1 Brand Will Revive Your Passion for Tasmanian Gin

Tasmanian Gin

Australia’s own Poltergeist gin is reviving the illustrious history of the Shene Estate with its larger than life taste & unmatched style. One brave family has taken it upon themselves to revive the story of the famed estate of the notorious colonialist Gamaliel Butler with their brilliant hand crafted gin. Renowned master distiller Damian Mackey has jumped on board to help create this legendary gin that showcases a deep pride for Australian culture. Experience the true essence of Tasmanian heritage with this bold yet refined gin.

Tasmanian Gin

Tasmania, Australia, is known for producing high-quality gin, and there are several distilleries in the region. However, the specific gin brands and offerings may have changed or expanded since then.

One notable Tasmanian gin producer is Lark Distillery. Lark is known for its premium spirits, including gin, and has gained recognition for its craftsmanship and use of local ingredients. Another distillery worth exploring is McHenry Distillery, which produces a range of spirits, including gin, using Tasmanian botanicals.

The Shene Estate was the proud home of the renegade colonialist Gamaliel Butler. Gamaliel was a pillar of the community and served on the Tasmanian Legislative council. Eventually he made his way up to the Chief Secretary and represented his community until his tragic death in 1914. His love for gin was not a secret, & when the Shene Estate was renovated the excavators found hundreds of bottles of Dutch Gin that were cast off the balcony by this truly legendary colonialist. One family vowed to clean up the estate and create a brand of gin that would give a voice to this unforgettable cornerstone of Tasmania. But to do that they knew that they would need the help of a master distiller that truly embodied the spirit of the Tasmanian culture, Damian Mackey.

Without a doubt the man behind the magic is Damian Mackey. He and his loyal wife have spent the last decade honing their distillation skills by blending tried and true methods from Europe with a distinct Tasmanian style. This gives their spirits a taste that is rivaled by none and features the fierce independence that the people of Tasmania Australia are known for. Growing up in the heart of Tasmania gave Damian a passion for distilling alcohol from a young age. The booming whiskey industry did nothing but motivate Damian to one day make his dream of becoming a distiller a reality. Patiently planning his debut Damian waited an incredible 14 years before hitting the ground running. He and his wife quickly made a name for themselves with their wonderfully distinct triple distilled single malt whiskey. This cemented their place in the Tasmanian distilling community and set the stage for the follow up that would surpass the expectations of fans and critics alike: Poltergeist Gin.

Poltergeist Gin is nothing short of a work of art, it effortlessly blends 12 exotic botanicals to create a Tasmanian gin with a superior taste. It has put the Shene Distillery on the map and comes in two mouthwatering styles that give you bursts of flavor that is matched only by its dedication to preserving Australian history. Poltergeist ‘A True Spirit’ gives you a Tasmanian twist of the London style gin that will instantly make you a connoisseur with its crisp yet elegant flavor. But for those who want to experience the peak of the botanical flavors Shene Estate Distillery holds nothing back with its highly anticipated Poltergeist Unfiltered. Both convey a taste that is beyond what you have ever experienced and celebrates the rich heritage of Tasmania.

With the rave reviews garnered by gin enthusiasts around Australia the sky is the limit for the Shene Estate Distillery. They already have a single malt whiskey aging that will be available to the public in 2017. They are offering tours of the legendary estate where you can educate yourself while enjoying the finest gin in Tasmania. So come on down and experience the legendary growth of a local Tasmanian distillery first hand!

Best Gin In Australia

  1. Four Pillars Gin: Based in Victoria, Four Pillars is known for its craft gin, including its flagship Rare Dry Gin, which has gained international acclaim.
  2. Archie Rose Distilling Co.: Located in Sydney, Archie Rose produces a variety of spirits, including gin. Their gins often feature native Australian botanicals, showcasing the country’s unique flavors.
  3. Melbourne Gin Company: Known for its distinctive and contemporary gins, Melbourne Gin Company has received positive reviews for its quality and flavor profiles.
  4. Manly Spirits Co.: Based in New South Wales, Manly Spirits Co. produces a range of spirits, including gin. They incorporate native Australian botanicals to create unique and flavorful gins.
  5. Patient Wolf Distilling Co.: An independent gin distillery in Melbourne, Patient Wolf is known for its small-batch, handcrafted gins.
  6. West Winds Gin: Hailing from Western Australia, West Winds Gin offers a range of gins with a focus on using native botanicals, reflecting the diverse Australian landscape.

When looking for the best gin, consider your personal preferences in terms of flavor profiles. Some gins may emphasize traditional botanicals, while others incorporate native Australian ingredients for a unique twist. Additionally, new distilleries and products may have emerged since my last update, so it’s always a good idea to explore local liquor stores and craft distilleries for the latest offerings.