Keno is like a form of bingo, it is thought that it originated with the ancient Chinese. The game has a modern twist to it now since you can play in a casino at a live call game, or you can play it like you do video poker, and then there is also playing keno online. Many websites that offer keno on line allow you to play with free money.

However you can play keno online for real money.

Rank Online Websites Bonus Max Bonus Wager (Keno) Play Today
1 Rich Casino AUD Rich Casino Australia 200% $5000 35x * Play Now
2 7 Reels Casino 7 Reels AUD 200% $5000 30x * Play Now
3 WinaDay Casino WinADay Casino 100% $500 Bonus 15x * Play Now
4 Superior Casino Superior Casino Australia 100% $1000 10x * Play Now
5 Uptown Pokies AUD Uptown Pokies 200% $8,888 35x * Play Now

Playing Keno Online

When playing Keno online, twenty balls will be drawn and the player’s aim is to predict what the numbers on these balls will be. There are eighty numbers to choose from on the board per round, and players can bet on a maximum of fifteen of them.

Here’s how players go about playing keno:

  1. Choose their chip size.
  2. Choose their keno-board numbers by left clicking and highlighting the numbers. Players can un-select numbers by left clicking again.
  3. Players can now choose between 1 to 15 numbers and can see what the payout will be for hitting a number of selected spots in the game on the board to the left of the keno table.
  4. Start the game by selecting Play.
  5. The numbers will be highlighted on the Keno board as they are drawn. When a selected number and a drawn number match, the selected number will change colour. Once all of the twenty numbers are drawn, players will be paid out according to the amount of number matches made.
  6. Players can now start another game. To use the same numbers again, players must select Play or Clear to start with new numbers.

Payout schedule

The players winning amounts are dependent on how many numbers were selected and how many of those were hit.

As stated before you can play Keno in a casino with other people or you can play keno online. Playing keno online is just the same as playing it in a casino. You choose your numbers, up to 10, and then wait for the draw.

If you are playing an automated game then the draw is whenever you hit the draw button. However there are sites that offer a more casino style game where there is a draw every five minutes or so depending on the site and their predetermined draw schedule.

Online Keno Australia

Playing keno online is easy to do; it all depends on do you want to play keno online for real money or just for fun? There are many sites available to play keno online that accept bets from Australia. Now, finding a site that is reputable and reliable is a little bit harder.

There are many people out there that will set up sites to look legit but are not instead they just take your card number and spend what they please.

We only feature Keno websites that we trust. We know they pay winners and we play fair. They're all independent audited for fairness.

The Winning Numbers of Keno

The Winning Numbers of Keno
The Winning Numbers of Keno

Can you predict the winning numbers for Keno! Many a time you may choose numbers that your instinct says to you that these are lucky for you like your birth date or the day of your work/marriage anniversary. Keno players always search for the best numbers as they are eager to win this game of chance.  Some like you and me have their own favourite set of lucky numbers they use each time they buy a keno ticket. Others switch their numeric combination around, hoping to find the numbers which are hot or the spots which are due. Also, many systems exist for finding a good number combination for the players’ benefit.

Let us see how Keno players select their winning numbers and how these selections of numbers really place them in the winners’ list.

Keno Winning Numbers

1. Sequential Numbers

When you ask people for advice they will recommend you to select sequential numbers. These people note that many lottery draws have consecutive arrangements, such as the number 23 and 24 coming back to back. One of the big Australian lotto games in the past week had the numbers 25 and 26 back-to-back.

The analysts suggested these happen more often than expected, so it’s a good idea to cluster spots on your card. No suggestion was offered for which number would be best.

2. The Hot Spots

Numbers that hit a lot become the Hot Spots.  If you’ve seen “33” appear in several recent draws, then it’s best to select this spot on the card. To this way of thinking, lucky keno numbers exist and you only have to find the pattern to exploit this good fortune.

3. Regulars

Players start looking through the last 10 or 20 or even 100 keno draws to find which number between 1 and 80 is occurring most frequently. Keno draws happen every 3 to 5 minutes or so every single day in Australia. That information is posted online within short order. Aussies thus have access to a huge amount of data on the subject. All one has to do is get a spreadsheet, record the data, and crunch the numbers.

4. Due Numbers

The opposite of finding “hot” spots is to find those which are due. In this line of thinking, players find numbers which have been silent for a while. The law of averages says these numerals should be due for a hit sometime soon. In this system, you take the information above and extrapolate those which haven’t hit in a while.

This is similar to the electronic board found at many roulette tables, which shows the last 10 to 20 spins. People see that red or black hasn’t hit in 10 spins (or the same with even and odd) and they decide to bet the opposite, knowing fortune is bound to flip soon. These roulette gamblers sometimes wager a lot of money in hopes the law of averages evens out.

What are the Winning Numbers of Keno?

As stated above all the above systems to choose the lucky numbers aren’t based on logic. There is nothing such as hot or cold numbers that exist. No option between 1 and 80 is any more likely to turn up in the draw than any other option.

Each time a draw happens, all the numbers have the exact same chance of being drawn. The idea you can look through the recent draws and extrapolate a winning strategy is simply finding patterns in chaos. The randomization process is entirely chaotic, a set of random events which have no bearing on one another.

The Misconception

Several of the strategies above are based on a player’s false belief that the “law of averages” somehow rules in lottery style games. It doesn’t. No such law governs betting on Keno Just because 65 came up last draw, that doesn’t mean it’s any more or less likely to appear in the next draw.

Name any number of keno results you’ve experienced: one thousand, ten thousand, or even twenty thousand draws. Collect the statistics and calculate the numbers on all those results and it’s still a small, inconsequential sample when we’re talking about the huge numbers needed for the probabilistic theory to play out. It’s bigger than all the keno draws which have ever taken place.

Random Number Generators

Random numbers of Keno

Random number generators or known as RNG are used to randomize which numbers are drawn. In the old days with mechanical draws, the results might have favoured one possibility or another. Balls might be misshapen, cracked, or a bit heavier than others, which might have made them more or less likely to be chosen. That’s no longer the case. RNGs come up with numbers at an electronic rate. These numbers are truly random, with little chance of a mistake. Even if a glitch appeared, it’s not a good bet to assume that’s going to happen.

Birthdays and Special Dates

As said earlier players go for birth dates or special dates they may feel lucky. But it is suggested that one should avoid common numbers, such as birth dates, holidays, and favourite jersey numbers from sports. The idea is many people are likely to pick these same numbers. If you win, you’re more likely to have to share your jackpot with other people with your birthday or who share your love of sports.

Chinese Numbers

Keno originated in China and exploded in popularity in the West in the 19th century when they brought the lotto variant over to North America. Many players associate Chinese numbers to their game of Keno.
The Number Six in China is associated with wealth in Cantonese, six is a number particularly loved by Chinese business owners – attributable to its similar pronunciation in Mandarin (“liu”) to the word flow (“liú”).

Chinese lucky number

Eight is the magic number not just for Chinese keno players, but Chinese people in general – so much so that the 2008 Beijing Olympics was held on the 8/8/08 at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8pm local time. With similarities in sound to the words for “prosper” and “wealth” (“Pinyin: f?”), eight is their cultural holy grail Lucky Number Nine is historically associated with the Emperor of China and Chinese mythology, nine is the symbol of harmony and a homophone for the word “long lasting” and is used frequently at wedding ceremonies. As such, it’s a closely held lucky number for cultural reasons.

All these strategy advice doesn’t matter in a keno lottery, because the game uses a payout schedule. It doesn’t matter if every other person playing chose the same numbers; you would be paid the same. In the end, the best numbers in keno are likely to be some random combination which has no bearing on previous draws or your personal aura.

Keno draws are a random event, it is better to stay positive and think about being lucky at keno instead of worrying for numbers. Put enough of a wager to make the game interested and don’t bet too much to win the game.

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6 Tested Keno Winning Strategies

Some strategies can help in boosting your odds and potential wins at this number game while playing and winning at keno  Even though it comes down to random chance. We help you uncover some tips to help you win at keno and also explain the rules of this game. Here are 6 Keno Winning Strategies.

The rules of the game

The rules of the game
The rules of the game

You will be surprised by the simplicity of this game if you have never played keno before. A player purchases a ticket and decides how many spots to play for the next drawing. More ambitious punters go for a maximum of 20 keno spots however you can go for a single one.

You will have to mark the number of picks on the ticket once you’ve decided on the number of spots to play. To receive a receipt, land-based players need to convert their ticket into a keno representative. Keno retail outlets in Australia contain TABs, petrol stations, convenience stores, pubs, RSLs, and news agencies. All of this can be done via your mobile or computer if you are playing online with Mucho Vegas being the top-rated casino site for keno players from India. Real money is offered by excellent online casinos to players from your country. Refer to our list of suggested keno sites in the table above.

20 balls are chosen from a random 80 possible when the designated time comes. When the numbers are displayed the players can refer to their ticket to see how many matches they can play. The higher the number of matches, the greater is the winning amount.

Winning tips for keno

Consider using one or more of these strategies the next time you’re in the mood for keno. The overall impact on the game will be minimum as keno is based on luck. However, if you somehow enhance your chances of winning you can result in winning a multi-million dollar victory. These suggestions can work for both online punters and land-based casinos.

1. Numerical Repetition 

Numerical Repetition
Numerical Repetition

A different set of random numbers are generated every time a drawing is held. You could likely that you could be hurting your chances of finishing with enough matches for a payday if you are the kind of player who is consistently changing the keno numbers. The basic idea behind it is that they are supposed to hit at some points and then you will harvest the rewards when they do.  Many punters pick numbers that are lucky to them like their birthdates or anniversary dates so that they are easier to remember. However, any string of numbers has the same chance of making you an instant winner. You should also take into account the most commonly drawn keno numbers.

2. Increasing your odds

Increasing your odds
Increasing your odds

Your odds of winning aren’t quite high if you play a single ticket. This is one of the 6 Keno Winning Strategies. However, with every extra ticket that you buy, you are simultaneously increasing your chances of winning. It is like shooting at a target in the dark with a pistol versus shotgun because you will pick the shotgun every time.

3. The advantages of internet keno

The advantages of internet keno
The advantages of internet keno

There is fierce competition between online gambling websites. This contains providing magnanimous payback percentages on the games of keno some of which are as high as 92%. The choice of playing becomes obvious when you consider the most land-based locations as they offer only a payout of 50%. Online casinos give the new players extra money to play with and in this way, they entice players. This is something that a land-based keno venue can never imagine.

4. Pick a reliable site

Pick a reliable site
Pick a reliable site

All casinos are not created equal. While there is a fair share of reputable online casinos that are quite legitimate, there are also many who will try to cheat at every turn. You do not want to suffer the frustration of winning a big cash price and then rejected payment by the casino due to which it is very important to play only for real money that is licensed at trustworthy venues. This is one of the 6 Keno Winning Strategies.

5. Limit your expectations with reason

 Limit your expectations with reason
Limit your expectations with reason

You will end up losing the majority of the time when you are playing keno. This may sound difficult but it is simple mathematics. Despite this negative fact you can still have a decent time if you keep your expectations within reason reap some financial rewards and enjoying keno for recreational purposes. If you enter keno expecting to become the next Rupert Murdoch, then you are quite likely going to be in for a miserable gaming session. This is yet one of the 6 Keno Winning Strategies.

6. Bargain hunting

Bargain hunting
Bargain hunting

The price of playing keno differs from casino to casino, hence it is always right and good to look for the best bargains. For instance, an online casino may charge a particular price for betting on eight numbers, however, the other may charge nine. You would be foolish to take advantage of the offer if you are getting more numbers for the same price. Do not hesitate to take this advantage as online casinos are always in tough competition. Have a look at the various keno games offered at our suggested casinos to find a game that has suitable payouts for you.

The random nature of this game won’t be eliminated while employing the keno strategy. It should at least make the player feel that they are doing everything possible to win. Even though this game can be quite maddening to play, it also provides a life-changing payout for the ones who are fortunate to match several numbers.

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Top 6 Queensland Beaches to Visit in 2020

Queensland coast stretches over 7,400 kilometers, there are many beaches you can enjoy. The beaches of Queensland are known as one of the best in Australia.

You can see those remote, isolated patches of sand with crystal clear water lapping ashore and a hammock strung from a palm tree.

If you plan to visit Queensland, here are the top 6 beaches to visit in 2020.

  1. Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast

Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast

Coolangatta is a golden beach where the water is great for body surfing and solid waves for the surfers out there and a morning walk or can stroll along the sand or the pedestrian footpath that can make a great start to any day.

You will also see two playgrounds for the kids and you can meal with spectacular views. You will find Raw Energy Cafe or stop by for a pizza across the road. The southern part of the Gold Coast and Coolangatta is especially attractive.

  1. Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Burleigh Heads is the hottest family favorite of many. You can start the day by watching the amazing sunrise and the surfers taking on the world-class surf break on the beach.

Burleigh is a great swimming spot for kids. You will find a playground on the grass area and the cafe underneath the surf club makes great burgers with fabulous ocean views.

  1. Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast

Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast

Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast

This beach is popular for the surf break of “Snapper Rocks,” which is also one of the world’s longest and most consistent points and holds the annual Quiksilver Pro World Surfing Event.

You can go inside Rainbow Bay Surf Club which offers great scenic views over Snapper Rocks and to Surfers Paradise.

  1. Greenmount Beach, Gold Coast

Greenmount Beach, Gold Coast

Located next to Coolanagatta, Greenmount is the same stretch of beach. The corner is the best place for swimming with kids and there’s also great wave coming off the point for the surfers to enjoy.

Here an elevated walkway around Greenmount Headland gives you top views back of Coolangatta, Surfers Paradise and the guys riding the waves.

  1. Seventy-Five Mile Beach, Fraser Island

Seventy-Five Mile Beach, Fraser Island

75 Mile Beach on Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and is equally special. It’s a part of the Bruce Highway with strict road rules and cops around alert to catch hold of those who speed or drink drive. You can see the Eli Creek, the Maheno shipwreck, and wild dingos roaming and taking a scenic flight to get an amazing perspective of the beach and the island from the air.

  1. Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Coast

Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Coast

Noosa is one of the top three beaches in the South Pacific from around the world at the annual Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Some of the few beaches along Australia’s coastline that faces north is Noosa which is a great family beach. To take a surf lesson, Noosa is ideal for beginners.

You must not miss out on the spectacular coastal walk through Noosa Heads National Park, and fashionable Hastings Street which runs along the beach and is filled with trendy cafes and boutique shopping. You can also eat at the Surf Club right on the beach.


These are some of the most popular and amazing Queensland beaches that you cannot miss out on visiting on your next trip to Queensland.

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How to play Keno Kong?

How to play Keno Kong?

Keno Kong was launched in 2019 by Fun Fair Gaming where you can win up to 1000000FUN (Funfair native crypto coin). In this cartoon-style version of the infamous King Kong story, with vibrant artwork and a stunning soundscape bringing players right into the heart of the city-under-siege.

Keno Kong takes from the best of bingo and lottery gameplay, with players choosing between three and ten numbers on the 10×8 grid. The Guaranteed Fair random number generator then draws 20 numbers at random with players winning bigger the more numbers they match. The more matches you get, the higher is your winning. RTP of the game is ranging between 94.35% and 95.96% depending on how many numbers you pick.

Players have the choice of covering the board with the maximum 10 picks, or choosing a few select numbers to increase their risk for bigger wins, while they can also customise the game to their choosing with Auto Play, Quick Play and Quick Select options.

How to play Keno Kong?

How to play Keno Kong?

Join any Bitcoin casino and once you load the game on your gaming screen be it PC or mobile, use the up and down arrow buttons to set your desired bet. Press numbers on the game board to pick them. Press picked numbers to unselect them.

Also you can press the clear button to clear the board of all picked numbers. Press the quick pick button to automatically select 10 numbers. You must pick at least 3 numbers to play the game and can select up to 10 numbers.

The prices on offer will vary depending on how many numbers you pick. You can check the paytable for more info on prices.

Hot and cold numbers will also be shown alongside recent draw history to see how they’re getting on, allowing for changes in strategy for future picks.

There is no set wagering requirement or minimum bet. Well there is a minimum bet on the game which is 100 FUN. There are 15 prizes across 5 levels totalling a possible 420,000 FUN.

Where to play Keno Kong?

Where to play Keno Kong?

 The Games Producer, Geoff Scaplehorn commented that Keno Kong is yet another blockchain first for FunFair, Players can grapple the big wins of Keno Kong right now at CasinoFair and Crypto Casino, and with game-specific promotional, it will be more profitable than ever for players trying it out.

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7 Luxury Cruises from Sydney for your Next Vacation

Sydney has many famed beaches and harbor and also has the visual wow factor like no other cities in the world. It’s special in so many ways and one of them is taking a voyage on a spectacular cruise in the city.

Most of the cruises from Sydney set from the famous harbor port, Circular Quay and some more.

Here, I have rounded up the top 7 luxury cruises that are worth-considering to explore the magnificent city in the best way possible.

  1. Dolphin Watching Cruise

Dolphin Watching Cruise

Dolphin Watching Cruise

Take a trip to the North coast of Australia, sailing to the Stockton Bight Sand Dunes and Port Stephens, a full-day tour from Sydney. During this trip, you can explore the exotic wildlife at the Australian Reptile Park, watch a dolphin from Nelson Bay, and also indulge in thrilling sandboarding activities at the dunes. This is one of the best cruises from Sydney. It sails on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for an 11 hours trip.

  1. Catamaran Charter Cruise

Catamaran Charter Cruise

Catamaran Charter Cruise

If you plan to board a private charter and enjoy all the facilities, you can book a private charter to spend quality time with your friends and family. Catamaran cruise can make your sailing super exciting and fun. Get the taste of delicious Barbecue lunch on the deck, and party till you drop. It is a 3 to 4 hours trip which runs every day.

  1. Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Cruise

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Cruise

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Cruise

In case you wish to watch the nature and Australia’s rich flora and fauna from close quarters, you should board the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park day cruise. It’ll take you on a full-day tour of the national park where you can engage in several activities and explore hidden gems of the city. This trip includes lunch and tea also. It is a 9 hours trip but it’s available only on selected days in a week.

  1. Sydney Harbour Cruise

Sydney Harbour Cruise

Sydney Harbour Cruise

If you’re eager to know Sydney’s glorious ship sailing history, better to board on Sydney Afternoon Discovery Cruise. You’ll have a spectacular experience of sailing on a historic tall ship and exploring the city on a bright sunny day. You will sail past the most amazing attractions like Fort Denison, the Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Harbour Bridge while basking under the sun. This cruise is one of the cheapest cruises from Sydney that will not break your bank. It functions regularly but Tuesday on a 1 hour and 20 minutes trip.

  1. Sydney Harbour Ship

Sydney Harbour Ship

Sydney Harbour Ship

You can witness the beauty of Sydney during the sunset and is an incredible experience to witness the charms of the city’s top attraction as the sunsets. Sailing on Sydney Harbour yacht you can sip on some exotic Australian wine and other drinks with a gourmet cheese platter. This is a 2 hours trip that runs on Thursday and Saturday.

  1. Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Sydney Opera House is one of the main attractions of the city and the best way to witness this majestic beauty is hopping on a dinner cruise. You’ll get mesmerized by the sparkling city lights and its top attractions while enjoying a three-course dinner with your partner. It could be the most romantic thing to enjoy on your honeymoon. On a 2 hours trip, you can hop on this cruise any day as it runs every day.

  1. Hop-On Hop-Off Harbor Cruise

Hop-On Hop-Off Harbor Cruise

Hop-On Hop-Off Harbor Cruise

In case you want to visit both land and water tour of Sydney, better to hop-on hop-off cruise and bus tour. This is one of the best cruises from Sydney where the ferry and explorer pass is allowed for 2 days each. You can spend a full day Sydney tour both on land and water. During your bus tour, you can explore the famous sites including the Royal Botanic gardens, The Sydney Opera House and Bondi beach. Of course, you can hop-off at any place and explore it at your pace. The entire trip could be of 420 to 2,880 minutes that are available daily.


Sydney is an amazing and beautiful holiday destination with loads of cruises to entertain you while allowing you to explore the entire city. Better to select the most befitting cruise and make the best out of it.

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Best numbers and patterns to play and win Keno

Whether you play Keno as a lottery game or play Keno as a video game at online casinos there are best numbers and patterns to play and win Keno. In the online casino video Keno game  there are 80 numbers to choose from and 20 numbers to be drawn, the odds remain the same.  There are also multi-card keno variants such as Four-Card Keno and 20-Card Keno. The amount of numbers you bet will not affect the cost of the ticket and it will remain the same. The video keno payout chart will vary from one casino to another, so always make sure to check the paytable of the machine before you set to play Keno game. 

Best numbers and patterns to play and win Keno

eno Winning Patterns

When you come to know the best numbers and patterns to play and win Keno then you surely increase your winning chances and can even hit the jackpot.

Here are the best numbers as recommended by keno players and often prove to be a winning number.

The numbers are 3, 16, 44, 58, 61, 66, 67, 74 and 78. These numbers are known to be ‘hot.’ Try using them the next time you play keno to enhance your winning chances.  Some players also try to use another set of hot numbers which are 61, 66, 67, 74, 3, 16, 44, 58, and 78.

When playing video keno, select consecutive numbers or wager on ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers. This is one of the best patterns used by players. Keno patterns usually consist of the numbers being repeated during different sessions. Make sure to watch over for the repeated numbers because it will provide you with a high potential of winning. 

If you are playing a four-card keno, make sure to use numbers within a short sequence such as 20, 21, 22, 23; a total of: 26, 28 and a total of: 36, 37.

When you play 20 card keno, make sure to play up to 20 numbers on your cards. Play more than 3 spots and start with 5 spots. Pick on three numbers between 63 to 70. Play 5 or 10 consecutive draws with a 4/6, 5/8, and 6/10, but do not exceed than 6. 

If you are playing multi card keno patterns, to get a clearer view over it, choose to break the keno table into imaginary parts. The hot numbers in this are 23, 34, 72, 1, and 4.  

How to play keno in Australia?


You can play keno in Australia as a lottery game or play video keno games at Australian friendly online casinos. At online casinos you can visit any Australian friendly online casinos to play video keno games like pokies machines with real AUD or even BTC.  You can play some online keno games that allow you to bet up to 40 numbers in one bet. You can find it on casino screens and other locations where the payouts are better and you can play at your own pace. 

Due to its fast-paced lottery draw-style gameplay, you can play an average of 10 to 12 games per hour; the more games you play, the greater chances of winning!

You don’t need anything to download. Simply type the online casino URL on your web or mobile browser and quickly sign up at the online site. Once done make a small deposit of say AU$10 and head to specialty games to play Keno.

  • Just like paper keno tickets, video keno games are laid out with 10 columns and 8 rows that show the numbers 1 through 80.
  • Select your chosen numbers and then press the start button. 
  • The machine will select 20 random numbers. 
  • The numbers you picked and the numbers the computer selected will be displayed on the screen.
  • The numbers that match your chosen numbers will light up. 
  • The payouts will be shown when you tap the box labelled ‘pay tables.’
  • You can choose to continue playing with the same numbers. But if you want to play with different numbers, erase the current ones and enter your new selection.
  • If you win a small amount, you will be paid out in credits, and you can easily cash them out.
  • If you win the jackpot, the machine locks down, and you will get paid in cash.

Keno Payouts at online casinos

Four card keno

Every casino can set their own rules and payouts in keno; they can even incorporate progressive prizes and increase the number of wagering spots open. Also each game has odds and prizes on its own. You can compare the payouts table and pick the best one for you. 

How many numbers chosenMaximum Payout
One1 to 1
Two9 to 1
Three16 to 1
Four12 to 1
Five50 to 1
Six75 to 1
Seven100 to 1
Eight720 to 1
Nine1,200 to 1
Ten1,800 to 1

If you can pick more than ten numbers, you can follow this progression further. For instance, if you pick 15, you will get a payout of 10,000 to 1.  

There are also instances where the payout of 7-spot is about 7,000 to 1 and the 8-spot can have the payout of 230,000-1. It all depends on the keno machine you’re playing on. 

Keno Games To Play online

Play Keno instantly at online casinos

With so many options you can visit for official keno lottery game to play. Keno Classic and Keno Megamillions are the popular ones to play.

At online casinos, there are hundreds of video keno games to play and win. These games are developed by brand gaming companies like Microgaming, Betsoft, Rival, RTG, and others. Monkey Keno, Super Keno, Keno power, Lily Keno are few video keno games to name.

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6 Cool Beaches in Tasmania to Visit

Tasmania has some of Australia’s most important historical sites, some delicious local produce that you must taste, several unspoiled wildernesses in places like the Gordon River and Bruny Island, and gorgeous walkable cities packed with sandstone buildings like Hobart.

And how can you forget about the stunning beaches in Tasmania? Some of the most scenic and uncrowded beaches you will find anywhere in Australia are in Tasmania? Although Tasmanian beaches are not known for surfing or warm temperatures for swimming, you can get some eye candy and a beautiful beach to stroll along here!

Here, I’ve rounded up top 6 cools beaches in Tasmania that you should not miss out on visiting:

  1. Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay is a beach where you’ll not find many people. You probably are along all to yourself on world-famous Wine Glass Bay. When you visit Freycinet National Park, leave early to take a stroll to Wineglass Bay. You can also enjoy some of Tasmania’s finest produces here offered by the Bay Cruise lodge if you plan to take a 4-hour cruise.

  1. Hazards Beach

Hazards Beach

Hazards Beach

Hazards Beach is located in Freycinet National Park which is a great place in Tassie. Better to stay in Coles Bay and combine it with the walk to Wine Glass Bay. Or, you may also take a seaplane from Hobart to visit Hazards beach.

  1. Bicheno Beach

Bicheno Beach

Bicheno Beach

I’m sure once you visit Bicheno beach you wish to spend most of your time in Bicheno instead of just having a lunch break. Located on the east coast of Tasmania and north-east of Hobart, this beach with a small town is stunningly welcoming and heard to leave.

  1. Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay is located at the southern end of the Bay of Fires which is an amazing place for taking a stroll. Here you can have a great coffee enjoying the views from the Binalong Bay Cafe.

  1. Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires is situated on the north-east coast of Tasmania and is a region of white beaches, blue water and amongst the incredible rock formations with orange-hued granite. It will keep you engaged and entertained for hours with these amazing landscapes.

  1. Friendly Beaches

Friendly Beaches

Friendly Beaches

There is one more friendly beach from Freycinet National Park. Freycinet is the most popular place in Tasmania. If you want to see and enjoy some incredible beaches, this National Park has them in abundance!


These are some of the most amazing and coolest beaches in Tasmania that you can enjoy and can add to the bucket list of your next visit to Tasmania.

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Keno algorithm generator

Keno algorithm generator

Everyone wants to win Keno game. But Keno is simply a game of chance and if you are lucky you win. Still there are gamers who want to twist their destiny and so they look out for strategy and other rules to win the game. Many punters want Keno algorithm generator and find ways to solve the problem and make wins.

For such gamers it’s a tremendous challenge and to increase your chances of winning using an algorithm based on calculations, or  simple mathematical rules.

Such keno algorithm generators can be in the form of software available online or you yourself can do the calculations and find a way to win the game of keno.  The procedure implies watching all extractions done in a few days, note them and then play accordingly. It is easier to determine the algorithm in a classic casino, as the only thing you have to do is to observe the tables. For online keno, you will have to buy tickets for at least few rounds, then, based on numbers extracted to make your own observations. Then, you have to bet on more numbers (minimum 10 numbers) keeping in mind that betting more than usual, will increase your chances.

Keno and the RNG

Keno and RNG

It is known that keno game uses an RNG system, which means all numbers extracted are randomly generated, in an aleatory order. You will have to run a small computer program, which will help you to increase your chances of winning at keno. Random (TI-85) 2^31 -> D prompt N Disp “Enter seed between 100,000 and 999,999” Input S 10 -> dimL Ran Fill(0,Ran) For(I,1,N) mod(15625*S+22221,D) -> S ipart(10*S/D) -> A Ran(A+1)+1 -> Ran(A+1) END Ran

As pokies, keno game uses an identical RNG system of extracting the numbers, based on a computer program, which works with programmed orders and generate different numbers. These commands allow the computer to pick up numbers from 1 to 80 (random integers from 0 to 9). The following program will reveal how such algorithm works: 1000 NUMBER RUN 10,000 NUMBER RUN NUMBER OCCURS PERCENT NUMBER OCCURS PERCENT
0 86 8.6 0 910 9.1
1 100 10 1 1007 10.07
2 89 8.9 2 1007 10.07
3 113 11.3 3 991 9.91
4 99 9.9 4 985 9.85
5 107 10.7 5 1033 10.33
6 109 10.9 6 1018 10.18
7 99 9.9 7 1043 10.43
8 102 10.2 8 960 9.6
9 96 9.6 9 1046 10.46
STANDARD DEVIATION = 0.84 STANDARD DEVIATION = 0.41 Based on the numbers generated (can generate over 10,000 numbers), you will be able to make prognostic regarding which are potential hot numbers for a keno game. The algorithm in this case (at keno game) is the programmed patterns, which is kept secret, even from those who write in it. Actually, such a program is written by three different teams of programmers, independent each other, and their work result is reunited into a single program. (source from keno site)

How can you calculate and use Keno Algorithm?

How can you calculate and use Keno Algorithm?

You can calculate and use Keno Algorithm and use this strategy for winning combinations in the game of Keno. Either you use online algorithm to find valuable numbers in the keno game or do it manually. Online algorithm are online software or programs that run a keno simulator, and this algorithm makes predictions of numbers, which can be “extracted” in the game. Each player has two options: one is related to the number of tickets he wants to play and the other is related to the number of numbers, the player wants to play on a ticket. Then, after hitting the “calculate” button, the software is making its predictions and you have some potential winning numbers to bet on.

The keno algorithm creates some patterns to be followed by players, which advantages are offered to those players who know how to identify them. If a player is able to understand the way in which program is generating those random numbers, then he or she can take advantage of the game and will easily win at keno.

Keno cash prizes to win

You need to check keno lottery results daily from Keno Australian lottery site or if playing at a pub or club or at land casino observe the way in which some numbers are repeated and note the frequency of their appearance. This will give you the opportunity to increase your chances of winning. Watch the extractions during a week and see which numbers are appearing often, note them and then play with those numbers. It is recommended to bet minimum on 10 numbers to have better chances. There are some strategies to play with, but observing/determining the keno algorithm is one of the best.

The best option for many players is to play Keno for fun and don’t expect much on strategy or tips to win. Play when you want to stick to your bankroll and enjoy the game and let the rewards follow you.

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Top 7 Things to do in Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart is Australia’s second-oldest city, but not the biggest of cities by Australian standards, but there are so many things to do in Hobart to enjoy several days of the visit.

You can roam around the walkable cities centered in and around a harbor with historic proximities, historic buildings, and a good local vibe.

Here I have gathered the top 7 things that you must do in Hobart, Tasmania.

1. Walkthrough Salamanca Markets

Walkthrough Salamanca Markets

Walkthrough Salamanca Markets

This is one of Australia’s famous Saturday Salamanca Markets where you must visit. Located in picturesque Salamanca Place; it’s one long street of vendors selling their wares, buskers performing and people selling yummy street food. You should also explore Salamanca Place and Salamanca Square with the historic Georgian sandstone warehouses. Here you can eat and drink in the cafes and pubs to make the best of this visit.

2. Visit Historical Battery Point

Visit Historical Battery Point

Visit Historical Battery Point

Widely known as one of Hobart’s more prestigious suburbs, it adjoins Salamanca and also has several historic houses. You’d love to wander in this suburb and get to see the prestigious homes and the rose gardens. Having a nice playground for the kids and local cafes will also help you enjoy this place.

3. Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery 

Cascade Brewery

You should also visit Australia’s oldest brewery and can taste a range of cider and beers in a lovely terrace setting. Here you can take a brewery tour and learn about the brewing process, or can also take a heritage tour around the 3 acres of gardens just suitable for family tours.

4. Female Factory

Female Factory

Female Factory

The Cascades Female Factory is an Australian Convict World Heritage property that tells the female story of transportation. Her story is a two-person dramatization that shares the life of a typical female convict. It’ll offer a great insight into this harsh existence. Do not forget to do the heritage walk (guided tour) of the site.

5. Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery 

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

This gallery has received a makeover and renovation and shares the story of Tasmania’s history, art and culture. It features the Tasmanian Aboriginal Gallery which shares Tasmania’s indigenous history and culture.

6. Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur is one of the most fascinated and historical sites with a violent and troubled history as a penal colony for some of Australia’s hardened convicts. Still, its beauty brings this contrasting sense of peace and happiness. You should also go for the ghost tour.

7. Bruny Island Cruise – 

Bruny Island Cruise

Bruny Island Cruise

One of the award-winning wilderness cruises will take you to the rugged coastline of Bruny Island where you can see dramatic cliffs, dolphins, sea caves, wildlife life seals, and seabirds and may also see migrating whales. Take a full-day tour from Hobart to cover a scenic bus tour, ferry crossing to Bruny Island, morning tea, 3-hour wilderness cruise, and lunch.


These are some of the most popular and worth-seeing places to visit in Hobart, Tasmania if you plan your next vacation to this country.

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What are the Keno Spots in the Australian Keno Lottery?

What are the Keno Spots in the Australian Keno Lottery?

 Keno spot wins are frequent and lately a Cloncurry man has relived the exciting moment he witnessed his eight Keno numbers appear on the Keno screen, winning him more than $56,000. The western Queensland player held a Keno Classic 8 Spot winning entry in game 676 on Saturday 18 July 2020 and took home $56,224.60. The winning Keno Classic 8 Spot entry was purchased at Central Hotel, 46 Scarr Street, Cloncurry.

Another winner played Mega Millions 8 Spot and had a great win. This win came from Townsville man. The North Queensland player held a Keno Mega Millions 8 Spot winning entry in game 009 on Saturday 11 July 2020 and took home $89,697.90. The winning Keno Mega Millions 8 Spot entry was purchased at Dalrymple Hotel, 310 Bayswater Road, Garbutt.

The Keno Spots play a significant role in the Keno Lottery game in Australia. Keno spots actually let you decide how many numbers you would like to play like Keno 1 Spot, 2 Spot, 3 Spot, 4 Spot, 5 Spot, and 6 Spot. The first thing you need to do is decide how many numbers you’d like to play.

Here you have lots of options, with different prizes depending on the amount of numbers you play.  

For Keno 1 Spot, 2 Spot, 3 Spot, 4 Spot, 5 Spot and 6 Spot games (where you’re looking to match 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 numbers respectively), there are set guaranteed prizes.   

This means they are different to 7 Spot, 8 Spot, 9 Spot and 10 Spot games, which offer jackpot prizes that climb higher after each draw if they’re not won. 

The prizes you can win playing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Spots with Keno Classic

For a regular game of $1 Keno Classic, if you’ve chosen to play a 1 Spot entry, all you need to do is match the one number on your ticket to any of the 20 drawn during the draw and you’ll score yourself $3. 

If you’ve got two favourite numbers, then a 2 Spot might suit you. If you match these two numbers, you’ve won $12. 

If you match all three numbers on your 3 Spot entry, consider dinner covered as you’ve just scored yourself $44.

With a 4 Spot entry, $120 is the top prize if you match all four numbers on your ticket.  

The prize jumps to $640 if you marked five numbers and see them all appear in the game draw.  

Keno Spot and the Payouts

Keno spots

Keno payouts are based on how many numbers the player chooses and how many of those numbers are “hit”, multiplied by the proportion of the player’s original wager to the “base rate” of the paytable. Typically, the more numbers a player chooses and the more numbers hit, the greater the payout, although some paytables pay for hitting a lesser number of spots. For example, it is not uncommon to see casinos paying $500 or even $1,000 for a “catch” of 0 out of 20 on a 20 spot ticket with a $5.00 wager. Payouts vary widely by casino. Most casinos allow paytable wagers of 1 through 20 numbers, but some limit the choice to only 1 through 10, 12, and 15 numbers, or “spots” as the numbers selected are known.

The probability of a player hitting all 20 numbers on a 20 spot ticket is 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320.

Even though it is virtually impossible to hit all 20 numbers on a 20 spot ticket, the same player would typically also get paid for hitting “catches” 0, 1, 2, 3, and 7 through 19 out of 20, often with the 17 through 19 catches paying the same as the solid 20 hit.

Some of the other paying “catches” on a 20 spot ticket or any other ticket with high “solid catch” odds are in reality very possible to hit:

01 in 843.380
11 in 86.446
21 in 20.115
31 in 8.009
41 in 4.877
51 in 4.287
61 in 5.258
71 in 8.826
81 in 20.055
91 in 61.420
101 in 253.801
111 in 1,423.822
121 in 10,968.701
131 in 118,084.920
141 in 1,821,881.628
151 in 41,751,453.986
161 in 1,496,372,110.872
171 in 90,624,035,964.712
181 in 10,512,388,171,906.553
191 in 2,946,096,785,176,811.500
201 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320.000

Probabilities change significantly based on the number of spots that are picked on each ticket.

What are the prizes you can win playing the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Spot with Keno Mega Millions?

With Keno Mega Millions, each game costs $2 but your entry and prize gets supercharged.   

If you play and match one number on a 1 Spot entry, you’ll have an extra $6 in your pocket.   

With a 2 Spot entry, if the two numbers on your entry appear on the Keno screen, you’ve scored $25.  

Match all three numbers on your 3 Spot entry and you’re definitely shouting your friends’ dinner with your $90 prize.  

If you’re playing a 4 Spot and you cross out all four of the numbers on your entry, you’re walking away with $260. 

With a spare $1,300, you might be booking yourself a holiday – that’s the top prize if you play a Keno Mega Millions 5 Spot entry and match all five numbers.  

Also you could really go all out if you play a 6 Spot and match all six numbers as there are plenty of ways to enjoy $3,800.  

Just like Keno Classic, there are many more Keno Mega Millions’ prizes to be won if you don’t match all the numbers on your entry but do see a few appear on the Keno screen.  

Now play Keno and have fun.

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