Keno is like a form of bingo, it is thought that it originated with the ancient Chinese. The game has a modern twist to it now since you can play in a casino at a live call game, or you can play it like you do video poker, and then there is also playing keno online. Many websites that offer keno on line allow you to play with free money.

However you can play keno online for real money.

Rank Online Websites Bonus Max Bonus Wager (Keno) Play Today
1 7 Reels Casino 7 Reels AUD 200% $5000 30x * Play Now
2 WinaDay Casino WinADay Casino 100% $500 Bonus 15x * Play Now
3 Superior Casino Superior Casino Australia 100% $1000 10x * Play Now
4 Rich Casino AUD Rich Casino Australia 200% $5000 35x * Play Now
5 Uptown Pokies AUD Uptown Pokies 200% $8,888 35x * Play Now

Playing Keno Online

When playing Keno online, twenty balls will be drawn and the player’s aim is to predict what the numbers on these balls will be. There are eighty numbers to choose from on the board per round, and players can bet on a maximum of fifteen of them.

Here’s how players go about playing keno:

  1. Choose their chip size.
  2. Choose their keno-board numbers by left clicking and highlighting the numbers. Players can un-select numbers by left clicking again.
  3. Players can now choose between 1 to 15 numbers and can see what the payout will be for hitting a number of selected spots in the game on the board to the left of the keno table.
  4. Start the game by selecting Play.
  5. The numbers will be highlighted on the Keno board as they are drawn. When a selected number and a drawn number match, the selected number will change colour. Once all of the twenty numbers are drawn, players will be paid out according to the amount of number matches made.
  6. Players can now start another game. To use the same numbers again, players must select Play or Clear to start with new numbers.

Payout schedule

The players winning amounts are dependent on how many numbers were selected and how many of those were hit.

As stated before you can play Keno in a casino with other people or you can play keno online. Playing keno online is just the same as playing it in a casino. You choose your numbers, up to 10, and then wait for the draw.

If you are playing an automated game then the draw is whenever you hit the draw button. However there are sites that offer a more casino style game where there is a draw every five minutes or so depending on the site and their predetermined draw schedule.

Online Keno Australia

Playing keno online is easy to do; it all depends on do you want to play keno online for real money or just for fun? There are many sites available to play keno online that accept bets from Australia. Now, finding a site that is reputable and reliable is a little bit harder.

There are many people out there that will set up sites to look legit but are not instead they just take your card number and spend what they please.

We only feature Keno websites that we trust. We know they pay winners and we play fair. They're all independent audited for fairness.

How to play Plenty of Penguins Keno?

Plenty of Penguins Keno

Plenty of Penguins Keno developed by Grand Vision gaming is a standard 80 spot keno game with a 20 number draw. This game features progressives, multiplied free games, multiplied paid bonus games, ‘Do it again’ win repeater, and random extra penguins.

Penguin Multipliers

Plenty of Penguins Keno- Multipliers

Penguins are not only triggered for the Progressive award, they also trigger the Caribbean Vacation “Free Game” feature where the player is awarded 15 Free games with the paytable multiplied by 2X when they Hit 4 penguins with a WIN during gameplay. They also act as multipliers for your bet when combined with a win during normal game play (when only 5 penguins are displayed), and during the Extra Penguin Draw Feature, when up to 3 additional Penguins are distributed on the Keno grid with the other 5 Regular Penguins.

Extra Penguin Draw

Plenty of Penguins Keno- Extra Penguin Draw

The Extra Penguin feature is a randomly triggered Bonus Event that combines “Extra Bonus Penguins” with “Regular Penguins”. The number of Bonus Penguins awarded is based on the players bet (from 0 to 3). This feature can occur at anytime during regular game play. Once triggered, you will play with the same number of Bonus Penguins that were awarded at the beginning of the feature, for a specified number of games based on the number of Player selected spots.

Ice Fishing Bonus

The Ice Fish’n Feature is a random event that is banked until a player win triggers the event that awards PLAYER PAID BONUS games and multipliers for the “Polar Night Games”. Once the feature is triggered, the Player is shown a screen with 2 Penguins. The Player is prompted to one of the Penguins to start the feature; this will determine the multiplier for the Player Paid Games the Player will get. The Penguin then jumps into the lake and brings up a fish and the number of games awarded appear above them.

Do it Again

“Do It Again” is a randomly occurring feature that can happen after any win, inclusive of features, bet multipliers and progressives, (except in Free Games) with a combined payback outcome of $400 or less. After the player has a win, the same game is played again with the same draws and hits and the paytable win amount is awarded one more time.

Penguins Caribbean Vacation free game

Plenty of Penguins Keno- Free Game

Free Games are triggered by hitting 4 Penguins with a win. The Player is awarded a 5X or 7X multiple of their bet (depending on whether they are in a Standard Game or Extra Penguin Draw game), The Do It Again feature if applicable, and then taken to the “Penguins Caribbean Vacation” Free Game feature where they are automatically awarded 15 Free Games with a Paytable multiplied at 2X. They cannot change their bet for the duration of the 15 games. There is one Free Game Bonus Penguin randomly marked on the Grid which when hit, will award an extra Free Game to the Player. No other features can be triggered during Free Games.

Happy Penguin

The Happy Penguin feature is triggered when any 5 Penguins are hit during game play without a player spot win. The feature is banked and an instant money amount is paid to the player on their next player spot win. The Happy Penguin cash award is a multiple of the Players bet, from 30X to 70X.

Now play this game at online casino of your choice for free or with real money.

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Top 3 Lifetime Experiences of Australia for Couples

How about planning the perfect romantic getaway in Australia. There are so many amazing activities and worth-seeing sights that are just perfect for a newly web couple. We often stuck while deciding on the best romantic place to visit, moreover we hardly have time to figure out a good itinerary.

Here I have rounded up the top 3 experiences for a couple in Australia that will make their time the most memorable for life!

1. Wine Tours in Hunter Valley

Wine Tours in Hunter Valley

At Hunter Valley, you can explore the quaint countryside of Australia. Located only a two-hour away from Sydney, it’s the oldest wine region in the land down under. Here you can lift your mood and senses going on the excellent wine tours in Australia and enjoy a private tasting session with your spouse. Visit the Hunter Distillery, a fine, locally-owned distillery, and enjoy the tasting the acclaimed organic vodka. You should also rejuvenate yourselves at the Heavenly Hunter selecting from their range of massage therapies.

2. Hot-air Ballooning in Gold Coast and Melbourne

Hot-air Ballooning in Gold Coast and Melbourne

Isn’t it thrilling to float in a huge balloon at 3,000 to 5,000 feet up in the air, that too with the most beloved person? In Gold Coast, opt for a hot-air ballooning experience early morning when the winds are steady and soft. You’d get to see the glorious sunrise from mid-air and enjoy far-reaching views of the Lamington National Park, the amazing plateau of the Tamborine Mountain, and also the shimmering Gold Coast skyline. You can opt for hot-air ballooning with champagne breakfast. You can enjoy a mouth-watering traditional Australian breakfast with freshly squeezed juices, eggs, and pastries.

3. A Self-drive along the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne 

A Self-drive along the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne 

Stunning beaches, massive limestone stacks, great wildlife reserves, and cascading waterfalls are some of the many attractions that you get to see as you go on a self-drive spree along the Great Ocean Road. Spread across 243 km of pristine scenic beauty facing the Antarctic Ocean, this drive can be a life-time memory with your loved one. You can stop by at Lorne, a picturesque town and can have an incredible view of Saint George River surrounded by green low valleys and the gorgeous Great Ocean Road.


Australia offers a range of amazing experiences, making it all the more special when you’re with your partner, creating some lifetime memories.

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How to play NT Keno at Mindil Beach Casino Australia?


How to play NT Keno at Mindil Beach Casino Australia

Mindil Beach Casino is a Resort and an ultimate entertainment destination in the Northern Territory Australia. This awesome casino is located on the iconic west-facing beach on the Arafura Sea a beautiful location attracting locals and visitors from around the world. Nestled on 30 acres of tropical gardens alongside the Arafura Sea, Mindil Beach Casino Resort’s bustling casino is teamed with amazing accommodation and dining options, and conference and event facilities.

You can play NT Keno at Mindil Beach Casino Australia as well as play over 600 electronic gaming machines, 30 table games and more. There are also various promotions and contests that can award you with lots of prizes.

The Mindil Beach Casino also is the perfect destination to enjoy great food and drinks. It hosts four restaurants, four bars and more. It also has Darwin’s only five-star beachfront resort with 152 luxury rooms, VIP Super Villas with gaming suites, a day spa and a myriad of unique functions, conference spaces.

How to play NT Keno at Mindil Beach Casino Australia?

NT Keno Australia

You can play for just $1 and have the chance to win a minimum of $1 Million when you play the 10 Spot Jackpot! NT Keno offers a range of bets and prizes; you can choose your own lucky numbers or try your luck with a Quickpick. The object of the game of Keno is to select up to 40 numbers, from 1 to 80 and to match those against the 20 numbers that are randomly drawn for each game.

There are several NT Keno game options, where you decide on your own numbers or random generated numbers, and how many numbers. You can also play Heads or Tails where you can double your money.

  • The amount you win depends on how many numbers you choose to play, and on how many of your numbers match those that are drawn for each game.
  • Once you have decided on which game to play, go to any NT Keno operator at the designated NT Keno venues across the territory to purchase your ticket.
  • Actual numbers drawn on the game draw selection device shall be the official numbers drawn.
  • NT Keno winnings are paid out on the printed receipt ticket only and can be claimed through any NT Keno terminal up to 365 days after the bet has been placed.
  • NT Keno results are not official until all numbers are drawn and confirmed.

NT Keno Australia with just $1

Exposing the NT Keno ticket receipt to excessive heat may cause discoloration resulting in the entry becoming invalid.

On Spot games, the minimum bet is $1 and the maximum bet is $9,999, Heads or Tails maximum bet is $500 per ticket. Nocent bets are allowed.

NT Keno has a 1,000 game cycle, with the maximum games on one ticket being 1,000.

If there is more than one winner on a Jackpot, the Jackpot will be shared and abated proportionately.

NT Keno Results

Results for NT Keno are not available online. You can check your ticket at any NT Keno venue. If you are no longer in the Northern Territory, you need to provide a scanned copy of your ticket ensuring the following details are legible:

  • 16 digit serial numbers located below the barcode at the top of the ticket
  • Date and time purchased
  • Venue ticket purchased from
  • Number of games played ie. 10 games: 100 – 109
  • Total cost of ticket
  • Your ticket will be checked and you will be notified on what to do if there are any wins.

Note that  “Prizes shall be paid upon presentation of the original tickets within twelve (12) calendar months of the date of purchase”

The NT Keno games you can choose to play

Following are the NT Keno games you can choose to play at Mindil Beach Casino Australia

Standard Games

Standard Keno game

Choose your own 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 15, 20 or 40 Spots to play. The payout amounts are increased proportionately to the bet amount

Jackpot Games NT

Keno Jackpots (6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Spots) have a minimum value and continue to grow until they are won. The 10 Spot Jackpot has a minimum of $1 million prize money

Quickpick Jackpot

NT Keno Quickpick

Choose how many combinations and how many games on which Jackpot. The numbers will be randomly generated and you will have more chances on each game on the same ticket


Quickpick Keno

If you cannot decide on ‘What’s your Number’ there are several Quickpick options where the system will randomly pick the numbers for you


Superplay Keno

Superplay are pre-formatted “Way” bet, which allow you to play several combinations on the one ticket and gives you the chance to play more than one Spot and/or Jackpot per game. With all Superplay games the system will randomly pick the numbers for you

Way Bet

Way bet Keno

Similar to Superplay, but you will need to choose your own numbers and ways, rather than having system generated numbers. Ways bet allows you to play more than one bet on a ticket increasing your chances to win

Heads or Tails

Nt Keno Heads or Tails

You choose if the most drawn numbers will be in the top half of the grid (Heads), the bottom half of the screen (Tails) or equal amounts in both (Evens)

The payout limit per NT Keno game is $200,000 (not including Jackpot pools or prizes won of $200 or less). So if the total value of prizes in any one game exceeds $200,000, the payouts to all major prize winners exceeding $200 are prorated proportionally to their win.

Now visit Mindil Beach, Gilruth Ave, Darwin City NT 0820, Australia to play NT Keno. For more details call +61 8 8943 8888

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Top 5 Things to Do in Australia on a Family Trip!

Often traveling with family can be challenging, especially if you are trying to find different things to keep everyone happy. But now you do not have to work hard to find some interesting things to do in Australia as we have done the job for you!

Here are the top 5 things you must not miss out on doing in Australia when you go with your family next time!

1. Explore Kangaroo Island

Explore Kangaroo Island

Explore Kangaroo Island

Australia is known for its unique wildlife. Some are immersive and others a little dangerous. Kangaroo Island is one of the country’s natural wonderlands where you can watch sea lions basking on the beach or cuddle a koala. You may also happen to see kangaroos in the wild as well as goannas laying eggs and also little penguins that come up to shore. During the winter season, you may even be lucky enough to see Southern Right whales go past as they migrate from the Antarctic.

2. Watch out Penguin Parade at Philip Island

Watch out Penguin Parade at Philip Island

Watch out Penguin Parade at Philip Island

Located only 90 minutes from Melbourne, you can see one of the most spectacular wildlife sights i.e. penguins returning home at sunset as it is also one of the largest penguin colonies in Australia. So friends do carry your mobile or camera along to capture the memory.

3. Dreamworld and Wiggles World

Dreamworld and Wiggles World

Dreamworld and Wiggles World

Dreamworld is for you if you’re a thrill-seeking family. You can enjoy as many as 40 different rides and other attractions in this massive park, set over a variety of different lands. For your young ones, there is Wiggles World, the Town of Gold Rush for treasure seekers, Rocky Hollow for the adventurous and Australian Wildlife Experience is for all of you. You get to enjoy thrill rides like the Kamikaze for the more daring, or a Giant Wave Pool if you just want to romance with some gentle waves.

4. Explore the World of Movies

Explore the World of Movies

Explore the World of Movies

For movie freaks, there is Movie World where you can like Green Lantern, pretend you are in the wild-west or return to the Ice Age in a unique 4D experience. You can watch your favorite films here. If you want to learn about life in the ocean, Sea World is a fascinating place to visit. You can see the fish from your glass-bottom boat or can also go snorkeling in a tropical reef. You can also take a family photo with the dolphins as a masterpiece.

5. Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo

Visiting Australia Zoo will let you learn more about Australian wildlife. Australia Zoo is a conservation park dedicated to educating people about how to preserve the environment and protect its precious animals. You’ll also come to know how they nurture injured animals at the Australia Zoo hospital or even pat a kangaroo.


Are you looking to make a trip to Australia? I’m sure these tips would help you plan your vacation and make the most of it!

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How to play new Amaterasu Keno?

Amaterasu Keno is a brand new Keno game by Mascot Gaming. This keno game is a mix of the classic numbers game of Keno with the colourful Japanese culture. The Amaterasu Keno game offers players a chance to enjoy the popular game in a beautiful and highly appealing gameplay surrounding. How to play Amaterasu Keno?

Amaterasu Keno is a brand new Keno game by Mascot Gaming. This keno game is a  mix of the classic numbers game of Keno with the colourful Japanese culture. The Amaterasu Keno game offers players a chance to enjoy the popular game in a beautiful and highly appealing gameplay surrounding.

How to play Amaterasu Keno?

How to play new Amaterasu Keno

To play Amaterasu Keno you need to join any online friendly casino. You can opt to play free Amaterasu Keno game or play for real money that’s your choice. As this game has convenient interface in “book” format you can even enjoy with mobile devices.

You can place your bet as low as $0.01 and high as $5.00 in this game.

With Lucky Number feature in this game 3 random numbers are selected by the game and enable a total win multiplier up to x10!

Also it has a Free Games feature. Free games can be won by the player according to the Last Number rule

rules to play amaterasu keno

Amaterasu Keno is a number game with win multiplier defined according to the rules of lucky number feature and free games feature. The goal of each game round is to get a winning combination, which is the largest number of Hits from the player chose from 1 to 10 numbers with 20m numbers that will be draw in the current game round.

In the lucky number feature if there is a winning combination and in case of Hit of 1,2, or 3lucky numbers the multiplier is applied to the total win as X1, X3 or X5 for the main game and X2, X6 and X10 for free games.

winning combination in keno

So combinations payout values are calculated based on how many numbers are selected the number of hits and the size of current bet. All payments are made in accordance with the paytable located on the game screen.

In Amaterasu Keno free games feature the hit of the last 20 drawed numbers with any player’s number award 5 free games. Free games play automatically at the bet and with the players same numbers at which they were won. Additional free games can be won in the current free games series.

Founded in 2010 and based in Europe’s gaming heaven, Malta, Mascot Gaming was born as the result of two fellow coders deciding to create their own online casino from scratch. Today, nine years after the fact, Mascot Gaming is so much more than that as the studio develops its very own unique games as well as games for numerous other companies within the online casino industry. As years go by, Mascot Gaming is becoming an even greater player in the industry as a whole.

Now join Mascot powered online casino to enjoy this new Keno game.

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5 Thrilling Adventures to Enjoy in Western Australia

Western Australia is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites that flaunts sparkling turquoise-blue beaches, magnificent islands, and beautiful landscapes.

Here I have rounded up 5 thrilling adventurous activities you must try in Western Australia:

  1. Swim with Whale Sharks

Swim with Whale Sharks

Swim with Whale Sharks

Yes, you can swim with giant whale sharks! Located in Western Australia’s north-west coastal region, The Ningaloo Coast is a World Heritage Site where the majestic whale sharks gather at Ningaloo Reef every year between March and August. You can watch them from a safe distance but often they come so close to the shore that you can sight them with binoculars.

  1. Head out for Adventurous Hikes

Head out for Adventurous Hikes

Head out for Adventurous Hikes

You can hike out on various peaks like Bluff Knoll, Karijini National Park, and MMTTrivia. Bluff Knoll is the highest peak of the Stirling Range in the Southern region of Western Australia. It is also called ‘Pualaar Miial’, by the locals.

To hike Karijini National Park, head to the Weano and Hancock Gorges in Karijini National Park. You can also explore Weano Gorge and the rugged beauty of the Handrail pool thereby following the descending into Hancock Gorge.

MMTTrivia is the place most people describe the walk down into Hancock Gorge as a journey to the center of the earth.

  1. Climb the Gloucester Tree  

Climb the Gloucester Tree  

Wondering how climbing a tree could be an adventure? But, climbing the Gloucester tree isn’t an ordinary thing! Because you’d climb a giant 58-meter high tree, spiraled with 153 spikes. The world’s second tallest fire-lookout tree is in Gloucester National Park in Western Australia, and people from all over the world visit this place to climb the tree and enjoy the most spectacular views of the Karri forest. Moreover, if you could conquer the summit, you will be awarded a certificate.

  1. Take a Tour to the Fremantle Prison 

Take a Tour to the Fremantle Prison 

Take a Tour to the Fremantle Prison

This’s no longer a working prison though. Built-in 1855, it was working till 1991 and now it’s a recognized heritage place. You can listen to the stories of some of the most dangerous prisoners including thieves, murderers, serial killers, bank robbers and more.

Earlier the cells had hammocks which were later replaced by proper beds. You can also view the tunnels built by the prisoners descending 20 meters below the ground.

  1. Explore Skydiving

Explore Skydiving

Explore Skydiving

You can fly high and enjoy stunning views of Rottnest Island from 15,000 feet above!  Experience the majestic free-fall and get yourself recorded, so that you can cherish the life-changing memory any time you want.


These are some of the stunning and thrilling adventurous trips you can enjoy and explore while your next visit to Western Australia.

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How to play keno at Magpies Australia?

how to play keno at magpies

Last year the Queensland tradie pocketed $5.1 million while playing Keno – the state’s biggest Keno prize. The winner had been playing the same numbers, taken from family birthdates and lucky numbers, for the past two years.

The middle-aged man, who wished to remain anonymous, bought a 10 Spot Keno ticket late on one  Sunday afternoon at Magpies Sporting Club in Mackay. He had been playing the same numbers, taken from family birthdates and lucky numbers, for the past two years and had previously won $800.

He was still coming to terms with his millions after the win, telling a Keno official he was ready to kick off his work boots for good. The man said he planned to prepare for his children’s futures and looked forward to sharing his winnings with his family.

Magpies Sporting Club duty manager Sarah Zammit said she was excited for the man as she got called over to the Keno terminal and the winner had just found out..

Last year, 16 Australians became millionaires after winning Keno, with six from Queensland. Queenslanders took home more than $310 million in Keno winnings in 2018.

Magpies Sporting Club

magpies sporting club

Magpies Sporting Club is  a community club and offers Centro restaurant and a CAFÉ for barista made coffee & homemade desserts, a Sportsbar – all the TAB, Keno & sports action on the big screens and  Skys function venue. Also at Mackay you will find the largest gaming room with 210 poker machines which remains open until 4am every night.

Magpies provides a superior entertainment experience and a sense of belonging and pride, through personal and professional service and supports  community and sport in the greater Mackay Region.

Magpies proudly supports 11 affiliated sporting clubs and co-found the Mackay & the Whitsundays Magpies Crusaders United Football Club, but you can call them MAGPIES CRUSADERS. Magpies Crusaders represent the Mackay & Whitsundays region in the Queensland National Premier League (NPL).

Games to play

magpies pokies

If you love pokies then at Magpies there are  210 of the latest and most recently released poker machines in Queensland, and is open from 10am until 4am every night.

Magpies Gaming Room includes a Cashier, dedicated Gaming Bar, Tea & Coffee facilities, and features wide screen televisions throughout. Members can take part in daily Gaming Promotions from 12pm-1pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, plus Mad Money from 6pm on Wednesdays and Chests of Cash from 6pm on Fridays and major monthly promotions. Simply have your Membership Card inserted in the Gaming Machine for an entry.

How to play keno at Magpies Australia?

how to check your keno ticket

Magpies has 3 Keno terminals and a self service touch terminal, Keno can be viewed on big screen televisions throughout the club.

Just fill out a Keno game card, play via the Keno Touch (a self-service machine where you can process your ticket yourself) or ask your Keno Operator to play. Playing Keno is easy as. Just follow these steps:

  • Pick how many numbers you want to play. Most people play 1 – 10, or you can play 15, 20 or 40
  • Pick your favourite numbers, ranging from 1 – 80
  • Pick how much you’d like to spend per draw
  • Pick how many draws you’d like to play
  • Hand your Keno game card along with your money to the Operator
  • Keep an eye on the Keno game screens, and tentacles crossed you’re onto a winner

how to play keno

You need to be a Magpie member to play Keno here. You have the option to utilise MyCash in the Gaming Room and throughout the club to purchase food and beverages. MyCash is a convenient, exciting new cashless technology which allows you to move between gaming machines without needing to cash out or wait for an attendant. For any MyCash or Player Rewards queries that you may visit Customer Liaison Officer, Wendy Farrell located on the Gaming Room floor. Card based play offers the convenience of a ‘gaming account’ that allows you to store and move funds around the gaming room

Magpies Sporting Club offers a Player Rewards Members Loyalty Program where you can now earn greater rewards than ever before just by playing the gaming machines, or by purchasing something to eat or drink in the club.

Visit Magpies to play keno at 1 Glenella Rd, Glenella QLD 4740 or call (07) 49 656 100 to know more.

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Super 7 Adventure Activities in Australia

An Australian holiday cannot complete without enjoying some kind of adventure activity. Whether you’re fond of indoor skydiving, watch out sharks, enjoy with a pod of friendly dolphins, or walk over treetops, you’ll find some adventure in all the activities.

Here are the top 7 adventurous activities that you’d have fun with!

1. Rainforest Aerial Walkways

Rainforest Aerial Walkways

We humans hardly ever get the opportunity to experience the forest canopy from over tree-tops, always having to gaze up at it and imagine what it may be like up there. But with several interesting rainforest aerial walkways in Australia, you can experience a rainforest from over treetops. Explore the Daintree Rainforest in northern Queensland, the oldest tropical rainforest in the world, from over treetops as you try their 11 meters high Daintree Rainforest Skywalk. You will walk through mid-level canopy through this biologically diverse rainforest, enjoying the impressive views along the way, and especially marvelous views from the 23-meter high canopy tower.

2. Watch out Dolphins at Glenelg

Watch out Dolphins at Glenelg

Watch out Dolphins at GlenelgWatch out Dolphins at Glenelg

Watching Dolphins is one of the most thrilling experiences that you cannot avoid! You should swim with a pod of dolphins at Glenelg. The best way to watch out dolphin is to book a tour with an experienced dolphin tour company and the professional crew will guide you through this adventure. The experience of swimming around with them is the best memories to cherish.

3. Diving with Sharks in the Great Barrier Reef

Diving with Sharks in the Great Barrier Reef

Diving with Sharks in the Great Barrier Reef

Diving into the deep waters in search of sharks can be a different kind of experience. You should book a dive trip with a professional operator to encounter sharks as they prowl around the Coral Sea Reefs and the Great Barrier Reef. Here you can spot various types of sharks.

4. Whale Watching in Sydney and Gold Coast

Whale Watching in Sydney and Gold Coast

Whale Watching in Sydney and Gold Coast

Between May and November is the best time to spot whales along the coast of Australia. You can book a whale watching tour and watch the humpback whales swimming across the Byron Bay and Hervey Bay. These playful gentle giants are a delight to observe and learn about. So ready your camera and binoculars as you sail along on the ocean on your whale watching trip.

5. Sea Kayaking in Queensland

Sea Kayaking in Queensland

Sea Kayaking in Queensland

Queensland is known for its tranquil backwaters, rivers and sea kayaking. You can kayak around Moreton Bay, close to Brisbane and go south on the Gold coast, knowing about the Aboriginal history with a local Balunjali guide. You can raft over 45 rapids on the Tully River through the Barron Gorge National Park in Cairns.

6. Fly Board in Gold Coast

Fly Board in Gold Coast

Fly Board in Gold Coast

Flyboarding is about using a kit attached to a jet ski to get projected through air and water. You will receive a safety briefing and kitted out with a wetsuit, helmet, and lifejacket. Your instructor will walk you through manoeuvres like taxiing through water, flying through air and water, diving and doing back dives.


Select an activity or two to enjoy your Australian itinerary, and explore the adventurous side of your next Australian holiday.

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How can you check a Keno ticket and redeem your winnings?

Every keno player looks forward to being a winner and why not after all Keno is a fun and low stake game. But there are many winners who never knew that they have won the lottery and those prizes went unclaimed. So its better to check your keno tickets and find out if you are one of the lucky winners to redeem the prize at once.

Ways to check the keno ticket

ways to check keno ticket

You can scan/check a ticket in any pub, club or TAB agency that offers Keno within the state or territory you purchased the ticket from.

You are able to check your results online via the Keno Apps and website via Check Results. Enter the Date your ticket was purchased, the Starting Game number and Number of Games. You can view your statement under the account balance, which lists your ticket history and results.

check keno ticket

You need to tap on the ‘Results’ tab and input the date, start game number to check the game result. The search results are for draws which occurred between approximately 4 am on the date selected and 4 am the next day.

In NSW you are also able to use the scan ticket function to check the result of a retail ticket. On an iOS device, tap Check and Collect from the website carousel banner Menu bar at the bottom of the screen, or the More menu on an Android device. Then select Allow when prompted for the first time to ‘Allow Keno to take pictures and record videos’, take a picture of the QR code visible at the bottom of your ticket and your result will appear.

Remember tickets still in play will not be able to be scanned until all games on the ticket are complete.

Redeem the prize

check keno ticket- redeem the prize

If the amount won is over $4,999 you must take your ticket to the Keno Operator in the venue to collect your winnings. If the amount is under $4,999 you are able to collect via the Keno App if you hold an account, are logged in and have added your banking details. The Check and Collect functionality can only be used a maximum of 25 times per hour. Note that results will show the dollar value of the winning ticket.

Many times your local pub or club won’t pay you the winnings because they have set a limitation on payout prizes.

  • NSW: Each individual pub or club must nominate their own maximum payout limit. Prizes up to $5,000 will be paid directly to the winner immediately after scanning the ticket and redeeming the win. Payment will be made by way of cash, a Keno Cash Voucher, or both. Prizes of $5,001 and over will be paid to the winner by way of cheque, following a sufficient period of time to enable Keno to verify the win and issue the prize.
  • QLD: Each individual pub or club must nominate their own maximum payout limit. Prizes up to $9,999 will be paid directly to the winner immediately after scanning the ticket and redeeming the win. Payment will be made by way of cash, a Keno Cash Voucher, or both. Prizes of $10,000 and over will be paid to the winner by way of cheque, following a sufficient period of time to enable Keno to verify the win and issue the prize.
  • ACT & VIC: Prizes up to $9,999 will be paid directly to the winner immediately after scanning the ticket and redeeming the win. Payment will be made by way of cash, a Keno Cash Voucher, or both. Prizes of $10,000 and over will be paid to the winner by way of cheque, following a sufficient period of time to enable Keno to verify the win and issue the prize.

keno winners

Also note that the prizes arising from a win by playing Keno online will not be available for withdrawal from the Keno account until the account holder has satisfied all necessary identification verification requirements, as outlined in the Subscriber Account Terms and Conditions.

If you’ve lost a ticket that you think you’ve won a prize on, you can request an Unclaimed Prize Form from your local venue, complete the form and submit it via mail, email or fax or Download Unclaimed Prize Form here.

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What Makes Superball Keno So Popular?

Superball Keno is the most popular and entertaining Keno version of them all. What makes Superball Keno so popular?

To start with, Superball Keno offers players with a possibility to win huge jackpots, while laying down bets on a various series of board numbers ranging from 1-80. You can place a bet on one specific number or they can also place a bet on ten numbers at any given time with confidence that their chosen numbers will be dropped and it is the key factor in winning the Keno magic progressive jackpot.

The name of Superball Keno comes from the very last Keno ball that is dropped in a celebratory jackpot. The very last ball also known as the “20th ball” is known as the “Super Bowl’ that has the ability to pay a whopping 4-times winning combo if it hit one of the numbers that you have chosen to play.

How to Play the “Keno Spots”

How to Play the “Keno Spots”

In the popular fun game of Keno Superball, “Keno spots” is the particular selection of Keno numbers which have been chosen by you to place a bet on the variable of different Keno Spots from 1-10 number.

You can select a one spot to bet when playing Keno slots, which means that you are not only betting but putting hopes into one specific number hitting. In Superball Keno, you can opt for a group of number combinations to make it a hit.

Playing it well

Playing it well

Playing it well

Most of the players would like to play it cool selecting from a bunch of Keno numbers with a desire that the chosen numbers will be dropped accordingly for a nice victory.

The reality is, the smaller amount of spots that you choose will indeed better your ultimate chances of hitting all of your spots. It is the Keno players themselves who will ultimately figure out what their perfect balance will be because when it comes down to it, you must factor in the better odds vs the larger payouts if the numbers should all hit at the very same time.

In many of the other Keno games, you can select from 1 to 20 numbers. If you were to choose a 15 spot, it means that you would, of course, require 15 numbers in order to hit the progressive jackpot.

Picking the Numbers

Picking the Numbers

Picking the Numbers

You always have to choose Keno numbers on a random basis and there is no real right way to guess the correct numbers earlier, it really simply comes down to just good luck and bad luck.

You can see the specific area of the board which is receiving the most numbers dropped over the course of the numerous drops being made. So that you can play in those particular spots in the hopes that the trend will follow in that area of the board.

Causes of Super Bowl’s Popularity

Causes of Super Bowl’s Popularity

There are so many various causes of such a fine game. A deep tradition within Keno has grown through its players over the years making that Superball Keno a great and worthy addition to the series of games.

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