3 Distilleries Are Revolutionizing Aussie Whiskey

Distilleries Are Revolutionizing Aussie Whiskey

When most people think about quality single malt whiskey, they instantly think of the popular Scottish brands that adorn almost every decent bar across the globe. However times are changing with Australia’s distilleries starting to get the international attention that they deserve. While these high quality Australian whiskeys are new to foreigners they have been an essential part of Australian culture for generations.

Australia has long been a hub for alcohol distillation, with Tasmanian distillers artfully infusing their style of distillation with the tried and true methods from Europe. Despite being the driest continent on earth Australia sports a diverse array of climates and quality whiskey ingredients that would make any country jealous. These strengths combined with Aussie’s love for strong drink set the foundation to the rapidly growing distillation culture in Australia. For generations distillers in Australia have artfully concocted special blends of whiskey that have been passed down throughout families and local communities. In 2014 an Australian whiskey company made history when they beat out Scottish & Japanese competitors when they nabbed the coveted title of ‘World’s Best Single Malt Whisky’. This goes to show that these distilleries need to get more recognition for the wonderful spirits that they produce. For this reason we are proud to give you a list of the top 3 distilleries in Australia.

Distilleries Are Revolutionizing Aussie Whiskey

Australian whiskey has indeed been gaining recognition and popularity on the global stage, with distilleries making waves in the industry. Several factors contribute to the evolving reputation of Aussie whiskey:

  1. Climate Influence: Australia’s unique climate, characterized by high temperatures and varied humidity levels, accelerates the aging process of whiskey. This results in a faster maturation compared to traditional whiskey-producing regions, such as Scotland. Distillers in Australia have been experimenting with these climatic conditions to create distinctive flavor profiles.
  2. Innovation in Maturation: Australian distillers often use smaller casks and different wood types, such as Australian wine barrels, to mature their whiskey. These choices can impart unique flavors and characteristics to the spirits.
  3. Local Ingredients: Many Australian whiskey producers emphasize the use of locally sourced grains and water, contributing to the distinct terroir of their products.
  4. Craftsmanship and Artisanal Approach: There has been a surge in the number of small, artisanal distilleries in Australia, each with its own approach to crafting whiskey. This emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail has contributed to the overall quality of Australian whiskey.
  5. Awards and Recognition: Australian whiskeys have received recognition at international competitions, further solidifying their place in the global market. Winning awards helps boost the reputation of the distilleries and the overall perception of Australian whiskey.
  6. Growing International Market: As more Australian whiskeys enter the international market, consumers are becoming increasingly curious about and receptive to these unique offerings. The global interest in diverse and innovative spirits has contributed to the success of Australian whiskey.

Top 3 distilleries in Australia

#3. Hellyer Road Distillery- Sitting on the road carved out by the rugged pioneer Henry Hellyer, this legendary distillery has become the cornerstone of Australian whiskey production. This is Australia’s largest single malt whiskey distillery and it is apparent that they are not stopping their expansion any time soon. Their pure Tasmanian barley is repeatedly crushed, heated, drained & then mixed with the highest quality yeast. It is then left to ferment to perfection. From there the Tasmanian distillation process takes over to produce a whiskey that boasts an unforgettable taste. This whiskey embodies the true spirit of Tasmanian ingenuity and is a shining testament of the quality of Australian whiskey.

#2. Belgrove Distillery – This easily made the list with their innovative approach to creating whiskey using renewable biodiesel. To date it is the only distillery powered by organic biodiesel. The classic homemade touch used to create the diesel that powers this distillery gets even more creative with the intriguing recipe used to create top notch single malt whiskey. No artificial ingredients or coloring are used for this brilliantly rustic whiskey. The ingredients come from local farms and showcase the down to earth style that has helped make this whiskey reach the top of our list.

#1. Great Southern Distilling Company Distillery- This distillery produces the infamous Limeburners Single Malt Whisky. This whiskey harnesses the rebellious spirit that resonates throughout the region. Tastefully named after the lime burning in the region originally performed by convicts, this renegade whiskey is a priceless piece of Aussie history. The distillery uses single casks only, without blending a single barrel. They gets their peat from the nearby Porongurup range. The true beauty of the Limeburners whiskeys is that they are non chill-filtered with no artificial coloring, this gives it a taste that blows away the competition.