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Neosurf Casinos Australia

1.How does Neosurf work
2.Neosurf as Prepaid cards
3.Where to buy Neosurf in Australia
4.Best Neosurf Casinos Australia To Play Keno
5.Ripper Casino
6.Play Croco Casino
7.Fair Go Casino
8.Ozwin Casino
9.How to deposit at an online casino with Neosurf
10.Pros and Cons

Neosurf Casinos Australia

Neosurf casinos Australia are those that offer Neosurf as one of their payment options to players to fund their casino account. This is a prepaid method to use and is upholding all your privacy and security if you want to avoid deposits by Credit or Debit cards.  This prepaid voucher is available to use at Australian online casinos to make a deposit in Australian dollars to play instant keno or live keno and other casino games in real time. Besides this Neosurf can be used as payment method at various other online stores, shopping sites, across numerous eCommerce platforms in Australia and other parts of the world.

How does Neosurf work

Neosurf casinos Australia
Neosurf is a prepaid card with 10 digit number

NeoSurf is a 10-digit prepaid coupon, which you can utilize as an alternate process to credit and debit cards at Neosurf casinos Australia. You can obtain a voucher using cash or a card at a participating outlet, or online, and use it to play internet casino games.

You can either fund your online casino account directly if the choice is available or use it to finance your web wallet if your lender does not let gambling transactions then use your e-Wallet to make withdrawals and deposits in you favourite online casino.

NeoSurf has also teamed up with MasterCard so that you can choose to get a prepaid NeoCash card, which you can use at an online casino as you would a debit card. You do not have to open a bank account to have the card, and you may make withdrawals, given MasterCard is an available withdrawal technique.

Because your Neosurf voucher is not linked to any bank account, it is a safe way of creating online payments.

Neosurf as Prepaid cards

As a pre-paid card system Neosurf cards or tickets need to be purchased at retailers such as tobacconists, newsagents, gas stations, groceries, supermarkets etc. A list of all Neosurf pre-paid card points of sale in Australia and other countries can be found on the Neosurf website.

The cards are available in the values of $ 10, $15, $20, $50 and $100, and are bought with cash. On the back of the card, a 10-digit PIN code needs to be scratched open. This code subsequently is used to validate online payments made with the card.

It is your choice to use the whole amount at one go available on the Neosurf card or partly use it in bits where cards can be checked on the Neosurf website and be used for some other online payment.

Where to buy Neosurf in Australia

Buy Neosurf
You can Buy Neosurf from various local stores in Australia

In Australia, Neosurf vouchers can be purchased from various retail locations, both physical stores and online resellers. Here are some common places where you can buy Neosurf vouchers in Australia:

  • Convenience stores: Many convenience stores, newsagents, and gas stations across Australia sell Neosurf vouchers. Examples include 7-Eleven, NewsXpress, and United Petroleum.
  • Supermarkets: Some major supermarket chains like Coles, Woolworths, and IGA also offer Neosurf vouchers. You can check the gift card or prepaid card section of these stores.
  • Online resellers: Several online platforms and resellers in Australia provide Neosurf vouchers for purchase. Examples include OffGamers, Dundle, and Make sure to use reputable and authorized resellers to ensure the authenticity of the vouchers.
  • Neosurf website: You can visit the official Neosurf website and use their “Store Locator” feature to find the nearest retail locations that sell Neosurf vouchers in your area. The website will provide a list of authorized sellers and their contact information.

Before purchasing Neosurf vouchers, it’s recommended to check the terms and conditions, as well as any associated fees or expiration dates that may apply. Additionally, make sure to keep your voucher safe and treat it like cash, as lost or stolen vouchers may not be replaceable.

Best Neosurf Casinos Australia To Play Keno

Keno sites to play Keno with Neosurf in Australia

Here are the best Neosurf casinos Australia to play Keno. These Neosurf online sites have awesome keno games that can be played instantly without any download even on your mobile.

1. Ripper Casino


At Ripper Casino you can make a deposit with Neosurf. Neosurf is one of two banking methods at Ripper Casino where you can make a minimum deposit of just $10, and there are no fees involved with using it. This deposit method is also instantaneous, so once you enter your Neosurf pin and make a payment, you are ready to play keno or pokies. Remember you cannot make a withdrawal with Neosurf.

2. Play Croco Casino

How to play Keno at Play Croco Australian online casino?
Play Croco Casino

Neosurf is a easy, anonymous and secure banking method offered at PlayCroco. Minumum deposit is $10. Deposit with Neosurf, one of their most popular deposit and DOUBLE your deposit DAILY. You can use the coupon code CROCONEO.

3. Fair Go Casino

play keno instantly at online casino

Fair Go casino is also one of the best Neosurf casinos Australia. You can make a minimum deposit of $10 at this online casino to play Keno. Take advantage of the given bonus ONLY when you deposit with Neosurf: 100% bonus and 25 spins on Bubble Bubble 2 and use coupon code: NEOSURF100-BB2

4. Ozwin Casino


Ozwin Casino another best Neosurf casinos Australia where you can fund your casino account with Neosurf payments. Here also the minimum deposits is $10 and maximum is $100.

How to deposit at an online casino with Neosurf

How to deposit with Neosurf
Deposit with Neosurf

To play real money Keno you need to deposit at an online casino. For that first select the online casino that accepts Neosurf deposits or withdrawals. Now register yourself at the casino and open your casino account. Now go to the banking page or at the cashier and make deposits with Neosurf

  • Log onto your casino account and click on ‘Deposit’
  • You will see a list of deposit methods. Click on the ‘Neosurf’ option
  • The next step is to enter the 10-character voucher code
  • You’ll then be able to nominate how much to deposit from your card to your casino account
  • If a valid voucher code is an input, your online casino account should be credited immediately with the chosen amount

Note first you need to buy the Neosurf prepaid card or voucher. As said above you can purchase Neosurf cash vouchers from several locations within Australia and around the world. From convenience stores to supermarkets, kiosks, internet cafes, your local newsagency and more, Neosurf is easily accessible no matter where you live.

Neosurf deposits

Neosurf even gives you the ability to transfer unused credit from one voucher to another. This ensures you don’t have small amounts spread out over multiple vouchers and can control your expenses more efficiently. To do so, simply follow these:

  • Head to
  • Click on ‘My Card’
  • Enter your unique 10-character pin of the voucher you’d like to add funds to and click ‘Submit’
  • Select ‘Transfer Credit’
  • Enter the pin for the voucher that you’re transferring credits from and select ‘Submit’
  • If performed correctly, the funds should be transferred immediately as long as the balance on the voucher you intend to deposit does not exceed $250.

Note that the minimum you can deposit into your online casino account using Neosurf is $10, with the maximum being $250. Multiple Neosurf cards can be used to deposit higher amounts.

The quickest way to find a Neosurf supplier near you is to head over to their website at There you’ll find an option that allows you to surf for a Neosurf voucher retailer based on your country, state and city or town.

You can go online with Neosurf if you want to buy prepaid cards online. Download MyNeosurf: app or visit the Neosurf website to buy Neosurf cards online and pay for them by credit card, bank transfer or check.

To use these two services a customer needs to register at the NeoCash and MyNeosurf websites and provide the service with some personal information.

Although for most of the features Neosurf offers no fees are charged (especially when the ‘classic’ Neosurf pre-paid card is used) for some other options the customer needs to pay a commission. But you can go out physically to a Neosurf selling point nearby to obtain the card if the use of MyNeosurf and registration for this service is not what you want.

There is no ID required if you buy a Neosurf voucher and you may use it to finance other payment methods like prepaid cards and e-wallets.

While prepaid methods are excellent for deposits, they can’t be used for withdrawals. You may opt-in to your NeoCash MasterCard, which will permit you to make withdrawals at your choice of online casinos. There are also various other deposit methods such as POLi, Paypal or Bitcoins to fund your casino account.

Pros and Cons

Instant DepositsNo Withdrawal Option
Safe and SecureLimited Casinos
Anonymous deposits as only to enter 10-digit codeMaximum deposits do not exceed $250
Neosurf deposit bonus offers


This payment mode provides a convenient and secure way for Australian players to fund their Neosurf casinos Australia accounts, offering a viable alternative to traditional payment methods. It allows for seamless transactions, protects personal information, and enables responsible gambling by controlling spending. The 10-digit Neosurf code can be entered during the checkout process, and the transaction is processed almost instantly.


Q1. How do I deposit funds using Neosurf at an online casino in Australia?

To deposit funds using Neosurf at an Australian online casino, go to the casino’s cashier or payment section, select Neosurf as your payment method, enter the 10-digit Neosurf code from your voucher, and confirm the transaction. The deposited amount will be deducted from your Neosurf voucher balance.

Q2. Are there any fees associated with using Neosurf at online casinos?

Neosurf itself does not charge any fees for using their service. However, some online casinos may have their own fees or restrictions on certain payment methods, so it’s important to review the casino’s terms and conditions or contact their customer support to clarify any potential fees.

Q3. Can I withdraw my winnings using Neosurf at an online casino?

Generally, Neosurf is primarily used for depositing funds and may not be available as a withdrawal method at all online casinos. Withdrawals are typically processed through alternative methods like bank transfers, e-wallets, or credit/debit cards. It’s recommended to check the withdrawal options provided by the specific casino you’re playing at.

Q4. Can I combine multiple Neosurf vouchers to make a larger deposit?

Yes, if the amount you want to deposit exceeds the value of a single Neosurf voucher, you can combine multiple vouchers to make a larger deposit. During the payment process, you’ll have the option to enter multiple Neosurf codes to cover the desired deposit amount.

Q5. Are Neosurf transactions at online casinos secure and private?

Yes, Neosurf transactions at online casinos offer a level of security and privacy. When using Neosurf, you don’t need to provide any personal or financial information, reducing the risk of identity theft or fraud. The prepaid voucher system also ensures that your banking details are not shared with the casino, adding an extra layer of privacy to your transactions.