Keno is like a form of bingo, it is thought that it originated with the ancient Chinese. The game has a modern twist to it now since you can play in a casino at a live call game, or you can play it like you do video poker, and then there is also playing keno online. Many websites that offer keno on line allow you to play with free money.

However you can play keno online for real money.

Rank Online Websites Bonus Max Bonus Wager (Keno) Play Today
1 Rich Casino AUD Rich Casino Australia 25 Spins + 200% $5000 35x * Play Now
2 Jackpot City AUD Jackpot City Australia 100% $1600 50x * Play Now
3 Spin Palace Australia Spin Palace 100% $1000 + Spins 35x * Play Now
4 Royal Vegas Royal Vegas AUD 100% $1200 30x * Play Now

Playing Keno Online

When playing Keno online, twenty balls will be drawn and the player’s aim is to predict what the numbers on these balls will be. There are eighty numbers to choose from on the board per round, and players can bet on a maximum of fifteen of them.

Here’s how players go about playing keno:

  1. Choose their chip size.
  2. Choose their keno-board numbers by left clicking and highlighting the numbers. Players can un-select numbers by left clicking again.
  3. Players can now choose between 1 to 15 numbers and can see what the payout will be for hitting a number of selected spots in the game on the board to the left of the keno table.
  4. Start the game by selecting Play.
  5. The numbers will be highlighted on the Keno board as they are drawn. When a selected number and a drawn number match, the selected number will change colour. Once all of the twenty numbers are drawn, players will be paid out according to the amount of number matches made.
  6. Players can now start another game. To use the same numbers again, players must select Play or Clear to start with new numbers.

Payout schedule

The players winning amounts are dependent on how many numbers were selected and how many of those were hit.

As stated before you can play Keno in a casino with other people or you can play keno online. Playing keno online is just the same as playing it in a casino. You choose your numbers, up to 10, and then wait for the draw.

If you are playing an automated game then the draw is whenever you hit the draw button. However there are sites that offer a more casino style game where there is a draw every five minutes or so depending on the site and their predetermined draw schedule.

Online Keno Australia

Playing keno online is easy to do; it all depends on do you want to play keno online for real money or just for fun? There are many sites available to play keno online that accept bets from Australia. Now, finding a site that is reputable and reliable is a little bit harder.

There are many people out there that will set up sites to look legit but are not instead they just take your card number and spend what they please.

We only feature Keno websites that we trust. We know they pay winners and we play fair. They're all independent audited for fairness.

Spots in Las Vegas That Can’t Be Missed

Even though the Venetian steals the show, there are plenty of hidden attractions that are worth visiting in Vegas. These gems are routinely missed by the millions of tourists that flock to Sin City every year. From Chinese to American tourists, most visitors get funneled into mainstream businesses. These venues have been promoted heavily on TV sets around the world, unintentionally becoming the essence of Las Vegas. They are breathtaking venues to visit, but they lack the depth of some hidden local spots.

Every visitor should visit the casinos, but there are many ways to see the real side of Las Vegas. The strip can’t be missed, but there are a surprising number of interesting niches popping up. They aren’t as glamorous as the casinos, but they have a certain charm that can’t be found in mainstream venues. Every year they give tourists a much needed break from over promoted tourist traps.

It’s great to occasionally take a break from the madness, which is why these spots are indispensable. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best hidden spots in Las Vegas. They range from bizarre to wildly entertaining, so get ready to explore Sin City!

Best Hidden Spots in Las Vegas

Spots in Las Vegas

Pay tribute to one of the founders of this wild city.

Hidden Spot #3: Bugsy Tribute – This notorious mobster may be dead, but his legacy lives on with the Flamingo Hotel. He was one of the first people to pioneer businesses in Las Vegas, & he helped make the city what it is today. He didn’t do it alone, but between the rest of the mafia & the Mormon bankers Las Vegas evolved into a gambling oasis. He paved the way for the city’s epic transformation, which is why he can’t be forgotten.

For those who love exploring Vegas’ dark side, paying tribute to this slain mob boss is mandatory. In honor of their fallen founder, the Flamingo hotel made a shrine to Benjamin Bugsy Siegel. Their wedding chapel has a large bronze plaque that’s tucked by the back surrounded by plants. This eloquent display details the mob bosses’ contributions to the founding of Las Vegas. It’s an easy place to visit, so pay your respects to a real risk taker!

Hidden Spots in Las Vegas

Urinate on oppression with this unique opportunity!

Hidden Spot #2: Piece of the Berlin Wall – Germany used to be divided by a 28 mile wall that separated East & West Berlin. It became an international symbol of oppression, so people rejoiced when it was finally knocked down in 1989. By the time the wall fell, it was covered in graffiti. The owners of the Main Street Station Casino managed to get their hands on a piece of the fallen wall.

After shipping it to America, they mounted it behind the urinals in their venue’s mens restroom. Now visitors can protest against oppression by urinating on top of a piece of the Berlin wall. It’s covered in glass, so you aren’t defacing history. Even though your mark isn’t permanent, the memory of interacting with such a key piece of history will be.

Spots in Las Vegas

You can’t go wrong in Chinatown!

Hidden Spot #1: Chinatown – Everyone knows about Vegas’ casinos, but no one knows that they have a Chinatown. It was only founded 20 years ago, but it offers some of the best Asian food in Nevada. It isn’t as impressive as what you can find in Los Angeles or New York, but it’s still worth visiting. There are over a dozen restaurants in a large plaza that offer everything from Dim Sum to stir fries. Treat your taste-buds with this hidden piece of Las Vegas culture.

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Play Keno Mega Millions – A Keno game with bigger jackpot to win

Keno Mega Million

Last year Tabcorp the wagering giant put its keno business  in the multi-million-dollar spotlight by bringing the the biggest change to the game the NSW history. The Australian listed company, which worked on clearing regulatory hurdles to merge with Tatts Group to create an $11 billion gaming giant, launched “Keno Mega Millions”. The new product is a higher jackpot version of the current “classic” keno game that started in NSW in 1991.

If you wish to play Keno Mega Millions then keep on reading below to understand the game play.

Keno Mega Millions

This is a new game with higher jackpots  and uses the same Keno ball draw as Keno Classic . The new prize table based on a minimum $2 entry cost and you will find a separate purple Jackpot screen, displayed between each game. There is larger prize for the top prize on 7, 8, 9, 10 number games • and no Keno Bonus is available in this game

Keno Mega Million

  • You can purchase a Keno Mega Millions Game by:
  • Filling out the new purple Mega Millions game cards
  • Using the Keno Touch machine (if available)
  • Asking for a ticket at the cashier/retailer (remember to ask which one you wish to play Keno Classic or Keno Mega Millions)
  • Also can Check results online

What you could win?

You could now win $5,000,000 by playing the 10 number game for $2

With Keno Mega Millions, you can win more by matching all your numbers . You can see the Keno Mega Millions 7, 8, 9 & 10 number jackpot grow between games on the purple Keno Jackpot screens.

Mega Millions uses the same Keno ball draw but gives players the chance to win $5 million or more every three minutes with a spend of $2 — $1 more than the current game.

A transformation of the brand and products was kicked off around 18 months ago and in 2016 Keno returned to growth for Tabcorp, with revenues up 4.8 per cent at $208.5m.

According to Tabcorp’s chief operating officer Adam Rytenskild, Keno was a strong business, it had broad distribution and had been growing, but perception was the brand was a bit tired and seen as an older person’s game, and the reality  there is a broad demographic who plays keno but we wanted to broaden participation in pubs and clubs.”

Note that Tabcorp’s keno is played in 3800 venues across NSW, Queensland, Victoria and the ACT and in fiscal 2016 there were 100 million keno tickets sold. Keno gives away about $35 million in prize money to NSW, Victorian and ACT players each month and $62 million in total across the eastern seaboard.

Mega Millions was developed to appeal to a younger customer who played socially and was solely interested in winning big jackpots. The average top prize is about $7 million, with a minimum cash prize of $5 million, versus a $2 million average prize for the current game.

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3 Most Expensive Restaurants In the World

There’s a lot of expensive restaurants in the world, but a few of them are on another level. Instead of just being pricey, their costs border on insanity. Obviously these places offer exceptional food, but what customers are really paying for is the novelty. From psychedelic electric shows to extremely rare plates of food, these places offer things that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether they are worth the price tag is debatable, but that doesn’t stop people from eating at these establishments.

Even though they are wildly expensive, every day people flock to these restaurants. There’s a long waiting list to get in, but it only adds to their allure. No normal people visit these restaurants, so the best we can hope for is to examine them from afar. This is probably the best move, since your bank account will thank you for skipping these luxurious expenses. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Prepare to be shocked by their larger than life fees!

Meet the Most Expensive Restaurants

Expensive Restaurants

This restaurant looks like a Disney movie!

Expensive Restaurant #3: Plaza Athénée $550 Per Person – This bold French restaurant is easily the most costly place to visit in Paris. In a city that celebrates extravagant cuisine, this venue manages to stand out. Each person has to pay $550, which quickly adds up when going in a group. Fortunately, this massive price tag has its perks.

They offer a slew of unique dishes that are cooked by none other than world renowned chef Alain Ducasse. This culinary master artfully cooks up your food under 10,000 glittering crystals. Each course features seasonal sustainably-sourced foods. The goal of this venue is to promote a planet-friendly approach to dining. This is a little ironic, since your money could probably go to something that directly saves the planet.

Expensive Restaurants

Experience the best sushi in New York.

Expensive Restaurant #2: Masa $600 Per Person – Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, this venue put the Time Warner Center on the map. This luxurious restaurant serves the richest people in New York, so each offering is a masterpiece. There’s no set menu, so each time visitors are surprised with new creations from the chef.

The food is always different, but clients can expect healthy doses of ohmi beef & white truffle ice cream. Even at $600, drinks & taxes aren’t included. This makes a night out at this restaurant closer to $800 per person. But if $600 didn’t intimidate you, there’s no reason to complain.

Expensive Restaurants

This isn’t just a meal, it’s a one of a kind experience.

Expensive Restaurant #1: Sublimotion $2,100 Per Person – Ibiza is home to the world’s most decadent nightclubs, so it’s no surprise that they have the most expensive restaurants. It only seats 12 people, but at $2,100 per person there’s plenty of profit to keep the business afloat. This price tag may seem ridiculous to the layman, but at least guests get to enjoy an epic show.

For a few hours visitors are immersed in a multi-sensory journey across a 20-course meal. This visual stimulation is brought to life with music & incredible lighting. Every dish revolves around molecular gastronomy, giving clients nothing but the best. It’s a feast for both the senses & the stomach, making it the classiest place to eat in the world.

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The family from Brahma Lodge that had Irish Luck when playing Keno

The family from Brahma Lodge that had Irish Luck when playing Keno

Recently on St Patrick’s Day a family from Brahma Lodge had their Irish Luck on them when playing Keno. Irish luck is also a name of pokies game which is 5 reel and 30 line where you to obtain a winning symbol combinations you need to spin the reels. But this mother and father duo did not played this pokies game but KENO and grabbed $50,000 as the luck of the Irish fell on them.

So this confirms another thing that not only people from Ireland can have extreme good fortune but also Aussies as Brahma Lodge is a northern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia and it is located in the City of Salisbury.

The amazing thing was that the mother and father visited SA Lotteries to claim what they thought was a $500 prize and discovered it was actually 100 times the size. It was because their Keno Spot 8 entry came up with all 8 winning numbers and landed them a prize of $50,000!

It is not only the parents that love to play Keno but also their daughter who all went crazy when she heard this news. According to the winners their daughter goes halves in Keno tickets with them each week.

The winning family, who remain anonymous, purchased their winning Keno Spot 8 entry from Topz Shopz Brahma Lodge, 86 Dorothy Street in Brahma Lodge. Also most notably Topz Shopz Brahma Lodge sold a huge $13 million Oz Lotto jackpot prize in June 2012.

Even the the Assistant Manager at Topz Shopz Brahma Lodge Bec Schultz was delighted to know they had made a local family $50,000 richer.

Last year a man from Adelaide’s coastal suburb of Henley Beach had pocketed a $50,000 Keno Spot 8 prize, after his eight winning numbers popped up on the Keno screen at his local newsagency. Also another man from Morphett Vale had an extra reason to celebrate after he discovered the news he was $50,000 richer thanks to a Keno Spot 8 entry he purchased at the Emu Hotel!

Playing Keno is easy and gives you the chance to win a minimum of $1 million every 3.5 minutes. In every Keno game 20 numbers are randomly generated from a possible 80.

You can choose how many numbers you wish to play, which is referred to as a ‘Spot’. Spot 1 means you can select 1 number, while Spot 10 means you can select 10 numbers. To win a Keno Spot 8 prize, a player must match all eight of the numbers selected on their ticket against the 20 numbers drawn. So try your luck too.

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Discover the Most Successful Casinos Ever Made

Casinos pride themselves on offering over the top amenities, so it’s no surprise that they generate staggering amounts of revenue. Even though it’s hard to lose for a casino, not all venues rake in excessive profits. In an industry that’s constantly outdoing itself, standing out becomes increasingly hard to achieve. Nowadays every casino has evolved into a small city that’s bursting at the seams with luxury.

Even though casinos revolve around excess, these grand displays aren’t free to run. The overhead cost of maintaining these lavish establishments is extreme, so the profits need to be equally over the top. To stay in the game, casinos need to generate more money than most small towns. These epic venues create their own bonanzas, which are essential for continuously expanding. To see where the industry is going, look no further than the most successful casinos. They have the revenue to pioneer new frontiers, so let’s explore these bustling establishments!

Most Successful Casinos In the World

Successful Casinos

This casino is so big that visitors can get lost!

Casino #3: Caesars Entertainment – Over the years, this behemoth corporation has taking the industry by storm. Their flagship casino is none other than Caesars Palace, which features unparalleled luxury. Being one of the most infamous venues in Las Vegas has its perks. They reported $8.5 billion in revenue in 2014 alone, which is more than most towns generate in 5 years. Their stocks are currently trading at $8.10 a share, making it one of the most resilient businesses on the market.

What makes this casino stand out isn’t just its location, their legacy proceeds it wherever its mentioned. From Las Vegas to Atlantic City, their casinos are stealing the show. Big name venues The Rio & Caesars Atlantic City also help cement their top dog status. They feature things that no other venues offer, including a gigantic colosseum. In 2003, Caesars Palace built The Colosseum exclusively to host Celine Dion’s “A New Day” show. Once filming stopped, big name headliners kept coming. The Colosseum has hosted ultra-famous visitors such as Cher, Stevie Nicks & President Obama. With a lineup like that, it’s no surprise that they made our list!

Successful Casinos

This casino manages to stand out in Vegas!

Casino #2: MGM Resorts International – Out of all the companies operating in Las Vegas, few are as prolific as MGM. They own a slew of successful casinos, including the infamous Bellagio on the Vegas Strip. Out of all their venues, their flagship casino MGM Grand Casino Las Vegas is the most impressive. Boasting a never-ending list of amenities, this venue is the largest in the country.

It’s the third biggest casino worldwide, & their over the top size is backed up by quality features. This casino has 6,800 high end rooms, indoor/outdoor pools, waterfalls & artificial rivers. It’s a city within a city, & their annual revenue is equally impressive. In 2014 alone, this gigantic corporation raked in $10 billion. This may seem unfathomable, but it’s only fair for a company who dominates Las Vegas.

Successful Casinos

Sail around this bustling mini-city!

Casino #1: Las Vegas Sands – Out of all the corporations on our list, this one embodies the American dream. After almost going under in 2008, this company is back with a vengeance. They went from losing $1,000 per second to raking in $14.5 billion in 2014. This staggering turnaround is thanks to the outstanding success of their flagship casino, The Venetian.

This venue used to be the largest in the world until it was dethroned by its sister casino in Macau. Even though it’s not the biggest in the world, their revenue says it all. This unmatched resilience is key to dominating an ever-changing industry!

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Mount Isa tradie won the $2.7 million Keno jackpot drawn at Isa Hotel

Keno Winner

Mount Isa tradie has won the $2.7 million Keno jackpot drawn from the Isa Hotel. This winner had bought a Keno ticket won $2.7 million at the Isa Hotel the night before Anzac Day. The winning numbers were 3, 12, 15, 28, 45, 49, 63, 70, 72, and 79. It’s not the first time in recent years someone has won big at Keno at the Isa Hotel. An anonymous boilermaker won in 2013.

This 59 year old  tradesman and  father is a long-term resident of Mount Isa and – unsurprisingly – wants to keep his identity private. He said it will contribute to his retirement fund as he had no super.  He would also provide for his family and would consider moving to a cooler sea climate where he could take up boating.

What the winner believes is that he can now give jis kids a good education. He would also love to buy a yacht and get back into sailing, which he did when he was younger.

It was almost 10 days since the Keno ticket was drawn at the Isa Hotel, giving rise to much speculation in the community that the ticket was lost for good.

The ticket was drawn the evening before Anzac Day. The man went to Isa Hotel while waiting to pick up his children from the Mount Isa Cinema. Typically on Mondays the cinema is closed but it just so happened that it was open that night to show the first screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

He missed the moment his ticket was called up because he had to pick up his children. So he did not know until Anzac Day that all 10 of his numbers had been announced.  But Isa Hotel general manager Rachael McCarthy had hoped the Keno winner was a local and so it was.

The tradesman, who spoke directly to Keno representatives, said he sat on the ticket to ensure nobody figured out who he was. He even kept it a secret from his partner for a day.

He went online at about 1.30 in the afternoon, and double-checked it and triple-checked it.  He was at work and couldn’t sit still and was sweating and fidgeting and took so long to sink that he has won so much money.  He chose his numbers randomly by crossing out 10 numbers as fast as he could.

The point to note is that those numbers were not related to any of birthday of special dates for him.

Keno spokesman David Dicker congratulated the winner, saying the team at Keno were thrilled to see another Mt Isa resident win a major jackpot. The ticket was worth $2,698,238 and was bought at around 9.40pm on Monday, April 24 2017. And the winner left the pub before checking it.

Gaming Lounge at Isa Hotel

Gaming at Isa Hotel

When you enter Isa Hotel you will find the wonderful Gaming Room Lounge located on the ground floor directly through the main lobby entrance located on Miles Street, Mount Isa. It could be said that stepping into the Isa Gaming Room Lounge is like walking into a casino in Macau or Las Vegas. You will love the style and décor of their gaming room  that is designed with a modern and alluring ambience. This gaming room lounge offers, probably the best gaming in Mount Isa. From gold curtains adorning the walls to the customized axminster carpet and the imported gaming chairs from Macau. Isa Hotel offers the best facilities in the Mount Isa area due to daily and major gaming jackpots and promotions.

Isa Hotel Gaming Room

It offers 45 state of the art electronic machines including Lightning Link and Lock it Link machines. Ease of payment with their TITO system, popular Keno, ATM & EFTPOS facilities all located closed by. Also offering $1 only withdraw free throughout their entire hotel, helping you beat  fees and charges.  Payouts up to $5,000 cash are available to all players.

A full bar and lounge are easily accessible and at your disposal with an extensive range of single malts & premium spirits available. Along with free barista coffee, soft drinks & delicious Tim-tams all while you play. You will find friendly gaming attendants are always close by to help with your every need.

The hotel also offers players free sign up to their Infinity Reward  loyalty program. Infinity rewards offer benefits which can be used throughout the Isa and RedEarth Hotel along with Liquor Warehouse.

Isa Hotel Map

So next time you are nearby do visit Mount Isa and play keno. Remember that keno is played in 3,600 venues across NSW, Queensland, Victoria and the ACT, and gives away around $77 million in cash prizes each month. Twenty numbers are drawn from the 80 available on the Keno display screen.

Players simply match their numbers to the numbers drawn for a chance to win over $1,000,000 for as little as $1 per game.

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These Are the Most Expensive Cocktails Ever Made

There are plenty of lavish cocktails, but some drinks steal the show with their outrageous price tags. In an age where bigger is better, bars are scrambling to come up with something unique. Every venue has flashy décor, but that means nothing if there aren’t high quality drinks. While you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a great cocktail, some people have money to blow on novelty drinks. It’s impossible to attract millionaires with normal prices, so bars have adapted to extravagant demands.

Out of all the cocktails offered at high end establishments, a few exceed $9,000. While this may seem absurd to the average consumer, some people can’t wait to try these insanely priced cocktails. These expensive cocktails showcase the markup potential of fine spirits. Seeing these extremes will make anyone feel better about what they spend at the bar. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most expensive cocktails in the world. Prepare to be overwhelmed by these larger than life concoctions!

3 Most Expensive Cocktails In the World

Expensive Cocktails

This drink features a healthy dose of gold!

Expensive Cocktail #3: “The World’s Most Expensive Cocktail” ($9,785) – Despite what the name implies, this isn’t the most expensive drink in the world. Even though it doesn’t take the title, it’s still one of the most outrageous cocktails ever created. Retailing at 8,888 euros, this is easily the most expensive drink in London. Even though few can afford it, this wild drink put Gigi’s on the map. This restaurant stole the show in Mayfair neighborhood & has become an international attraction.

Unsurprisingly, this cocktail features some extremely expensive ingredients. It artfully combines 1990 vintage Cristal with 1888 Samalens Vieille Relique Vintage Bas Armagnac. These are some of the rarest spirits in the world, but they aren’t complete without a little bit of gold. Each cocktail is garnished with bits of gold leaf. This is the epitome of extravagance, which is why no normal person will ever try it.

Expensive Cocktails

Enjoy some jewelry with this wild purchase!

Expensive Cocktail #2: The Ono ($10,000) – In a city that embodies extravagance, simple cocktails don’t cut it. When people haven’t lost enough money at the casinos, they treat themselves to something lavish. The Ono cocktail at the XS Nightclub gives visitors a new way to splurge at the Wynn. With a whopping price tag of $10,000, this drink is nothing short of a work of art.

The Ono contains a luxurious mix of Remy Martin Louis XVIII Black Pearl & Charles Heidsieck Champagne. On top of getting a drink with some of the rarest spirits in the world, the XS Nightclub takes things a step further. Each cocktail comes with a set of custom cuff links along with a gold, diamond & pearl necklace. These features are all paraded to the buyer by 20 sparkler wielding employees. This fanfare & jewelry make this offer enticing, but only a few people can afford this luxury.

Expensive Cocktails

This drink proves that diamonds aren’t forever.

Expensive Cocktail #1: The Lobby Lounge & Bar Diamond Shot ($16,000) – Nestled in the heart of Tokyo, the Ritz Carlton offers the world’s most lavish cocktail. Retailing at 1,800,000 yen, this drink is easily worth $16,000. Clients have to make the pilgrimage up to the 45th floor of the hotel to indulge in this notorious cocktail. The drink is made with chilled Grey Goose vodka & served with a lime twist.

While these ingredients are far from exceptional, the garnish takes the drink to a new level. Each shot is decorated with a one-carat diamond. The jury is out on whether you are supposed to drink or save the diamond. This is a puzzling conundrum, but anyone who can afford this drink probably doesn’t care.

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Meet the Best Made Keno Apps Online

Keno is a game that is revered around the world, so it’s no surprise that there are some epic keno apps. Online gambling is booming, & developers are scrambling to come up with ways to stay ahead of the curve. This means keeping up with the growing demands from customers. Since the industry is evolving at lightning speed, the need for new games is staggering. This is great news for keno lovers, since it has paved the way for a slew of new keno apps.

The people have spoken, & producers have bent over backwards to create amazing keno apps. These have filled up both app stores, giving punters more action than they can handle. Wading through a sea of new releases can be difficult, since not all apps are worth playing. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best made keno apps online. These games have won over countless players with their innovative gameplay. It’s time to experience new keno apps, so get a piece of the action!

Best Keno Apps Ever Made

Keno Apps

This is a great way to enjoy keno on a budget!

Keno App #1: Keno Kingdom – This epic release lets punters enjoy all the perks of keno without breaking the bank. The game is completely free, so players can explore their 8 levels without hesitation. These innovative themes are bursting at the seams with surprises. To makes things even better, the graphics are extremely good natured. This vibrant backdrop is visually appealing, which makes it easy to stay on the app for hours. On top of being addicting, they also sport Autoplay functionality. This allows users to quick pick their numbers, so there’s no excuse not to dive into the game!

Keno Apps

This keno app is extremely well made.

Keno App #2: MD Lottery – This game isn’t just fun to play, it’s the official keno app of the MD Lottery. This gives punters inside access to the inner workings of Maryland’s biggest lottery retailer. Users can keep a close eye on keno drawings on the go, so staying up to date is a breeze.

To make matters even more enticing, a small bet can go a long way. A simple $1 wager has the potential to win $100,000! This insane potential for profit has won over legions of die-hard fans. Punters can also search past game results, see hot/cold numbers & discover new promotions. At the end of the day, this is a thrilling app to have. All the bases are covered, so get the complete experience with MD Lottery!

Keno Apps

Don’t miss their lively bonus games!

Keno App #3: Michigan Lottery Mobile App – This may seem like yet another state-run lottery app, but this release is full of surprises. On top of giving users inside access to keno games around the state, this app takes things a step further. They offer a slew of bonus games, including bingo. This makes it enticing to anyone, since you don’t have to live in Michigan to enjoy this thrilling app.

Their developers went the extra mile, which is apparent when using the app. This unfiltered innovation paved the way for a slew of options. Punters can watch keno drawings, check winning numbers & view current jackpots. They also allow players to submit non-winning ticket codes, which can be redeemed with their Rewards Catalog. This app showcases how a state-run keno operation should run, so take note!

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The Five Keno Game Secrets You Might Not Be Aware Of

Keno Secrets

When you buy a Keno Lotto ticket you obviously hope to win. You anxiously wait for the draw and as the winning numbers are announced you hold your hand on throbbing heart and if you get the hot numbers you jump to joy but if you don’t you sigh. But besides the winning and losing of Keno game there are few secrets of Keno as a game that you might not be aware of. Here are the five of Keno game secrets that you will be interested to know and will help you better understand about winning the Keno game

1. Keno works like a lottery game

Keno is a game that resembles lottery. In keno, you can choose a number or two, or three, or a maximum of twenty. It is up to you how many numbers you choose. As in a typical lottery game, after the player chooses the numbers and fills in a form, you must wait for extracting numbers. The casino numbers are drawn from a ball machine. An air pump pushes the balls up. If the player has the minimum number of balls required to win a prize, then the winner. The more balls are, the greater the prize.

2. Choosing six to eight numbers in Keno is better

Keno is a game of chance, and do not require a specific skill as such. Also there is no way that can boost your chances of winning. But certain things can serve as help to win without risking much of a money. If you choose one or two numbers, your ticket will cost very little but you have little chance of winning money. It is better to choose some numbers. Six or eight numbers are a good option. Thus, you will not have to pay money, but you can win a big prize. Take your time in choosing numbers so you could entertain each round, instead of the automatic player and watch your money go down the drain every time you lose or how you fit in your pocket if you are fortunate enough to win. Do not play just for fun but it is advised to use your brain, think wisely in choosing numbers and then hope for some wins.

3. Manage your money and stick to your bank roll

Like in many of casino games money management systems such as the Martingale, is a kind of strategy. In a Martingale system, you double your bet every time, you lose. In keno, Martingale system will not work, so do not even think to try it. There you can double your bets. And even if you could, does not mean they will double your winnings possible. In keno, the important thing to know about managing your money is to spend only as much as you plan to spend. Do not spend more.

4. Know the Keno odds of winning

Keno seems a very simple game. This game consists of 80 balls, of which 20 are extracted, meaning that you have a chance to win one in three. As more numbers you choose, the more difficult to calculate earnings. Suppose you choose 5 numbers; in most casinos earning condition are having three correct numbers. If this is the case, you get gains of 2 to 1, and if you have four winning numbers, earnings will be 10 to 1. You can get returns of up to 250-1, but in this case, you must correctly guess all five numbers.

Keno is a fair game. You get five correct numbers out of twenty of possibilities is something so complicated. These are your odds of winning at some online casinos:

  • 3 correct numbers win of 11-1
  • 4 numbers provide win of 82-1
  • Correct 5 numbers are paid 1550-1

Keno shows, from a certain point of view, a little chance of winning.  To win the jackpot, you must concentrate to win in the long term. Some casinos will offer the opportunity to play Keno with 10 numbers available. Payment will be made as follows: 2-1 to 5 correct numbers, 20 to 1 to 6 correct numbers, 100-1 for seven correct numbers, 500-1 for eight correct numbers, 1000-1 to nine correct numbers, 5000 to one for a combination of 10 numbers correct. As you can see, it takes the time to win the jackpot. But on the other hand, it is worth the effort.

Playing for the money you cannot afford to lose, thus trying to win the jackpot is the best way to regain the money. Keno is a fun game with certain risks all the time. You must not be lured by jackpots with huge amounts. You’ve probably already dreamed that will earn millions of dollars, but the chances of winning, in this case, is placed at 0.35000 to 1.

5. Understand the Keno Earning tables

Keno strategy is unlike the poker or blackjack. However, there is a way to increase your winnings and enjoy this game. You can even increase your chances of winning! First, make sure you read the earning table. You should know that earning tables differ from one online casino to another. Some are more advantageous than others. Comparing different tables is the first step you should do when playing online. See also the percentage gains and avoid spending money. Some players try all kinds of combinations to win the jackpot. You can bet on numbers that are taken regularly, or on the contrary, those that are rarely drawn. You can bet on consecutive numbers or you can focus on a target by the end of the game. However, the most effective method may be to choose numbers that are taken consistently. Also there is the possibility of mistakes soft, which makes the drawn numbers is not random at all. Though  there is little chance that something like this can happen in an online Keno game, but who knows, you can get your dream jackpot.

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Vegas Casinos With Best Odds for Certain Games

All casinos in Las Vegas are larger than life, but some offer better odds for certain games than others. Even though they are equally flashy, each casino offers different payout ratios. The figures vary wildly between games, which opens up unique opportunities to players. Since not all games are created equally, some are more advantageous to play at different venues. This means that certain games feature exceptionally favorable odds, but it varies from casino to casino.

There’s something in Vegas for everyone, & each casino offers their own specialty. Ever since the 2008 recession, casinos have had to get creative to entice players to come to Vegas. There has been a steady stream of promotion, but few know which Vegas casinos feature the best odds for certain games. Discovering this information is essential for any responsible player, so we decided to create this list. Prepare to be blown away by these surprising hot spots. Playing the games on our list at these venues will increase your odds of winning!

Best Vegas Casinos for Each Casino Game

Finding this gem is any blackjack player’s dream.

Blackjack: Alamo Casino – Even though the strip steals the show, there’s plenty of hidden casinos in Vegas. They are scattered in the oddest places, & this valiant venue is no exception. The Alamo Casino is only a mile away from the strip, but they are worlds apart. Instead of relying on a stunning presentation, the Alamo takes a different approach. It’s located in the middle of a truck stop on the corner of Blue Diamond Road & Dean Martin Drive.

This means that there’s no scantily clad waitresses or million-dollar light displays. What the Alamo lacks in glamour it makes up for with quality blackjack odds. They have the most lenient Blackjack rules in Vegas, & every local knows it. Each game pays 3-2 on naturals & the dealer hits soft 17. To make matters even more enticing, late surrender is allowed & an unbusted six-card hand is an automatic win. All these factors give this casino a 0.14% house edge, making it the best odds for Blackjack in Vegas. It’s only small stakes gambling, but it’s still the perfect place to hone your skills before becoming a high roller!

vegas casinos

This lively casino offers irresistible odds!

Dollar Video Poker: South Point – Out of all the casinos, this one strives to pamper their customers. Their hundreds of poker machines offer a 9/6 Jacks or Better level. This sensational practice gives users a 99.54% payout rate. This lets players enjoy a slew of games with almost a 100% return rate. If that wasn’t enough, South Point took things a step further. While other casinos limit the amount of club benefits on their best machines, South Point pays full benefits. All these impressive attempts to treat customers makes this venue the mecca for video poker!

vegas casinos

This hotel proves that Americans love Keno!

Keno: El Cortez – Everyone knows that Keno has less than ideal odds, but there’s still hope. For years, El Cortez has brought this game back into the spotlight with a unique strategy. By loosening up the odds, they were able to get more visitors to play keno. They also underwent a major makeover, so users get to enjoy all the added amenities. Take on the odds the right way with this renegade casino!

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