. Playing keno online is just the same as playing it in a casino. You choose your numbers, up to 10, and then wait for the draw.

If you are playing an automated game then the draw is whenever you hit the draw button. However there are sites that offer a more casino style game where there is a draw every five minutes or so depending on the site and their predetermined draw schedule.

Online Keno Australia

Playing keno online is easy to do; it all depends on do you want to play keno online for real money or just for fun? There are many sites available to play keno online that accept bets from Australia. Now, finding a site that is reputable and reliable is a little bit harder.

There are many people out there that will set up sites to look legit but are not instead they just take your card number and spend what they please.

We only feature Keno websites that we trust. We know they pay winners and we play fair. They're all independent audited for fairness.

14 most popular keno games that punters love to play online

14 most popular keno games that punters love to play online

Online casinos offer many keno games to play online. Some of the Keno games are classic keno board games and many keno come in the form of pokies games. These games are powered by top notch gaming software companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, Real Time Gaming and more. Here are the 14 most popular keno games that punters love to play online. Remember that these games are available at many Aussie friendly casinos and can be played with mobile or PC with a good WIFI connection. It is your choice to play these games for free without any real money deposit or play with real cash in your own currency that is AUD or Bitcoins.

1. Cleopatra Keno

Cleopatra Keno

Cleopatra Keno is an exciting and most popular video keno game with a free play bonus if the last number drawn hits a marked spot in a winning game. The bonus is 12 free plays where any wins are multiplied by two. You can get this app for free even at app stores to download on your mobile and play for free.

2. Four Card Cleopatra Keno

Four card Cleopatra Keno

4 card Cleopatra Keno  is same as Cleopatra Keno only that it is now available with four card play! The game has the same odds and payouts as in the casino with multi denomination machines. You choose from 1 cent up to 1 dollar per credit with a max bet of 10 per keno card.

3. Four Card Caveman Keno

Four card caveman keno

This is the variation of Caveman Keno Game with four card to play. 4 card Caveman Keno features unlimited play! This game is also available at app stores as an app for mobile to play for free.

4. Four Card Caveman Keno Plus

4 card keno

It plays like regular keno, except it adds the possibility of multipliers and extra balls. Of course, the cost for that is a lower base pay table. The player makes a bet and chooses 2 to 10 numbers from 1 to 80. When the player is done, the game randomly picks three of the unpicked numbers and marks them with eggs. The game will then randomly pick 20 numbers from 1 to 80.

The player’s base prize will pay according to how many of the balls drawn by the game match those chosen by the player.

If the game chooses a number with an egg, then that egg will hatch. If exactly two eggs hatch, then any win will be multiplied by 4. If all three eggs hatch, then any win will be multiplied by 8.

5. Caveman Keno

Caveman Keno game

Caveman Keno is an extremely fun game that casino lovers enjoy as it’s a cool variation over standard keno with robust graphics and pleasurable ancient sounds. The game chooses three numbers before the draw and if at least two of them match the 20 numbers drawn then the player will win a multiplier.

The player chooses from two to ten numbers, ranging from 1 to 80, as in regular keno. The computer will draw three three numbers at random among the numbers the player did not pick. These three numbers will be marked with dinosaur eggs. The computer will then draw 20 numbers, ranging from 1 to 80, as in regular keno.

The player will win depending in part on the number of the player’s picks that match the 20 numbers chosen by the RNG. The player will get a multiplier according to the number of eggs that match the 20-ball draw. The usual multipliers are 1x for 0 or 1 match, 4x for two matches, and either 8x or 10x for three matches. Usually 8x. The player’s win will be the product of the win according to the pay table and the multiplier.

6. Triple power keno

Triple power

Triple Power Keno is a keno variation on a multi-game machine. It plays like conventional keno, except if the last ball is one of the player’s picks, then the player gets three extra balls and any win is tripled.

7. Power Keno

Power keno

In this game when the last ball drawn hits a marked spot, earn a Power Win worth 4X. The player chooses 2 to 10 numbers from 1 to 80. The game will randomly choose 20 numbers from the same range of 1 to 80. The player is paid to number of his picks that match the numbers drawn by the game. If the first number drawn is a match then any win will be quadrupled.

8. Extra Draw Keno

Extra Draw Keno

This is a classic Keno with a great Bonus feature. After rounds with a certain number of matching numbers, you have the option to make an additional 4 credit bet and draw 3 more numbers to increase your winnings!

9. 246 Way Keno

246 way keno

246 Way Keno is a keno variation with unique win combinations matching spots that correspond to lettered number selections. This is a simple game to play, as it works like a lottery; place a bet and mark 6 numbers. Your picks are automatically converted into 7-way tickets that allow you to win with several different combinations. Press Start and 20 numbers are randomly selected out of 80. If you hit enough numbers you win, and for ultimate jackpots you have multiple ways to win at once.

10. 369 Way Keno

369 way keno

369 Way Keno is a keno variation with unique win combinations matching spots that correspond to lettered number selections. 3-6-9 Keno lets you play 7 different ways on one keno ticket. Pick 9 numbers and the possibilities of receiving paybacks are increased over the standard video keno.

11. Four Card Keno

Four card keno

4 Card Keno is a classic casino game that is fun and easy to learn. Players select a bet amount and choose between 2 and 10 numbers on their Keno card. Numbers are then randomly drawn and appear on the keno card as they are drawn. The more numbers you pick correctly, the more you win! Just like classic keno, only you can play on four cards at the same time.

12. Super Way Keno

Super way keno

Super Way Keno is a keno variation with unique win combinations matching spots that correspond to lettered number selections.

13. Multi-Card Keno

Multicard keno

Multi-Card Keno gives the ability of playing up to 20 cards at once for the ultimate jackpot payouts. Multi Card Keno is a simple game to understand, as it works like a lottery; pick a card, place a bet and mark 2-10 numbers. Choose another card and pick more numbers or alternatively play a single card all the way up to 20 cards at once. Press Start and 20 numbers are randomly selected out of 80. If you hit enough numbers you win, and if the draw pays on multiple cards you have supreme paybacks.

Classic Keno

Classic keno

Classic keno is casino game that is fun and easy to learn. Players select a bet amount and choose between 2 and 10 numbers on their Keno card. Numbers are then randomly drawn and appear on the keno card as they are drawn. The more numbers you pick correctly, the more you win.

Now enjoy all these popular keno games at online casinos. Also these games are available in the form of apps at app stores for iOS phones and at Google Play for Android phones to play for free.

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Camelot Ramps Up Lottery Games and Set to Introduce New Draw for 2019

The Camelot – UK National Lottery Operator, has disclosed that it is about to make some amendments in its current Lotto and EuroMillions draw-based games, along with launching a new annuity-driven game in the coming year.

These changes are part of its recent strategic review, which has made product improvement priority for the National Lottery to stimulate long-term, sustainable progress ensuring great contributions for good causes.

The Chief Executive Nigel Railton of Camelot UK stated that they required to develop a more enticing and average range of games that has something to offer everyone. Specifically, the draw games should be completely different from one another and it should enable people to play with prizes, opportunities to win and suitable prices suitable for people of different tastes.

Improved Revamp of Lottery Games

This revamp is going to offer bigger, fixed cash prizes from November 2018. The existing secondary raffle game, which assigns a code on every ticket purchased offering a chance to win £1m, will no more exist and in its place a fixed prize of £1m will be offered for each ticket that matches five numbers and the bonus ball.

Retailers will be able to get the opportunity to earn more commission with a fee paid whenever any player will seek a free ticket due to win for matching two numbers, in the respective store. This is estimated to a total of £5m increase in the commission that is yearly paid to the retailers.

The primary jackpot, which is won for six matching numbers, will be won more frequently, with the prize pot just rolled over five times. If there is no winning ticket post five draws, a new ‘Rolldown’ system will share the jackpot across all winning cash prize layers.

Revamp of Prize Amount in Camelot Lottery Games

The changes have also been attempted to be made previous year to rejuvenate the game, by placing more numbers in the draw, which finally harmed the brand as the players started complaining that it was difficult to win a major prize.

EuroMillions game will also receive some changes. Special UK-only draws where multiple £1m UK winners are there, will be improved. Camelot will fund for these changes ensuring at least one UK millionaire every EuroMillions draw, which means a payout of £2m every week is ensured. This new improved game will be launched with a special draw in the first quarter of 2019, in which the company will pay out an assured prize of £40m to 40 players.

In the coming spring 2019, one more new annuity game is in the cards which are subject to regulatory approval, which will provide a fixed and regular monthly sum over a fixed number of years.

As per Camelot this set of games are inspired by the popularity of similar products in other markets and stated it as “an entirely new concept” for UK players.

As the game is not going to hit the market until 2019, the prize amounts are yet to be finalized. Camelot is expected to set the top prizes in thousands being paid out every month for at least 25 years.

As per Railton, the portfolio updates are going to complement the other initiatives that are going to be brought in across retail and digital arena along with the ongoing work to make The National Lottery brand more visible and relevant ensuring that The National Lottery will continue to offer for players and Good Causes both alike.

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Best Australian Beer in 2019

As Australia’s beer industry continues to flourish, clients are getting access to more local brands with premium products. Out of all the beer sold in Australia, an impressive 95% is being produced within the country. This booming industry has made a profound effect on domestic jobs and the local economy. Last year Australia’s beer industry exceeded $16.9 billion, which accounted for 1.02% of Australia’s GDP. While these figures are impressive, they are expected to grow by 4.9% in 2019. At this rate, this industry is poised to continue evolving at until it creates even more internationally recognized brews.

One of the most interesting faucets of this new trend is Australia’s newfound craving for craft beer. Even though major breweries account for 90% of Australia’s beer sales, every year more Australians are switching to craft beer. Boasting a 5.3% annual growth, the country’s craft market is set to reach $340 million by 2025. Despite being dominated by 65% large breweries; Australia’s craft brewery revolution is providing opportunities for smaller businesses to shine. Emboldened by the public’s demand, every year countless new breweries pop up.

This new wave of craft beer brands is giving Aussies a staggering amount of brews to choose from. Faced with an unlimited amount of options, many customers have a hard time picking their next craft beer. To help guide our readers to Australia’s finest selections, we compiled a list of the best Aussie beers in 2019. Every aspect of these brands originated in Australia, which gives customers an intimate look at the country’s potential. Prepare to start the year of right with this epic list of Australian beers!

Best Australian Beers in 2019

Best Australian Beers

This beer’s unique flavor has an equally complex story.

Beer #3: Stone & Wood Stone Beer – Hailing from Byron Bay, this company’s latest line of beers highlights NSW ingenuity. What sets this company apart is their unique utilization of volcanic rocks. After heating up the rocks in a massive fire, they are lowered into their brews before they hit fermentation. This peculiar introduction manages to produce amazing changes in the flavor. By introducing red hot volcanic rocks, their brews enjoy an extra hint of caramelisation.

The advantages of this daring technique are showcased in their Stone Beer. This wood fired porter boasts a delightful selection of flavors that range from dark chocolate to coffee. Many users can pick up on the hints of roasted barley that are created by the wood fired stones. Stone & Wood’s dedication to preserving ancient brewing techniques is only outdone by their creativity. This company dares to be different, so indulge in the undeniably unique flavor of this rebellious beer!

Best Australian Beers

Enjoy a citrus burst of flavor!

Beer #2: Balter IIPA – Boasting a huge portfolio of national awards, Balter has championed Australia’s craft beer industry. They have been voted the best Australian craft brewery multiple times, and 2019 appears to be no exception. Thanks to their robust selection of beers, this Queensland company has managed to get Australians excited about premium brews. They were created by 6 Aussies and 1 American, and this diversity allows them to provide the best of both worlds.

Out of their impressive selection of beers, their IIPA steals the show. Even though it boasts a hefty 8.6% ABV, it manages to maintain an enjoyable flavor. Between floral hints and pineapple aromatics, this beer is a tropical treat. Its mango overtones are backed up by sweet citrus and a smooth bitterness. This unique balance between bitter and sweet creates one of the most enjoyable beers on the market. Don’t miss out on this unique brew in 2019!

Best Australian Beers

One man’s tragedy led to another company’s birth.

Beer #1: Modus Operandi Former Tenant Red IPA – While there’s no arguing that Modus Operandi is one of the best breweries out of NSW, many don’t understand the implications of Former Tenant. This delightful beer is contrasted by a slightly tragic story. It refers to an unlucky marijuana grower who used to occupy the site where Modus Operandi brewery sits today. When the police were searching for a fleeing criminal, their dogs accidentally picked up on this clandestine marijuana grow. This ironic twist of fate led to the former tenant getting busted, and allowed Modus Operandi to rent the site for their brewery.

Marijuana and hops are surprisingly close botanically, which is why the company decided to salute their former tenant. Consisting of passion fruit and mango aromas, the flavor is surprisingly exotic. It sports a complex blend of caramel malt flavor, citrusy hops and an undeniably solid sweet finish. This sophisticated flavor allows the beer to boast a 7.8 ABV without altering the taste. Former Tenant was crowned Champion Australian Beer just three months after being released, so don’t hesitate to try it out!

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Best Places to Play Online Keno in 2019

As Australia enters 2019, punters are being confronted with a new wave of keno options. From local games to online casinos, a slew of companies are cashing in on this lucrative pastime. This isn’t surprising, since keno is one of the most beloved forms of gambling in Australia. From 2015 to 2016, almost every state experienced a noticeable jump in keno revenue. Victoria experienced a 17.7% gambling expenditure boost while Australian Capital Territory keno revenue increased by 23%.

These statistics translate to hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on keno throughout Australia. While on average Aussie punters spend $18.61 per person on keno, this varies wildly throughout the country. Even though Victorians only spend $4.20 per person on keno, Tasmanians wager a staggering $82.54 per person. This large disparity does little to satiate Australia’s demand for more keno options. Gaming turnovers are up in most states, which is shifting developers’ attention back on Keno.

Australia’s resounding demand for keno has caught the eye of a new wave of online casinos. Tantalized by the potential for profit, countless websites are scrambling to create viable online keno options. This fresh interest in keno has led to an online revolution. What was once a rare feature has turned into a widespread calling card for sites who are desperate to attract Australian punters. While this new wave of keno options is welcome, it can make picking the best online keno games a daunting task. To help guide our readers, we compiled a list of the best online keno options in 2019. These casinos went the extra mile to make their keno games exceptional, so try out their vibrant options!

Best Online Keno Options in 2019

Online Keno

Enjoy a staggering selection of bonuses!

Online Casino #3: Uptown Aces Casino – Even though this casino has been around for over 10 years, they still make a point to treat users. New signups get access to 6 deposit bonuses that include deposit matches and free spins. On top of providing various ways for players to save money, Uptown Aces didn’t forget about keno. They tucked away a keno game in the specialty section of their website. In this theme users can pick 15 numbers in the hopes of collecting a $50,000 prize. The stakes are high, so don’t hesitate to test your luck with this generous online casino!

Online Keno

888 Casino doesn’t disappoint, and their keno games are no exception.

Online Casino #2: 888 Casino – This is the most revered casino online, so it’s no surprise they didn’t neglect keno. On top of offering one of the most robust game selections online, 888 went the extra-mile to treat Aussie punters. They boast two top quality keno games that were created by Dragonfish. While the first version is the classic keno experience, the second option is noticeably more creative. Flaunting a hostess that presents each round, this keno game is structured like a gameshow. This provides a welcome twist to a celebrated classic, so come enjoy the best of both worlds!

Online Keno

Indulge in unmatched keno options.

Online Casino #1: Mansion Casino – This UK-based website offers players plenty of ways to access their favorite games. New users can either download their app or access the game directly from their browser. No matter which way it’s accessed, all new players are greeted with the same generous welcome bonus. First deposits are eligible for a 100% match deposit up to $500, while the high roller bonus provides 50% up to $5,000. These impressive deposit bonuses are complimented by weekly promotions that range from bonuses to free spins.

On top of offering a wide selection tempting deals, Mansion Casino offers a solid selection of keno games. While the main website only boasts the traditional Playtech version, the downloadable app has 3 keno games. Aside from the first version, users get access to Fortune Keno and a fun science-based game called Keno Xperiment. From the traditional format to wilder themes, users get access to some of the best keno options online. This rare focus on keno has put this daring online casino at the top of our list.

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How to play Keno at Fair Go Online Casino?

Fair Go Casino- Play Keno in AUD

Fair Go online casino is the Australian friendly casino that allows Aussie punters to play Keno, table games and pokies with real AUD. This casino was launched in 2017 and one can rely on to play real money pokies and Keno without any worries on your any of the gaming platform be it PC, mobile, tablet or Mac. This legit casino is owned by Deckmedia N.V. and licensed by Curacao Gaming Commission.

How to play Keno at Fair Go Casino

At the time of writing there was only one Keno Game available to play.

To get started all you need is to pick your gaming device or platform like a PC or Laptop or your mobile or tablet.

Next type the casino url on your web/mobile browser be it chrome or safari or any other.

Fair Go Casino- How to play Keno

Now you will get the casino homepage. On this page you will find the Sign Up button. Click or tap on it and register yourself or open your casino account.

How to play Keno at online casino

A short form will be opened and you need to fill in your few details like your name, email, user name and create a password.

Fair Go Casino

Also fill in your date of birth, phone number and country residence with your address in the next page of the form.

Once done you can login with your user name and password to begin playing Keno and pokies

Now make a deposit at the cashier page/banking page to play keno with real money. But there’s also a choice to play for free if you want to understand the game or practice for fun.

Make a deposit at the casino

Make deposit with real AUD or BTC using any of the Aussie friendly deposit options like Credit Cards, Prepaid cards, E wallets or bank transfer or with bitcoins.

The minimum deposit is $10-$25.

Bonus to play Keno

Now collect the instant bonus. At the time of writing the casino offered AU$1000 as welcome bonus to new players.

Choose the game of Keno from the games lobby or any game you wish to play

Fair Go Casino pokies

Click on the game of Keno. Remember you can use the search games bar to find this game or look under the Speciality games list

Also note that your gaming device be it mobile or PC should have Flash Enabled on it to play instant keno game.

Play online keno

The game will load on your screen at once. This game of Keno at Fair Go offers a maximum payout of $50,000 and winnings will be capped at this value for any single game.

Play Keno with AUD and BTC

To get started either use Quick Pick to select your keno numbers or do it yourself in this game. In Keno, 20 numbers are drawn randomly. The goal of Keno is to predict which numbers will be drawn. You can select up to 15 of the 80 numbers on the Keno card. When a number you selected is drawn, it is highlighted with yellow print and a flashing red background. When a number is drawn that you did not select, it is marked with a red X.

You can play one, five, or ten consecutive Keno games using the numbers you selected by clicking Play 1, Play 5, or Play 10.

Navigation tools to use while playing Keno at Fair Go

  • Click the arrows next to denomination to play with different denominations
  • Click up to 15 numbers on the Keno card or click Quick Pick to have 10 numbers automatically selected for you
  • Click selected numbers to remove them from your selection
  • Click Clear if you need to remove all your selections and start over
  • Click Play 1, Play 5, or Play 10 to play 1, 5, or 10 consecutive games using the numbers you selected

Remember that like in any pokies game payouts increase when you increase your bet per game.

Withdraw your wins

Play Keno with AUD or BTC

As for the withdrawals, punters have to consider the minimum sum of $50 and the maximum weekly limit of AUD 10,000 payable through bank transfer, Srkill, Neteller and Bitcoin if you win Keno game. Though the variety of withdrawal methods is not huge, the customers of Fair Go casino can benefit from the latest alternative for safe and secure online exchange of cash like Bitcoin.

Besides keno you can also enjoy over 160 pokies in real time at Fair Go.

In case you need any help Fair go online casino offers 24/7 help support to Aussie punters. You can use email: or call toll Free Australia: 1800 953 261 or at their international number +61-1800-953261. Also click here or on the Live Chat icon to start the chat instantly to clear your doubts at once or visit the FAQ section to know general answers to your queries.

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Ipswich Grandmother Won $388k Jackpot

A 63-year-old grandmother from East Ipswich has won a $388,000 jackpot at Ipswich Jets Rugby League Club.

This mother with two children and five grandchildren, who is a night shift worker also and who do not want to be named, was out to have dinner with her husband on one lucky Saturday night when she purchased the winning ticket, and to here utter surprise all her selected nine numbers got matched to the jackpot.

She is in a state of shock and says that it will take time to sink in. It is just difficult to believe she says.

She said she was very cool and calm and probably won on the third game but she waited until the other games played out. Her husband said to her that she was going pale and sweaty.

Surprisingly she won with an unusual combination of numbers that she chose for herself to play and she had been playing for about four weeks. The winning numbers includes 17, 18, 19, 20, 41, 42, 43, 44, and 45. Though in a series, still unusual series.

She played 20 $1 games and spent just $20 to win this jackpot. Although the grandmother is not going to leave the job yet but plans to use the cash prize to pay off the mortgage she has on her unit.

She said that she would now be able to do the little things that she hasn’t been able to afford.

Brian Laws, the Keno’s Queensland Manager, congratulated the winner, saying that how his casino is helping people to use winning money to improve their lives.

He said it is so satisfying that Keno has changed the lives of its winners in such positive ways, such as they can now afford to own your own home. Last year Keno celebrated its 20th anniversary in Queensland.

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Explore the World’s Weirdest Christmas Traditions

Even though most of the world celebrates Christmas, the number of traditions surrounding this international holiday vary wildly. Over the years, Christmas has emerged as one of the most prolific holidays ever created. While its origins stem from many pagan traditions, it was remarketed as a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. Over the years, its religious overtones were replaced by Santa and traditions of purchasing presents for loved ones.

Today this holiday is a retail bonanza, and the amount of variations used to reach customers is absolutely staggering. From decorating poop shaped logs to eating silk worms, the methods for celebrating Christmas are endless. There are over 47 different versions of Santa, with some ranging from loving to downright demonic. While the intentions of this nighttime visitor fluctuate wildly, the general storyline applies to most traditions. At the end of the day, most cultures use Christmas to reward children for good behavior and celebrate family.

To showcase the sheer amount of holiday styles, we compiled a list of the most bizarre Christmas traditions. Despite originating from the same holiday, these customs look nothing like what we celebrate in Australia. Between the outlandish adaptations and their even stranger implementations, these versions of Christmas are a treat to examine. This wild amount of variation showcases how distorted a simple tradition can get when being passed down for generations. Every custom provides valuable insight on what makes each culture tick, so treat yourself to these delightfully perplexing Christmas festivities!

Weirdest Christmas Traditions In The World

Christmas Traditions

El Gordo Lottery steals the show every Christmas.

Christmas Custom #1: El Gordo Christmas Lottery (Spain) – This national lottery draws in a staggering amount of players during the holidays. Around 90% of adults in Spain indulge in this epic holiday contest, which makes it one of the country’s most celebrated traditions. El Gordo achieves this huge engagement rate by offering a robust selection of jackpots. In total over $2.5 billion in prizes are offered, with a grand prize jackpot of $720 million. While participants have a one in six chance of winning a prize, there’s only a one in 100,000 chance to win over $1 million.

By offering everything from tiny prizes to mega-millions, El Gordo captivates the dreams of an entire population. This level of participation showcases Spain’s love for gambling. On top of boasting one of the most lucrative lotteries in the world, they are also home to over 60 casinos. This staggering amount of options makes this European country a punters paradise. The amount of potential prizes offered by El Gordo are endless, so don’t forget to buy a ticket during the holidays!

Christmas Traditions

This bizarre tradition incorporates everything we love about the holidays.

Christmas Custom #2: Tió de Nadal (Catalonia, Spain) – This festive log embodies the comedic potential of the holidays. In early December, families across Catalonia purchase their Tió de Nadal figure. This consists of a hollow log that has stick legs, a painted face and red hat. From December 8th to Christmas Eve, all the children take care of their logs by giving them water and covering them with a blanket.

This cute relationship gets noticeably more demanding during Christmas. On Christmas Eve, the children beat the log with sticks while serenading it with traditional songs. These merry tunes revolve around telling the log to poop out treats or else it will be beaten some more. Once the traditional songs are sung, the children go into another room to pray. Upon returning, they are greeted with presents that lay under the log’s backside. Despite being slightly alarming; this adorable Christmas tradition is one of the most interesting holiday variations being practiced today.

Christmas Traditions

This cheap meal is the most coveted Christmas dinner in Japan.

Christmas Custom #3: KFC Dinner (Japan) – Thanks to an innovative marketing campaign that dates back to 1974, KFC managed to hoodwink Japan. By constantly pushing the slogan “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!”(Kentucky for Christmas!), they caused an annual hysteria. After seeing the ads for most of their lives, many Japanese associate KFC with Christmas.

This fond memory fuels a staggering amount of business. KFC sells 1.5 million meals throughout Japan on Christmas day alone. Those who crave the infamous Christmas Party Barrel have to pre-order months in advance to avoid missing out on this made up tradition. Even though their fried chicken package is accompanied by a bottle of wine and Christmas themed plates, it’s a hard sell for non-Japanese consumers. This interesting trend showcases the power strategic marketing can have on an entire society.

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The biggest Jackpot Keno winner of $8 million made history in 2018

Keno Mega Millions Winner

As new year 2019 is not far we bring you a cheering news about the winner that broke records this year. This winning story will motivate us to be positive about winnings and hope for becoming a millioniare winner in the coming year 2019. Few months back in August 2018 a record Keno win of approx $8 million was won in a Newcastle pub in Australia. This anonymous winner is a trader who was having an after-work at the Northumberland Hotel in Lambton when his 10-number Keno ticket hit the jackpot making the biggest Keno win in Australian history. This 43 year old winner lives in Newcastle and took home  a whopping $7,898,799.30 million AU dollars.

Northumberland Hotel

The Keno Mega Millions jackpot win on 10th August 2018 was the third 10-number jackpot – the top Keno prize – to be won in Australia, and the biggest cash prize ever to be won in the country since Keno started.

The $8 million anonymous winner celebrated with family but was clearly surprised at his huge win, saying “It still hasn’t sunk in yet.”

“I’m a big believer in these things, but I can’t really believe it has happened to me.”

The elated winner said he is now contemplating retiring: “I’ve worked since I left school and I’m happy to be finishing up,” he said. Despite becoming a multi-millionaire, he plans to keep life simple: “I’m a laid-back person, so I’m just going to stay the same,” he said.

Keno’s General Manager, Terry Fowler, congratulated Australia’s biggest Keno winner, saying the team were excited for the prize to be won by a player in New South Wales, where the game was first launched.

“Keno loves to make millionaires and now we’re making multi-millionaires, so it couldn’t get any better for us than moments like this,” Fowler said.

The winner spent $26 on the ticket, playing 13 $2 games. The winning numbers were 6, 7, 9, 10, 25, 26, 41, 43, 75 and 77.

Keno Mega Millions

Keno Mega Millions

Keno Mega Millions is a premium version of the existing Keno Classic game and gives players the chance to win $5 million or more every three minutes for $2.

Mega Millions was launched in New South Wales in November 2016, and has paid out $64 million in prize money and sold six million tickets.

New South Wales players win more than $36 million on average every month playing Keno in pubs and clubs around the state. Each month, Keno pays out around $77 million in prize money to New South Wales, Victorian, Queensland and ACT players.

Click here to know as how to play Keno Mega Millions.

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All About Keno Jackpots

Keno Jackpot Strategies

Keno is considered by many gamblers as a game of luck, which has also proved to be an interesting casino game, where a correct strategy can give real chances of winning. Actually, you should look for some patterns in the game, you need to identify “hot”, “cold” and “late” numbers and then use combinations of them to hit the big jackpot. It is about analyzing pattern, past record and developing your own strategy based on that. Still, there is no fixed pattern of winning. You may hit a casino that will allow you to play Keno with 10 numbers. Payment is done as per this pattern: 2-1 to 5 correct numbers, 20 to 1 to 6 correct numbers, 100-1 for seven correct numbers, 500-1 for eight correct numbers, 1000-1 to nine correct numbers, finally 5000 to one for a combination of 10 right numbers.

It is of the essence to select the right casino if you are a novice player in on Keno game. Not all online casino sites are safe, therefore, many people lose their money without thinking about prevention. The two progressive Keno games include Orleans and Gold Coast – Pick 8/Pick 9. You can play with $2 for an extraordinary opportunity of hitting the pick-8. The progressive jackpot is $100000, at a return percentage of 72.7% and Mega 10 says a pick-10 game and can play for only $1.5.

Keno Jackpot Odds

It is established mathematically that if you opt to enter 4 to 6 numbers, you have the best chance of becoming the winner. In Vegas’s casinos, keno odds are not stable and it keeps swinging all the time: at the beginning, keno odds were 20% to 35% in 2001, it increased in 2008 and went up to 89-95%. In 2012 the odds again reduced to 50% to 74%. It is good to play keno online, where odds are bigger up to 95-98%. The bigger the payout percentage (near 100%) better for you as a keno gambler, as it means the casino is repaid with a bigger part of its profit to the players.

Biggest Keno Jackpot

Hitting the biggest jackpot is the dream of every keno gambler. The biggest jackpot ever hit in the history of Keno was by a 43-year-old Newcastle man. He won the biggest Keno jackpot with a whopping $7,898,799.30 – at the Northumberland Hotel in Lambton on 10th August 2018. Some other jackpot wins include a Las Vegas Casino when a player hit the second biggest keno jackpot using the age of his wife, children, and his own birth date. He won a total value of $6.4 million and he said he did not use any strategy, just followed his favorite numbers, which in this case can be considered as “keno lucky numbers”. Yet another jackpot was won in Australia when a septuagenarian hit the $4.37 million keno jackpot. Although the gambler did not reveal his strategy but said that he was a loyal keno player for many years. There were two more keno jackpot winners who came from Australia, with $3.17 million and $2.8 million gains. They have been playing keno frequently.

Keno Mystery Jackpot

The chances of winning Keno mystery jackpot is 1:80, as there are 80 balls involved. You have a greater chance of winning if you hit 15 numbers out of 20, as this is the moment in which several casinos offers the jackpot. Hitting 20 numbers out of 20 has the lowest possibility though (1: 3.5 quintillions).

Keno Master

Considering the rules of games, you can formulate a correct strategy and never forget that you are here for fun when playing keno. Aim to hit as many hot numbers on your tickets, aim for the jackpot and dream of 20 out of 20 numbers. Be focused on the 98% odds offered by online casinos for a keno game. It is not easy to become a keno professional, but not impossible either (see the cases of biggest keno jackpot winners.

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Where and how to play Bitcoin Keno?

Bitcoin Keno

Bitcoin Keno is all about playing Keno game with Bitcoins at online casinos. Most of the online casinos accept Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Ethereum pokies and Keno games to play in cryptocurrencies. Also there are exclusive Bitcoin (BTC) casinos where you can play Keno with Bitcoins.

Where to play Bitcoin Keno?

You can play Keno with Bitcoins or Bitcoin Keno at the following online casinos

Rich Casino

Keno at Rich Casino

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Slotland Casino

Slotland Keno

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Win A Day Casino

Power keno

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Superior Casino

Superior Casino Keno

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7 Reels Casino

7 Reels Casino

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Cloudbet Casino

Cloudbet keno

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Betchain Casino

betchain casino

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Keno games to enjoy with BTC

There are various video pokies type Keno games to enjoy at these online casinos. Even few exclusive BTC casinos offer live dealer Keno games. Commonly the games are 40 ball or 80 ball instant Keno games. Traditional Keno is an 80 ball game, where you can choose the number of numbers, coin size and number of rounds you want to play for. This game uses crosses on the screen when the numbers hit, with any you match being highlighted with a red circle.

You can select up to 8 numbers, and configure the coins to play and the number of rounds you want to play too. You will see the odds and pay-outs change on a table on the right hand side as you add-in more balls. Once you hit ‘Play’ the balls come from a tube at the bottom of the grid and find their way to their number in an arcing motion. There is also a 40 ball variation of the same game, which has smaller odds, reflecting the improved probability of hitting an individual number.

The graphics are more ‘fun’ with paint splatter effects. You can bet from as little as 0.01 of a mBTC.

Live dealer Keno games allow you to choose from 49 numbers, which are drawn from a lotto machine. You can win a lot of money for correctly guessing 5 or 6 depending on the game, though singles and up are available.

All the Keno Games offered at Bitcoin casinos are provably Fair games which means the games involves provably fair technology. Each game will come with a server string. This can be combined with a random number generated by your own computer after each draw to show that the deal was truly random.

Remember that all the casino that offer BTC Keno are legit, licensed casinos.

Also you can play anonymously as no document verifications will be requested, no personal information will be asked when you sign up at the casino and your location will not be checked. All you need to register at a Bitcoin casino is an e-mail address, the process is otherwise completely private.

You will not be charged for any of your cashouts are no charges for payments or withdrawals in Bitcoin. With no fees to pay you’ll find the games at BTC casinos are able to be offered with more favourable terms for the players.

There are loads of wonderful bitcoin bonuses as well to grab when playing Keno with BTC.

If you have difficulty in making a deposit or withdrawal with Bitcoins or playing games all these legit casinos have 24.7 help support for players.

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