Keno is like a form of bingo, it is thought that it originated with the ancient Chinese. The game has a modern twist to it now since you can play in a casino at a live call game, or you can play it like you do video poker, and then there is also playing keno online. Many websites that offer keno on line allow you to play with free money.

However you can play keno online for real money.

Rank Online Websites Bonus Max Bonus Wager (Keno) Play Today
1 Rich Casino AUD Rich Casino Australia 200% $5000 35x * Play Now
2 7 Reels Casino 7 Reels AUD 200% $5000 30x * Play Now
3 WinaDay Casino WinADay Casino 100% $500 Bonus 15x * Play Now
4 Rich Palms Casino Rich Palms Australia 250% 2500 30x * Play Now
5 Uptown Pokies AUD Uptown Pokies 200% $8,888 35x * Play Now

Playing Keno Online

When playing Keno online, twenty balls will be drawn and the player’s aim is to predict what the numbers on these balls will be. There are eighty numbers to choose from on the board per round, and players can bet on a maximum of fifteen of them.

Here’s how players go about playing keno:

  1. Choose their chip size.
  2. Choose their keno-board numbers by left clicking and highlighting the numbers. Players can un-select numbers by left clicking again.
  3. Players can now choose between 1 to 15 numbers and can see what the payout will be for hitting a number of selected spots in the game on the board to the left of the keno table.
  4. Start the game by selecting Play.
  5. The numbers will be highlighted on the Keno board as they are drawn. When a selected number and a drawn number match, the selected number will change colour. Once all of the twenty numbers are drawn, players will be paid out according to the amount of number matches made.
  6. Players can now start another game. To use the same numbers again, players must select Play or Clear to start with new numbers.

Payout schedule

The players winning amounts are dependent on how many numbers were selected and how many of those were hit.

As stated before you can play Keno in a casino with other people or you can play keno online. Playing keno online is just the same as playing it in a casino. You choose your numbers, up to 10, and then wait for the draw.

If you are playing an automated game then the draw is whenever you hit the draw button. However there are sites that offer a more casino style game where there is a draw every five minutes or so depending on the site and their predetermined draw schedule.

Online Keno Australia

Playing keno online is easy to do; it all depends on do you want to play keno online for real money or just for fun? There are many sites available to play keno online that accept bets from Australia. Now, finding a site that is reputable and reliable is a little bit harder.

There are many people out there that will set up sites to look legit but are not instead they just take your card number and spend what they please.

We only feature Keno websites that we trust. We know they pay winners and we play fair. They're all independent audited for fairness.

What is Shockwave Keno?

How to play Shockwave Keno

Shockwave keno is two keno games to play. One is Shockwave keno from beast gaming and the other is Shockwave Keno Pro from ISD games software. With ominous sound effects and a graphic display to get your imagination running. Shockwave Keno can be played at online casinos and Shockwave Keno pro can be played as a game app which is free to download on your mobile and play for free.

Shockwave Keno

Beast gaming delivers an awesome lottery style game in their Shockwave Keno. Players can choose between 1 and 10 numbers from the 80 on the keno board to predict hits from the 20 numbers to be drawn. Shockwave Keno features a “Lightning Ball” and if it is one of your selected numbers a 4x multiplier will be in effect for that game. To play the game choose up to 10 numbers by clicking on the board. If you change your mind on a number click it again to deselect, or click the Clear button to remove all picks.

Choose a chip size ranging from 0.05 to 1.00 and bet 1-4 chips on the game. Click 1 Game, 5 Games, or 10 Games to play that many draws in a row. Click the Turbo button to speed up or slow down gameplay. Your results for each draw will be shown on the Results board.

Shockwave Keno Pro

Shockwave keno pro
Shockwave keno pro

This Keno-Pro is an exciting, fast-paced Keno game with lots of action that keeps you entertained. This game offers the same experience that you would expect if you played this game at a casino.

To play, choose a Denomination, then select 2-10 numbers on the Keno pad, wager a BET, and start the game. You are on your way to the thrilling experience of Shockwave® Keno Pro!

In addition to the Keno game, you will experience the awe of the fiery Shockwave®-Pro bonus reels. Every time the Keno Ball-Draw contains 2 or more Gold Coins you will enter Shockwave®-Pro’s bonus reels!

In the Shockwave Pro reels bonus game, you will receive double the amount of Gold Coins as an initial bonus prize and 3 free chances to spin the reels for more prizes. Every time the reels stop on a prize, you are awarded with another 3 free spins chance.

Collect all 15 prizes on the reels and win the grand prize in addition to Bonus Coin prizes. You can download Shockwave Keno pro from Google Play.

Make a Deposit to Play Real Money Keno

fair go casino keno- How to play keno- make a deposit
Deposit Options at Fair Go Casino

Depositing and withdrawing AUD cash to play with is also an easy and safe process. To play, all you need is an Internet connection and a deposit method of your choice. All major Australian banks are supported for bank transfers and credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa), cheques/checks, e-Wallets (Neteller, POLi, Skrill/Moneybookers), and prepaid services are supported, too – all secure and safeguarded by 128 Bit Secure Socket Layer encryption technology.

Games of keno work like the lottery, except with a much bigger grid of numbers than what lotto players are used to. In most games, the number of options ranges between 1 and 80. Players have the option of selecting up to 20 different numbers. When the draw happens, the more of your numbers that are selected, the bigger your payout.

Keno has more winning options than lotto

Don’t expect to see all 20 of your numbers picked, though. The odds of that happening are 1 in 3.5 quintillions (give or take a few quadrillions). Payouts usually end at 15 numbers, because the odds are so astronomical beyond that point that game designers generally don’t even bother. Getting 14 numbers is a 1 in 390 million chance–you’d have twice as good of a chance to win the Powerball Lottery.

Keno has almost twice the number of winning options as a standard lotto draw. Getting 6 to 10 numbers is more realistic, and this is when the payouts start to get interesting – especially in online keno.

What are the most drawn numbers in real money Keno lotteries?

Keno Australia game
Keno Australia Lottery game

The Most Drawn Numbers in Keno can be found from the previous Keno lottery results.

Data exists online that records the most drawn numbers in any given Keno draw. Some contests offer better statistics than others, so you can use a particular state lottery in Australia as an example. Rest about the frequency of numbers in lottery or keno draws, this particular game has stats for the last 9 draws, along with the last 80, 160, 400, and 1966 (the total number in its history).

When you look at the last nine draws, you’ll find that #74 has been drawn 9 times, while the numbers 13 and 65 each have been drawn 8 times. Meanwhile, the numbers 4, 8, 9, 10, 18, 21, 22, 31, 40, 42, 49, 56, 57, 59, 61, 68, 69, 70, 72, 76, and 77 haven’t won even once.

What are hot spots and cold numbers?

Keno hot and cold numbers
Keno hot and cold numbers

Hot Spots

The 13, 65, and 74 are the hottest spots in this particular keno game right now. This is interesting because two of the three are traditional underachievers in this particular game. With 1966 draws in the series, you’d expect that each number would have been chosen 541 times. The 13 has only been chosen 504 times, which is one of the lowest sums of them all. The 65 is a relatively strong number, with 556 selections in the history of the game. The 74 is just below average, with 539 selections.

Cold and Late Numbers

Now let’s take a look at the spots which haven’t been selected in the last number of draws. That list of numbers would be described as cold, late, or due, “Late” means it should have been picked by now, but it hasn’t been. “Cold” suggests some pattern where the number isn’t turning up for some reason. “Due” suggests that, according to the law of averages, those numbers should be ready to hit sometime soon.

Historically, about half of these numbers are considered poor performers, while the other half are considered overachievers.

Keno Draw is Random

In Keno drawing each one is a random occurrence. Some group of 20 numbers is going to win. Once the results are known, people want to look at the outcome and say, “Of course, the 79 was going to be picked again. It makes perfect sense.”

It’s important to remember, though, that while numbers are drawn at complete random, 79 has no better or worse chance of coming up as 80 or any other number in the sequence. It also doesn’t mean your lucky numbers won’t come up trumps for you – because by their very nature, if one of your hot numbers hits, then that’s just good luck.

Find here where to play Keno in Australia.

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How To Play Keno Universe At Online Casinos?

Keno Universe game
Keno Universe game

Keno Universe is a new keno game launched last year in January 2021. It is powered by Euro Games Technology or EGT. Keno Universe by EGT is an Asian style instant lottery styled game adaptation. It is a very simple game to understand and play. Choose up to 10 numbers from a possible 80 available and haul in prizes of up to 10,000 times your bet by matching them with the numbers drawn by the machine.

How to Play Keno Universe at Online Casinos?

How to play Keno Universe
Keno Universe

To play Keno Universe at online casinos in Australia you need to join EGT powered online casinos like Bitstarz or others.

You can play Keno Universe for free or with real money.

For real money, Keno Universe gameplay makes a deposit in real AUD or BTC.

Now grab the welcome bonus at online casinos and head to the game lobby to play the game.

EGT’s version of Keno Universe provides an attractive interface, set in predominantly green colour with gold trims. The numbers are big and bold, and all displays are neatly set out and easy to read.

If you turn the sound on, EGT has involved a few generic casino-like sounds. Engage in every activity from the clicking on number choices to the rollout of the balls to the awarding of wins – each sound effect is a welcome addition.

The added ball shoot and number selection is a subtle effect and makes you feel like you are watching a live lotto draw.

Wagers and Bets for Keno Universe

Keno Universe
There are five different bet levels

There are five different bet levels, where between 1 and 10 credits can be wagered per round. These wagers can also be doubled up at any time. Place your wager and click ‘Start’ to get the numbers rolling. Once the 20 winning numbers have been rolled, the corresponding positions on the number grid will turn red. Should any correspond with any of your numbers, the position will flash on the grid. To see your win amount, glance across to the ‘win’ window, to the left of the screen.

Wins are made by selecting between 2 and 10 numbers. For maximum gains, select the maximum amounts. Of course, the odds are raised as you increase the combination.

While the Keno Universe display is more attractive than many of the other games out there, it is played along with the same guidelines as other classic versions.


One bonus feature would be the random quick selection process. If you do not want to choose your own numbers, the machine can randomly select them for you.

Note that at the time of writing this post Keno Universe was available only on PC or laptop to play. The mobile version is yet to come.

Keno Universe offers an ‘easy on the eyes’ interface that is easy to navigate and understand. Should you want to get accustomed to the gameplay before real bets are placed; play it for free and experiment with the controls.

This Keno variance is very low, which means that you can expect many smaller wins, while you play.

About EGT

Euro Games Technology, better known as EGT, was established in 2002 and has its headquarters in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. The company is most known for its solutions land and online casinos.

Most EGT games are pokie machines, with the most popular titles like 40 Super Hot, Burning Hot, 20 Super Hot, or Flaming Hot. However, the company has also created some roulette, video poker, and keno games.

All online games created by EGT Interactive support a feature called Jackpot Cards. This feature consists of four mystery jackpots. Each of them is illustrated by a different playing card suit (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades); which is where the feature’s name comes from.

Progressive Jackpot

All four jackpot levels are progressive and therefore increase in size until they’re won by someone. The jackpot round can be triggered randomly after any single game round is finished, and the player is guaranteed to win one of the four jackpots. The jackpot round consists of 12 cards the player has to pick from until three cards of the same suit are selected. The player is then awarded the corresponding jackpot, which is credited directly to their casino account.

Any qualifying real-money bet can trigger the jackpot round; however, the higher the base game bet, the higher the chance of triggering it.

For more EGT online casinos click here.

Features of Keno Online

Quickpick Keno NT
Quickpick Keno NT

At online casinos, Keno Numbers are drawn at random, with every number having an equal chance of being selected on each and every round.

Some keno games also have an auto-play option, where you can retain the same set of numbers for a pre-determined number of games, and each new race will then begin automatically. Another variation is that some keno games will give you a Quick Pick option, where your numbers are randomly selected for you. You can retain these for as long as you like using auto play, or use the quick pick option to select new numbers for you before each race.

When you play online, you will also find lots of variations in the themes and visuals to have fun and lively keno games with music, entertaining graphics and prizes to win.

Many online casinos will offer promotions on their Keno games and there will be for specific types of bets, or during specific draw times. They will offer discounted wagers or higher payouts on these bets as well.

Video with Bonus Features

By playing video keno you can look for a game that has added bonus features. Since the numbers are drawn at random, these will not have worse odds than a standard game. Also, some will offer much lower payouts so be sure to check that you are still receiving a fair payout.

Finally, remember that Keno is a game of variable payouts. One game can have dramatically different payouts for the same number of groupings as another. In fact, many machines will have different payouts on the same game. You could be playing for a much different amount than the person next to you.

It’s always important to look at payouts before choosing to play a Keno game. This is especially true in video Keno but is also common in land casinos. Look for the best payouts and enjoy the keno game with confidence. Try your luck at wonderful Australian friendly online casinos to play Keno and try the different bets where the payout percentages are higher than in land-based casinos.

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How To Win Pokies At Australian Online Casinos?

How To Win Pokies At Australian Online Casinos?
How To Win Pokies At Australian Online Casinos?

Pokies are available in abundance at Australian casinos be it online casinos or real casinos. If you are looking to play real money pokies then obviously you are concerned about your winnings as well. The point to note is that the odds of winning will differ for different casino games.

At many casinos, you can find different odds for the same games when you play online with your mobile or PC as compared to those found at real casinos. If you are interested to know how to win pokies at Australian casinos then here are a few things to understand as to what factors affect your chances of winning at online casinos when you opt to play real money pokies.

Factors of Winning

1. Random Number Generators

When you start to play pokies games at real casinos or online casinos you should remember that casinos rely on RNG or Random Number Generators. This is simply to ensure that all outcomes cannot be reasonably predicted. When playing at online casinos pokies offer a wider variety of choices to players. This means there will be more options to win as there are more prizes available.

Thus playing pokies at online casinos usually have better odds of winning than pokies games at real casinos.

2. Payouts of Pokies

Many people who play certain pokies at a particular online casino affect the payouts. The bigger jackpot pokies games like the progressive jackpots specifically grow fast to ensure a massive win for a lucky player. Usually, there are also more fixed jackpots available because more people are playing online.

There is one situation where playing pokies may have a positive expectation – linked jackpots. Many casinos have jackpot links that have a system where the jackpot must be won before it reaches a certain amount. This can lead to a situation where the jackpot is a dollar or two below the maximum level which means it will definitely be won in the very near future. Playing when the jackpots are like this may actually turn the odds in the players’ favour.

3. Penny Pokies

Many people have stories about winning big Jackpots with penny pokies. Yes, you can win but there is a limit to that big Jackpot amount and you can win $500 and up. In fact, some penny pokies games are linked to massive progressive jackpots. These can be truly lucrative, in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. But before you get excited, make sure that you read the terms and conditions to activate the jackpot.

Usually, you will need to wager the maximum amount on each spin, or at least have wagered on every available payline. You need to check the rules before you spin because there’s nothing more disappointing than thinking you’ve just won a life-changing prize, only for it to turn out to be pennies on the dollar.

4. Play Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular table games and a favourite of many Australian gamblers. Although there is some skill involved in this game, roulette is mainly a game of chance. The main versions of roulette are European roulette, American roulette and French roulette. The chances of coming away victorious differ for all these versions because of varying features on each version.

Therefore, knowing how roulette versions differ can really benefit players. Not only can Aussie players win when playing pokies and roulette, but also the many other casino games. Most casino games are mainly games of chance, but players can check which games their odds of winning are better. However, because it is better to not only play casino games for the possibility of winning, it helps for players to consider games they enjoy.

5. Choose the Right Casino

The right casino means that is reliable and trustworthy offering fair pokies games. Such casinos offer Australian friendly deposits and withdrawals. You can make a deposit with your own Australian dollars is one important aspect to look for at the right casino. Who would want to give exchange currency rates and have no profit winning the pokies?

Also, the deposit options should be quite friendly where you can fund the casino account with credit/debit cards, various eWallets or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins or others.  No matter what way is most comfortable and convenient, there are online casinos which offer those options. For all real-money online casino players, being able to deposit and withdraw is essential. To find the casinos that offer the appropriate choices.

6. Your Preferred Games

It isn’t is pokies only to win at the casinos. Many table games like Blackjack or live dealer games also offer great wins. Though lottery games like Keno and Bingo are considered to be secondary games at online casinos but remember these games of chance also make millionaires. As these games are less costly to play you can try your luck with a few cents to a dollar and win a top prize.

7. Bonus Makes a Difference

No deposit bonus is a good way to start to win pokies without making any real money funding. Many online casinos like Slotland casino offer $20 no deposit to play pokies. Many other online casinos like Rich Casino, 7 reels, and Fair Go casino offer free spins and no deposit bonuses to play pokies which certainly helps you take advantage of and win pokies. Another bonus is a welcome bonus to play pokies which are also the most wanted bonus to play pokies in real-time. These bonuses come in match deposits and offer 100% to players.

Some players also want to make sure that they will have good reload bonuses and promotions going forward, as they intend to become long-term customers. Therefore, check the casino reviews for details on the availability of bonuses. Some online casinos also have this information available for site visitors who have yet to create an account. It is simple to go to the site and see what current promotions are running to get an idea of what will be available going forward.

Now go to online casinos and try your luck to win pokies keeping these points in mind.

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How To Make A Deposit And Withdrawal At TAB Australia To Play Keno?

How to make a deposit and withdrawal at TAB Australia to play Keno

TAB offers various deposits and withdrawal options to bet on races and other sports.  TAB covers a wide variety of sports for its live betting section such as golf, soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby, volleyball, netball, baseball, and many others.

Deposits in TAB accounts can be done through MasterCard, VISA, BPAY, Skrill, Paypal, TAB retail outlets, and bank transfer, with a minimum deposit of $10. Withdrawal of funds from any Tab account can be done through Paypal, Skrill, BPAY, and electronic funds transfer.

How to make a deposit at TAB Australia to play Keno or sports betting?

Deposits and withdrawals at TAB
Deposits and withdrawals at TAB

You can choose a number of different ways to deposit funds into your online account. Cash deposits can be easily made online or at your local TAB Retail Venue in any TAB Agency, PubTAB or ClubTAB Venue in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, NT and TAS. 

Following are the deposit options for punters to make a deposit at TAB Australia:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit Card IVR (CCIVR)
  • TAB Retail Outlets
  • BPAY

1. Credit Card

Credit cards
Credit cards Payment

If you opt to make a deposit with credit card then remember that TAB only accepts MasterCard and Visa. You must be logged in to your Account to use this feature. Depositing money is simple and convenient with a TAB account, to make a credit card deposit to your account:

All you need is to go to the Menu Navigation on the TAB site homepage.

Select My Account then Deposit button.

Select the Credit Card you wish to deposit from in Credit Card Number area (Note: you can also Add, Edit or Remove Credit Cards from options underneath this area)

Enter you Security Number or CVV number (usually found on back of credit card)

Type in the amount you want to deposit and press Deposit button.

If your deposit transaction has been successful, your credit card deposit will be available immediately and a Deposit Receipt will be shown, press OK to continue.

To access the Credit Card IVR service, simply call 1800 446 003 then supply your Account Number and PIN.

You can also make a Credit Card deposit via their automated telephone service by calling 1800 446 003 and following the prompts.

If you wish t o use Mastercard for depost then you need to enroll in the Master Card Secure Code Program otherwise you might experience problem in depositing.

This can be done as part of the Credit Card Deposit process on or by contacting your bank. Once you have enrolled in this program you should be able to perform deposits successfully. Enrollment in the program is not compulsory.

If you are still experiencing problems making a deposit online or you do not wish to enrol in MasterCard SecureCode™, then you can make deposits over the phone via our automated service by calling 1800 446 003 and following the prompts.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia recently changed its policy for credit card services. The CBA now classifies gambling transactions as ‘Cash Equivalents or Cash Substitutes’ which will result in the CBA charging you additional fees if you use your Commonwealth Bank credit card to make a deposit with the TAB.

The bank now charges the applicable cash advance fee of 1.50% of the amount of the transaction (up to $150) or a flat fee of $2.50 if your closing credit card balance on the previous business day was in credit. The bank will also charge interest on the amount, at the cash rate, from the date of the transaction.

Which Visa and Mastercards are not allowed at TAB deposits?

The following VISA and Mastercards are not allowed at TAB deposits:

  • Citibank
  • IMB
  • Suncorp
  • CUA
  • Virgin
  • HSBC

According to TAB other card providers may also prevent online transactions with TAB and they advise players to check with their card issuing financial institution.

2. PayPal

TAB allows Paypal Deposits
TAB allows Paypal Deposits

PayPal deposits are a fast and easy way to add funds to your TAB online account. There is also the added benefit of using your Bank Account as the preferred payment method on your PayPal account, meaning you don’t need to use your Debit or Credit Cards for making deposits to your TAB online account. 

PayPal deposits will be made first from the PayPal balance, before using your preferred payment method (credit/debit card or bank account).

When you deposit with PayPal for the first time on the TAB Website or App, you will be redirected to PayPal to log in and confirm your deposit. If successful, your PayPal account will be linked to your TAB account and future deposits will not require you to login and confirm deposit through PayPal.If you get an error, follow the on-screen advice on how to resolve the issue

3. Apple Pay

TAB allows Apple Pay Deposits
TAB allows Apple Pay Deposits

Apple Pay offers an easy, secure and private way to pay using your iOS device into your TAB account without the need to use a physical card or cash. TAB only accepts MasterCard and Visa for Apple Pay Deposits.

4. Deposit at TAB Retail Outlets

Deposits at TAB retail outlets
Deposits at TAB retail outlets

Cash deposits can be made at any TAB Agency, PubTAB or ClubTAB Venue in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, NT and TAS. click here for locations. You need to note this facility is available to Australian Residents only.

5. BPAY Deposits

TAB BPay deposits
TAB BPay deposits

BPAY Deposits are available for Australian Residents. Funds can be transferred from your savings or cheque account directly to your account by BPAY. You are required to make a minimum deposit of AU$20.

Your BPAY Reference Number and the Biller Code for Tabcorp (1016) are printed on the back of your TAB Customer Account card for easy reference. Your BPAY Reference Number will also appear in the Deposit Funds section of your account on the BPAY screen.

If you do not have your TAB Customer Account card handy then you can find out your Reference Number by selecting Deposit then going to the BPAY tab through or TAB app. 

Deposits made to an account should be available within 1-3 days provided it’s a Banking Business Day and the payment is made before the cut-off time set by your financial institution.

How to make a withdrawal at TAB Australia?

There are 4 easy and convenient options available to enable you to withdraw funds and proceeds from your account.

  1. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  2. PayPal
  3. Cheque
  4. Tabcorp Retail Venues in NSW and Victoria

Note that Tabcorp and Australian merchants cannot credit winnings back to Credit Cards.

1. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Players now have the ability to register their bank to withdraw funds to online

1. Log into TAB account then select: Menu > My Account > Withdraw

2. Enter bank details: BSB, Bank Account Number and Bank Account Name

3. Check all details entered, review and accept Terms and Conditions then press Submit

4. After bank details are registered, customer can withdraw funds

Customers can also call TAB Customer Service Number on 131802 and have their EFT details added to their accounts within minutes. You are only able to withdraw the amount of funds that have been turned over from wagering. Any funds that have not been turned over cannot be withdrawn. The Domestic EFT Withdrawal Files are run 5 times per day, 7 days per week. International EFT withdrawals are still processed manually at 12pm Monday to Friday.

TAB Account needs to be fully verified to be able to withdraw.

2. PayPal

You can make a PayPal withdrawal from your TAB account via the TAB Website or App. Withdrawals can only be made to the PayPal account that was used to deposit funds.

NB PayPal account must be in the registered TAB account holder’s name.

3. Cheque

To arrange a cheque withdrawal from your Account you can call TAB Customer Service on 131 802. Please allow up to 5 working days to receive your cheque.

4. Tabcorp Retail Venues

Currently due to Coronavirus the temporary closure of some TAB venues, withdrawals through TAB venues will be unavailable.

Cash or cheque withdrawals can be made by Australian Residents at any Tabcorp Retail Agency or selected PubTAB and ClubTAB outlets in NSW or Victoria with your Tabcorp Customer Account card. 

To make a cash or cheque withdrawal it is necessary to present your Tabcorp Customer Account Card. You will receive your Customer Account Card (Australian Residents Only) by mail shortly after verifying your ID for more information or give Customer Service a call on 131 802.

Customers whose ID has been successfully verified can also present their TAB Digital Account Card which is accessible on the TAB App (iOS and Android) to make cash or cheque withdrawals.

Remember that cannot withdraw any deposits made by BPAY or EFT until the deposit amount has been turned over in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Note that transaction in your TAB accounts comes at no cost to you. Remember that for the deposits and withdrawals limits apply. Deposit limits are minimum $10 and a maximum of $3,000. Withdrawal limits are minimum $20 and a maximum of $1,000.

In case you have any issue on deposits and withdrawals you can contact TAB Customer Service on
131 802.

How to play Keno Click here

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How To Make A Deposit With Litecoin At Rich Casino To Play Keno?

How to make a deposit with Litecoin at Rich Casino

Rich casino is one of the online casinos that offers Litecoin as one of the deposit options to play pokies and other casino games in real time from NZ. Litecoin is one of the cryptocurrencies which was launched in 2011 and is fork of Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin, Litecoin is based on an open-source global payment network that is not controlled by any central authority. Litecoin differs from Bitcoin in aspects like faster block generation rate and use of Scrypt as a proof of work scheme.

Is Litecoin is better than Bitcoin?

  • Litecoin processes a block in 2.5 minutes, compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes
  • The Litecoin blockchain generates blocks more frequently and so can handle a higher volume of transactions

Do you need to buy Litecoins before you make a deposit at Rich Casino?

how to buy Litecoins
Buy Litecoins from crypto exchange

You need to buy Litecoins to fund your online casino account.

For that you need to choose a Litecoin wallet that will hold your cryptocurrencies, such as Ledger Nano, Keepkey, Atomic, Electrum, Coinomi, or Loafwallet.

You can buy Litecoin via an exchange like or

In Australia you can buy Litecoins from:

  • CoinSpot
  • Swyftx
  • Cointree
  • Digital Surge
  • Binance
  • And various others

You can use Bitcoin ATM map to buy bitcoins with cash. Bitcoin ATMs can be a quick and easy way to buy bitcoins and they’re also private. That convenience and privacy, however, comes with a price; most ATMs have fees of 5-10%.

To buy Litecoins from exchange first you need to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy LTC You’ll need to provide your email address and create a password to register for an account.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges only allow trading between cryptocurrencies and don’t allow the direct deposit of fiat currency, such as AUD, so you’ll usually need to own or buy BTC or ETH first. The exact process for depositing funds into your account varies depending on the exchange you choose.

The final step is to trade your chosen currency for LTC on the exchange. Once again, the exact process you need to follow may vary slightly depending on the exchange you choose.

Once you have your Litecoin ready, you can then choose to deposit via this method.

Transfer Litecoin, and in a few minutes, no longer than two hours, your account will be funded.

With Litecoin, you are using a cryptocurrency that operates via blockchain. Such payments provide a combination of privacy and transparency, along with security. Every transaction maintains player anonymity so that personal information is impossible to steal.

When your wallet is set up and ready to fund, buying LTC is actually quite simple. All you have to do is search for the currency within the wallet, which is set up almost like a stock exchange. LTC will appear, along with the current price of each coin. You should remember that Litecoin is traded on these exchanges, so the value of the coin is constantly changing. You can choose the amount of LTC you wish to purchase, and then with a couple of clicks, you will see the balance in your wallet. 

How to make a deposit with Litecoin at Rich Casino?

How to make a deposit with Litecoin at Rich Casino
Litecoin deposits at Rich Casino is free
  • You need to visit Rich Casino or any online casino that accepts Litecoins to make a deposit to play real money slots.
  • Once logged into your casino account, go to the banking section
  • Select Litecoin as your payment method
  • Specify the amount you want to deposit
  • A unique wallet address will be generated
  • Enter the address into your cryptocurrency wallet and confirm the transaction
  • You should see the deposit in your casino account shortly

There are also online casinos that accept LTC and other cryptocurrency payments through e-wallets such as Skrill. To make payments this way, you will need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet with your e-wallet first.

How to make a withdrawal at Rich Casino with Litecoins?

How to make a withdrawal with Litecoin at online casino
Minimum withdrawal is $30 with Litecoins
  • To make a withdrawal at Rich casino with Litecoins simply from the casino homepage, click on the Cashier section and select withdrawal.
  • Click on Litecoin as your payout request method and add the amount you wish to withdraw in the Amount box on the top right.
  • You need to fill in your Litecoin address and any other instructions to verify your payout request. Click confirm via a telephone call or confirm via email. Once you are ready, click submit.
  • Click Submit to begin the confirmation and withdrawal process. Litecoin promises to put money into your wallet within a 48-hour time frame, but it will usually appear in your wallet within two hours.

You must submit the following documents before submitting a withdrawal request:

• Valid government-issued photo identification card;

• Copy of a recent utility bill no older than three (3) months prior to the submission date;

• Front copy of the Card(s) used to fund the Account.

Prior to approving any withdrawal request, the online casino may request additional documents in order to prove the ownership of the cards used on the account and to confirm that the purchases were authorized by the card holder.

What games you can play at casinos with Litecoins?

At online casinos with Litecoins you can play  different casino as well as Litecoin games. Following are the most popular games that you can find at Casinos with Litecoins:

Litecoins Blackjack: Blackjack, which is a game of collecting twenty-one points. Blackjack is a casino game between players and the dealer. To win, you have to get as close to 21 points as possible. If you reach higher score than the dealer without going over 21, you are the winner.

Litecoin Dice: Dice is a traditional game where you throw usually six sided die in highest number possible or some special combination depending on dice game. For example craps is one popular dice game. In cryptocurrency gaming world some dice games have the goal of guessing if the number is over or under some chosen number. The payout is given on the basis on the probability of the correct prediction.

Litecoin Poker: Poker is a 5 card game that combines skill, strategy and gambling. Depending on the variant, poker games can include betting rounds. In video poker you have the opportunity to discard one or more cards in exchange for new cards hoping to get a better hand.

Litecoin Roulette: Roulette is a casino game where you spin the little wheel, as the game’s name in French goes. You can choose to place bets on single number, number combinations or for example red or black numbers.

Depending on the wheel result, you can win up to 35 to 1 payout depending on the Roulette type. Practically all of the Bitcoin Cash gambling sites offer you many variations of this old classic game.

Litecoin slots: Slot games in online casinos are based on old casino gaming machines which was also called one-armed bandits. They were run by one lever and you could win money if the reels hit the correct lines. Moreover  practically all of the Bitcoin Cash casinos offer also slot games. These are the casinos we recommend to slot games:

Litecoin sports and esports Betting: There is a lot of different sports to choose like Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, MMA, Boxing, Volleyball, Handball, Cycling, Curling, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon and of course Litecoin e-sports betting!

Advantages of using Litecoins

Following are the advantages of using Litecoins:

  • Litecoin transactions are 4x faster than bitcoin. It is the fastest payment method for online gambling.
  • Litecoin’s all-time high value was $360.93, compared to over $18,000 for Bitcoin. Litecoin grew in value from $4.00 to $360.00 in only a year, and it stands to gain in value while you use it for online casino gaming.
  • Like other cryptocurrencies, it isn’t tied to a central bank. Fluctuations downward are possible. Instead, Litecoin’s value is based on its current trading value on exchanges like Bitfinex, GDAX, OKEx, and Coinbase.
  • Litecoin blockchain payments offer combination of privacy, transparency, safety, and security. You can see every transaction but maintain your anonymity. Identity thieves can’t steal your information.

Disadvantages of using Litecoins

  • Litecoin was designed with Bitcoin pitfalls in mind, Litecoin is considered safer than its more famous cousin.
  • Also the  major drawback is that not all online casinos offer litecoins payments as Bitcoin is most preferred cyrptocurrency at online casinos.


Q1. What is the difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin?

Litecoin has a range of small but significant technical differences. You might think of it as the quarter to bitcoin’s dollar. A supply limit of 84 million LTC vs 21 million BTC

The supply limit is the maximum number of coins that will be created. This finite limit is necessary for an altcoin to have value. The LTC supply limit is 84 million compared to bitcoin’s 21 million, so it’s up to four times more common. In November 2017, there were about 54 million Litecoin tokens in circulation and about 30 million left to mine.

2.5-minute vs. 10-minute block generation time

Litecoin blocks are generated four times faster than bitcoin blocks. The completion of each block confirms the transactions recorded in that block. Generally, this means Litecoin transfers can be done about four times faster than bitcoin transfers.

Q2. What are the Litecoin Wallets in Australia?

There are many hardware and software Litecoin Wallets in Australia to store Litecoins. Some of the popular ones are Trezor, ZenGo, Ledger Nano and others.

Read here the full Rich casino review

Click here to play now

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What Are The Popular Games Of Keno That Are Still Available To Play Online?

There are many popular games of keno or games that look and feel like a keno game that are still played online. These games are the oldest games that were developed almost a decade ago but are the choice of many. Find here those popular games of Keno that are still available to play online.

1. Jackpot 15

Jackpot 15 Keno Game
Jackpot 15 Keno Game

Jackpot 15 is a casino game from Electrade that could be considered a cousin of bingo or keno crossed with lotto. On this game players can select up to 15 numbers that if matched could payout up to $100,000.

Before playing Jackpot 15 you must choose your preferred stake. There’s a small section in the bottom left corner for this. Simply choose your stake from 0.25 to $10 and then click on up to 15 numbers of the board (or use the random 15). You can choose fewer numbers too, which does increase the prize for that number of balls matched but reduces the overall jackpot.

Once you’ve chosen your numbers it’s time to play. You’ll kick this off but the game basically plays automatically. This means you can sit back and watch the 20 balls appear and with it a little luck pick up some matches on the way. Every prize is shown down the right hand side and will reflect the amount being wagered and numbers picked.

Once you’ve finished playing an option to use the same numbers or choose new numbers appears. You can then repeat the above process to rattle off as many games as you want in pretty quick succession.

2. Siamese Serpent Keno

Siamese servant keno
Siamese servant keno

Siamese Serpents Video Keno from Yggdrasil Gaming is a Keno Game with 80 + 1 numbers. Players pick 4, 8, or 12 and the machine will draw 20 of the possible numbers. The animation and art are great on this game. It is easy to play – simply choose how many picks, a bet amount, and the paytable will show how much you can win. Press the play button and watch the dragon flames mark your winning picks! If the flame hits the magical fireplace you can get extra fire bolts and the game will enter multiplier mode for even bigger wins.

3. Precious Anuran

Precious Anuran
Precious Anuran

Anuran, from the Latin for the order of frogs and toads, is a Mayan themed video Keno machine from Yggdrasil gaming. Things work in a similar way to other Keno games, save for the fact games can also benefit from added bonuses.

You’ll have to choose your numbers and bet before beginning play. After this you press play and the Anuran starts firing flaming balls out of its mouth that chase around the screen and light up specific numbers. If enough of these numbers match your choices a prize will be paid.

Precious Anuran includes an added bonus that is triggered if the fire is hit. This turns some of the numbered balls into random multipliers, which if hit will increase the prize gained by the marked amount.

As mentioned earlier you can pick 4, 8 or 12 numbers. This not only affects the amount being bet but will change the prizes available too. The 4 pick game awards 2, 7 or 25 times the bet when 2, 3 or 4 hits are gained for example. The 12 pick mode ramps this up somewhat because matching 12 numbers pays 2000 times the triggering bet (although this is because it is a most rare occurrence).

4. Medusa Eyes of Fire

Medusa eyes of fire
Medusa eyes of fire

Medusa Eyes of Fire is three games in one with three separate paytables. Pick 4, 8, or 12 numbers to hit on the 80 number card. The graphics, animation, and ambient soundtrack are state-of-the art and the game features a central feature spot that when hit releases extra balls and provides a special win.

User controls include graphic quality so you can get the most out of the game your OS will render, sound volume and choice of ambient soundtrack and sound effects, and an autoplay facility with five adjustable parameters.

5. Keno Kick off

Keno Kick Off
Keno Kick Off

Pick your Keno dream team in this football themed 40 ball Keno game. Choose from 1 – 10 sections on the football field, choose a wager and PLAY! As a number is drawn, a player with that number on his jersey will run behind the goal line and a football will drop onto the field marking that same number.

Ten balls are drawn and depending on how many correct picks you have made you can win up to 1600x stake.

How to play Keno online?

There many other popular games that look like keno and are played like number games. You can play these games at online sites that offer free casino games as well as those online casinos that offer such keno games to play.

Like any other keno games you have the choice to place wagers and select numbers that correspond to the numbers drawn to win. You can find several formats, themes, and betting limits when you play real money keno online.

 At the start of the game, players pick numbers from 1-80. You’ll be able to select up to a max of about 10 to 15, depending on the version.

Once you’ve made your choices, you either wait for the draw to begin or press “play” to start the process. The game then selects numbers at random, and just like a lottery drawing, you want to match your selection to the drawn numbers.

There are many online keno variants, including traditional and instant versions. 

In traditional Keno you pick numbers between 1 and 80 and hope you match some of the 20 chosen at random by the game.

Like traditional keno, in 40 Keno you only have options to pick between 1 and 40, and only ten are drawn at random by the game.

Super and power keno variant is just like traditional keno but with a bonus ball. Match a specific ball in the draw to multiply your winnings.

In video keno games have a bit of flair to them. You’ll find animated draws that make the game a bit more exciting.

To play any kind of keno game variations online you need to Sign Up or Log In at an Online Casino

You can do this on your mobile smartphone or PC. Then  log in to your real money account, or sign up as a new player.

Add Funds To Your Account by making a deposit to play real money Keno.

Make an online casino deposit nto your new or existing account if you want to play for real money. Use a bonus code, if available, to receive cashback for depositing or with specific gameplay.

Find a keno game under the Specialty Games or Other Games tab of the online casino. Press play and begin to play.

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Why Slotland Casino Is The Best Mobile Casino For Australians?

Why Slotland Casino is the best mobile Casino for Australians

Australians love to play Keno with mobile at Slotland casino because it accepts Aussie players. Second main reason is that it allows cryptocurrency deposits like Bitcoins and therefore is easier for Australian players to play real money pokies even with their mobile.

  • The payout percent at Slotland Casino is  94.27% and the Payout Speed is 2 – 3 days.
  • The other reasons that gamers want to join Slotland casino are:
  • It has their own casino games. This means they have their own software and you can play unique and awesome games that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • You can grab a huge welcome bonus and that too in 10 match deposits.
  • All the bonuses offered by Slotland casino have low wagering requirement.
  • Their VIP program is wonderful and very lucrative.
  • Moreover Slotland Casino offers Cash prizes to win

What are the games to play at Slotland casino?

Slotland Casino games to play
Slotland Casino games to play

There are over 50 pokies games to play on mobile that are developed by Slotland Entertainment, their own gaming platform and it caters directly to the many customers that enjoy betting and winning on the online casino.

Sloland casino constantly updates its games lobby and you can find new games adding on to their gaming catalogue. Everything is offered in instant play so there is no need to worry about downloading applications when starting out. This means whether you own a mobile, Windows or MAC computers Slotland works amazingly on all the internet browsers. The only thing you need is a good WIFI or internet connection.

Some of the pokies  games share a network progressive jackpot that can exceed $200,000. Moreover its your choice to play pokies games in demo mode for free and practice playing or play in real time by making a friendly deposit.

Most of the available Slotland games are pokies but there are also other gaming options that can be found on the list that include keno and video poker. The poker games at the time of writing were 11 in number. One drawback is the lack of variety since Slotland Casino does not have classic table games, such as baccarat, blackjack and roulette, in its collection.

Some games are marked as being currently unavailable and these are creations that the developer is still working on. New releases are usually shown on top of the list so that customers can easily check them out.

What is the new player bonus at Slotland Casino?

Slotland casino to play Keno 101
Slotland casino also offers bitcoin bonus

New Player Bonus at Slotland casino is offered at the time of joining. You can claim the bonus offer of $1000 in 10 match deposits using coupon codes provided by the casino at the time of initial deposit.

The first Slotland Casino bonus that new players can claim is of 100% of the deposit, up to $100. However, the package is just starting here and there are nine more bonuses of 50% up to $100 each that can be claimed by making additional deposits on the site. Users are required to enter the Slotland bonus code for each deposit and these are WELCOME1, WELCOME2 and so on until WELCOME10.

A great part about getting the welcome bonuses is that the wagering requirement is much lower than at other online casinos. The bonus funds only need to be wagered 12 times before real money can be withdrawn from the online casino.

Also the players are offered VIP status by default when you join the casino. All players can reach VIP status when betting on the casino and on Slotland even on mobile. The program is made out of three levels for bronze, silver and gold. Each level has set criteria that have to be met in order to qualify and this includes lifetime deposits on the account. Perks for becoming a VIP in the loyalty program cover special bonuses to celebrate the event, reload bonuses, cashback offers, access to weekly draws and exclusive VIP service.

How to win Cash Prizes at Slotland Casino?

How to win Cash prizes at Slotland casino
Slotland casino offers cash prizes when you play games

Cash Prizes can be won at Slotland Casino by many ways. Punters love to have cash prizes and you can do get them at Slotland casino instantly on to your account. Before you come to know how to win Cash Prizes at Slotland casino you need to understand how all this will work.

You will have to play pokies with real money at Slotland casino to win cash prizes. Obviously this is the only way to win something when you play or bet upon something. Besides this criteria you need to accumulate certain points to your credit score to enter into the cash prize draws. The other task you need to do is to enter the contests offered by Slotland casino to win cash prizes. All these are very hassle free and simple to do tasks to win cash prizes at slotland casino.

Slotland casino winner
Slotland casino winner

At Slotland casino you have a weekly free draw where the casino gives away over $2,000 every week in this random draw. The process is $1 spent at the casino = 1 ticket earned . This means every dollar you deposit counts and 20 players are chosen every Wednesday. Moreover you can see your name on the winning ranks and see if you have won.

The next way to win Cash prizes at Slotland casino is to enter monthly Cash Contests. For this you need to first subscribe to the Slotland casino newsletter which is delivered to your registered email address that you have entered while opening your Slotland casino account for the first time. Your monthly mystery newsletter contains not only a free mini-slot spin but a big cash contest. Make sure you always scroll down to check in on how to win!

Then there are Cash Giveaways offered by the online casino from time to time. This cash giveaways exceed over $3,000 or even more and the top 10 depositing players win $100 each. Then next 20 players with the most spins on certain pokies win $70 and 20 randomly selected depositors each win $35.

Slotland Casino winners
Slotland Casino cashback offers on pokies games

Next is to get regular $100 Cashbacks at Slotland casino. Here you extend your playtime with 10% back on every penny you spend! While not technically a ‘prize’ – this benefit is an easy, frequent way to enjoy valuable cash bonuses. When your deposits reach $1,000 or any multiple thereof, you will receive instructions on how to claim your $100 cashback bonus. VIPs enjoy increased cashbacks: $110 for Bronze, $125 for Silver & $150 for Gold!

Then comes the huge cash prize. You have to play progressive pokies. The Progressive Jackpot starts at $50,000 and builds (often for months on end) until it is hit by a player spinning one of Slotland casino games. Many of Slotland’s games offer a chance to win the jackpot and you need to  check out game Help sections to find out how.

Also win extra cash every week which Slotsland says is an offer you cannot refuse! It’s easy, all you have to do is deposit each week and you automati cally enter Slotland’s draw for your share of $1,500.

Each dollar deposited = 1 ticket for the Weekly Free Draw

Every Wednesday TWENTY lucky players are drawn from the collected tickets. Winners receive an email with instructions on how to redeem their prize and winner’s names are announced on the Slotland homepage.

2 – 10$100
11 – 20$10

The more you play, the higher your chance of a win!

How to contact customer support at Slotland Casino?

At Slotland casino you can contact customer support to solve your queries or if you have any questions about their online casino games or your account. Their support team are available around the clock to help all players with their queries.

You can first check their FAQs to find answers to common questions. If you still cannot find what you are looking for then do not hesitate to contact the casino staff. Their friendly team are available 24/7 to ensure that you never feel alone at Slotland, personally responding to every player who gets in touch.

The casino provides email address according to your queries. You can  email your questions to their skilled staff. For general inquires write at For billing inquires write to If you have an issue related to being a VIP player then write at Also you can write to the casino affiliates at

Also you can use their live feature and chat live online instantly. You can click on the Live Support button at the bottom right of the site to talk to one of their experienced representatives, available 24/7.

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What Lotto Games You Can Play Online Besides Keno?

What lotto games you can play online besides Keno

Online casinos offer many lotto types of games to play for free or with real money. These lotto types of games include Scratch cards, Keno, Bingo, Dice Games and more. The best thing about playing lotto types of games at online casinos is that you needn’t go anywhere to buy these games. You only need a gaming device be it  mobile smartphone, PC or tablet and visit the online casino on your web browser.

If you wish you can play the lotto games at online casinos for free without spending a penny or play with real money by making a friendly deposit at the site. Moreover you don’t need to wait for the results at  online casinos as here the results can be known at once. If you win you get back your winning amount by initiating a withdrawal request to the casino and you are paid within 24- 48 hours directly to your bank account.

What Lotto Games You Can Play Online Besides Keno?

Here are few of the popular lotto games you can play at online casino besides Keno. These include scratchies, keno and bingo games.

1. Banana Jones

Banana Jones specialty game
Banana Jones

Banana Jones is perfect for board game lovers or eager players looking to get a little adventure with their wager. Each wager gives 5 rolls of the dice, and the best strategy is to set a bankroll in advance to know how far you can make it in the game. Once you start clicking on the dice roll, you’ll watch the monkey move and start enjoying cash wins and accumulated prizes in no time.

You play by clicking on the dice icon at the bottom of the screen, with wagers suitable for any type of gambling budget. Navigating the monkey is performed based on the outcome of two rolled dice. The monkey moves along the lily pads starting from the Left and moves the number of spots according to the value of the roll, which can be 2-12. For normal rolls, if our hero lands on the base of a vine, he will move toward its top, reaching closer to the Temple. If he lands on the head of a snake, it will move down to the tail away from the Temple. The meter located at the top of the screen keeps track of the symbols collected. Wins and payouts are paid according to the listed paytable. The game has two special features, the Treasure Wheel feature and the Crystal Banana Quest feature. Just remember, that once you reach the Temple, the Crystal Banana Quest feature unlocks to shower you with additional, exciting prizes, including accumulated fruit symbols, cash prizes, two bonus features and a top award of 2,565 times the bet!

2. Bonus Bingo

Bonus bingo
Bonus bingo

Bonus Bingo is simply an online variation of normal Bingo, and is perhaps the fastest and easiest online Bingo game available. Simply pick your cards and hit play to start winning big bonuses and huge prizes in this popular online casino game.

To play Bonus Bingo you need to select 4 cards and place a bet of a nickel per card. You can change your bet and the number of cards by clicking on them to turn them on or off. Then click Play. The computer will randomly pick 44 balls and cover the matching numbers on your cards. If the pattern of covered numbers matches with any of the patterns on the game board, you win.

If you don’t like the cards you were issued, you can change your cards before each play. Click the Change Cards button to get a new set of cards.

You win when any of your cards match a pattern indicated on the game board. The patterns that you play and win on carry different payouts depending on your wager. The game will award you multipliers to double or triple your win on a card. The Bonus balls feature fetch additional rewards and a chance to play the bonus round.

You may be awarded with a multiplier when you hit the Play button. Once you receive a multiplier, select one of your cards to use the multiplier on. 2x doubles the amount won on a card, and 3x triples the amount.

3. Fish Catch

Fish catch
Fish catch

Fish Catch is a fun fish-shooter slot game that gives you a chance to win a prize with every shot (or bet) placed. It is a great option for those that want an alternative to classic slot games or those that prefer shooter video games. Fish Catch is different from your standard slot game. Rather than spinning reels to try and get a prize, the objective of this game is to try and catch fish. You do this by shooting various bullet nets at the fish. When the bullet hits the fish, a net expands to try and catch the fish. The bullet will either damage the fish or catch it outright.

When you catch a fish, the value of the fish is then immediately added to your total. It is a pretty simple concept. Also, you will also have a chance to catch a fish with every shot fired. If your bullet misses the intended target the bullet will bounce off the border and continue bouncing around until it hits a fish.

There are 18 different types of fish you can catch with varying monetary values. The lowest value fishes are worth between .011 and .018 each. These are equivalent to your lower value symbols on standard slot games.

4. Lucky8’s

lucky's 8
Lucky’s 8

The Leprechaun holds the secrets to this entertaining scratch card game with animations that could bring you into the world of old Irish luck. You can see the pot of gold waiting for you, but to get there you have to scratch off the Clover signs to get your lucky number 8. Find this combination and it’s a take-all-prizes-home for you.

On your main screen, you will see 2 Clovers alongside 5 lucky Pots of Gold. After you’ve selected your bet, from $1 to $5 per card, just click “Play” to start scratching off your cards. First, you will scratch off the Pots of Gold and then the Clovers sitting next to them to the right, which hold your awaited lucky numbers. If you score at least a pair or more numbers from the Pots of Gold that correspond to any numbers under the Clovers, you will win. However, if you scratch off a lucky 8 you’ll instantly win.

5. Hot Dice

Hot dice
Hot dice

Hot Dice is a scratch card game. When you play, you could win up to 200x your wager plus the random progressive jackpot! In the online casino scratch card game, Hot Dice, all you need to do is place your wager and reveal what’s underneath five sets of dice.

If you uncover a two-dice total of 7 or 11, or if you uncover a “Chip” symbol, you win! In this game the wagers range from 1.00 credits to 10.00 credits per game. Payouts start at even money or a Free Game and can go over 200x your bet plus the randomly triggered jackpot (as high as $1100 at the time of this review). The “Chip” will instantly award all prizes on the card! The Hot Dice Progressive Jackpot is randomly triggered and will be added to all other card wins.

6. Keno

Keno standard game

Keno is an extremely easy game to play and the odds are ever in your favour. Basically, a combination of lottery and bingo, all you need to do is pick a few lucky numbers to win. Played on a digital card consisting of 80 numbers, you can choose up to 15. Once you begin playing, the game will randomly select certain numbers. If your number has won, it’ll be highlighted in yellow; numbers drawn which you didn’t pick will be crossed with a red X. Considered a game of chance, the best way to ensure a win is by selecting numbers across the board.

7. Magic 7’s

Magic 7's specialty game
Magic 7’s

In this amazing scratch-off game Magic 7’s all there is to do is expose a lucky 7 or a magic hat from under any of the 10 hats on the start screen in order to win. There is no strategy or book to follow; it’s all based on luck. The best part is that you don’t have to bet a lot to win a lot so try your hand at winning big with Magic 7’s.

The game opens with 10 hats arranged in three rows on your screen, all you need to do is set your bet and begin scratching off for a lucky 7 or a magic hat. Start by clicking “Bet” to select the amount that you want to play for that specific round and then just start scratching. If you want the game to scratch off for you, then just click “Scratch All.”

You immediately cash in on a 7. As it goes, more 7’s gets you more prizes, so if you get a 4x and a 10x multiplier reward on two 7’s in any round, your bet is multiplied by 40x! Sometimes, free slot game rewards are won and the same rules for winning multipliers and free games apply there. Plus, once in a while the mysterious Magic Hat appears to award you far greater prizes.

8. Roaring Twenties Bingo

Roaring Bingo
Roaring Bingo

Roaring Twenties Bingo is another lotto games, the perfect blend of bingo and an online slots game, offering you so many ways to win including a maxi jackpot and two random ones. Plus, with the option to play up to 100 cards simultaneously, you’ll be able to roar your way to a huge payday faster than you’ve ever imagined.

Roaring Twenties Bingo features a complicated looking main screen, but it’s actually one of the easiest games. To get started choose your wager amount for each bingo card you want to play. You can bet between $0.01 and $5 per card. Choose how many turns you want to play in each round. Select how many cards you’d like to play. Remember, you can play up to 100—all at once. Lock in your bets by hitting the Start button, and then sit back and watch to find out what you’ve won.

You’ll get paid out for your wins. But if you want to go big, take advantage of the Extra Balls feature. By activating the feature, you’ll double your bet. You’ll get five extra balls, meaning you’ll have a better chance of hitting it big!

Click here to play now at any of your choicest online casinos with real AUD or BTC.

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Keno $5 Million Jackpot

Keno $5 Million Jackpot

Recently in 2021 Ingleburn man was jet off with almost $55,000 Keno win!

An Ingleburn man played his Keno Classic 8 Spot win. The Sydney player held a Keno Classic 8 Spot winning entry in draw 721, drawn Tuesday 16 March 2021, and took home a prize worth $54,759.10. The regular player, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning entry at Ingleburn RSL Club, 70 Chester Street, Ingleburn.

Ingleburn RSL Club duty manager Scott McIlwraith said the club was buzzing with excitement when the prize was won. In 2020, Keno players across the eastern states of mainland Australia celebrated more than 59.9 million wins collectively worth more than $840.6 million.
During this time, Keno crowned 19 millionaires and multi-millionaires who collectively took home more than $42.3 million. Nine of these major winners were from New South Wales and the ACT,
including a Newcastle woman who was stunned to pocket a Keno Mega Millions 10 Spot prize of more than $5.4 million.

Players in New South Wales and the ACT enjoyed more than 25.3 million Keno wins totalling more than $393.2 million at pubs and clubs across the state in 2020. Keno players can also enter into the monthly second chance draw for the chance to win one of five $1,000 prizes by scanning their ticket at

Keno is a fun game played at more than 3,500 pubs and clubs across Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria.
A Keno draw occurs approximately every three minutes. During each draw, 20 numbers are drawn from 1 to 80. Players simply match the numbers on their entry to the numbers drawn for a chance to win over $1 million.

There are a range of Keno games to play, including Keno Mega Millions – a higher jackpot version of Keno Classic that uses the same Keno ball draw but gives players the chance to win $5 million
or more.

What is Keno Mega Million $5 Million Jackpot?

Keno $5 Million Jackpot Tickets

Staff Rhiannon Thomas, Danielle Worth (manager) and Amy Tomlinson at The Settler’s Tavern, West Gosford, celebrate the winning Keno ticket sold worth $1.5 million. Source: Peter Clark

Keno Mega Millions is a game with higher jackpots  and uses the same Keno ball draw as Keno Classic . The new prize table based on a minimum $2 entry cost and you will find a separate purple Jackpot screen, displayed between each game. There is larger prize for the top prize on 7, 8, 9, 10 number games  and no Keno Bonus is available in this game.

You could now win $5,000,000 by playing the 10 number game for $2.

You can either choose the numbers you think will be drawn and mark them yourself on a Keno Entry Form, or purchase a ‘Kwikpik’ where numbers are randomly chosen for you. Prizes are won based on the number of matches in a given game. You can choose as few as one number, or as many as 40. Jackpot prizes are available on 7, 8, 9 and 10 Number Games with up to $5,000,000 available as the major prize on a 10 Number game!

With Keno Mega Millions, you can win more by matching all your numbers . You can see the Keno Mega Millions 7, 8, 9 & 10 number jackpot grow between games on the purple Keno Jackpot screens.

Mega Millions uses the same Keno ball draw but gives players the chance to win $5 million or more every three minutes with a spend of $2 — $1 more than the current game.

Mega Millions was developed to appeal to a younger customer who played socially and was solely interested in winning big jackpots. The average top prize would be about $7m, with a minimum cash prize of $5m, versus a $2m average prize for the current game. Click here to play now.

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7 RSL Clubs In Melbourne You Must Pay A Visit

Melbourne is an exciting place to visit. There are many things that you can choose to do. From the arts, to restaurants to the party scene, Melbourne has it all. One of the favorite places for people to go to are the Returned and Services Leagues clubs in Australia. These clubs were opened to benefit the current members and the former members of the Australian Defense league, but they are also open to other guests as well. They offer dining, drink and other entertainment for anyone that wants to check them out. They are also well known for the gaming options that they offer.

What is RSL?

Cardiff RSL

Cardiff RSL Club

The Returned and Services League of Australia (RSL) is a support organisation for people who have served or are serving in the Australian Defence Force.

The RSL’s mission is to ensure that programs are in place for the well-being, care, compensation and commemoration of serving and ex-service Defence Force members and their dependants; and promote Government and community awareness of the need for a secure, stable and progressive Australia. However, even as late as the 1970s it was described as an “inherently conservative” organization.

Licensed clubs were formed as commercial activities to initially provide services by sub-branches to their members, including providing an environment for the protection and promotion of the ideals of the ANZAC spirit and heritage. The venues were established to provide hospitality for war veterans and a place for comradeship. Often they were located on land granted by the state government. Over time these commercial entities, known generally as RSL Clubs (but also called Ex-Services, Memorial, Legion or other similar names) generated profits and often donated to local community services.

The membership base of the licensed clubs, totalling more than a million, differs significantly from membership of the League. Membership of the League does not automatically confer rights of entry or membership to a licensed club but in some jurisdictions clubs extend honorary membership to serving members of the ADF.

The RSL licensed club in Goodna, Queensland. Licensed clubs operating under the RSL “banner” usually have bar and dining facilities for their members and guests, and sometimes have extensive gambling areas. Each evening at 6.00 pm the Ode of Remembrance is read, followed by one minute’s silence to honour those who died serving their country.

7 RSL Clubs In Melbourne You Must Pay A Visit

RSL Melbourne

Ringwood RSL Melbourne

Time spend at an RSL club in Melbourne will be enjoyed. The key is to find the right RSL club to take in. When it comes to the RSL clubs in Melbourne some stand out from others. This is a list of the 7 RSL Clubs in Melbourne you must pay a visit to.

  1. Camberwell RSL – this club is part of the RSL Victoria organization. They offer membership to people 18 and older and offer plenty of membership options. It is possible to join as a member of visitors can enter the facilities as a guest of a member. They offer a bar restaurant, gaming area and a lounge.
  2. Cheltenham Moorabbin RSL – This club is surrounded by parklands. Their facilities include a bistro, and they offer bingo and other gaming entertainment. Music from poplar bands provide more entertainment for the members and their guests.
  3. Clayton RSL – They are known for many things at this club. Great food, great company and great entertainment can be found at one of the best sporting clubs in Melbourne.
  4. Darebin RSL – This club is not affiliated with any political party and is completely independent. They offer a Gaming room, a bar, a bistro and a sports complex for their members. The food is well priced and the gaming options are fun and provide players with a chance to win big jackpots.
  5. RYE RSL – They offer long stylish bar, multiple service points and a variety of local and international beers on tap, and are the perfect place for any social gathering. They have a number of big screen TV’s and Projectors to catch the latest live sporting action from Foxtel, Sky Channel and Optus Sport.  THeir TAB facilities include numerous race information and result screens, multiple EBT’s plus easy to access free wifi.
  6. Phillips Island RSL – There goal is to provide high quality food and entertainment to all of their visitors. They have plenty of options for everyone and they offer a very welcoming environment.
  7. St Kilda RSL – Often considered the hidden gem in Melbourne, they offer plenty of fun and food for all that visit.

When visiting Melbourne a RSL is a great choice. They can be fun for people of all ages. Adults can enjoy the food and drink and the gaming entertainment that is offered at the RSL clubs and the kids can enjoy the games designed for them. It is something that everyone should consider including when they are in Melbourne and these clubs will not disappoint with the things they provide. Make sure to check these place out.

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