Don’t Miss the 7 Best Pubs in Australia

Best Pubs in Australia
Best Pubs in Australia

Australia is famous for many things, but one of them is something so quintessential of Australian culture that you would be a fool to miss it: pubs. Pubs are the heart and soul of Aussie culture, giving people from all backgrounds a place to forget their problems while enjoying their favorite pint. They have the ability to unite people in a way that even the top religions have failed miserably at doing. While there are thousands of pubs throughout Australia we have compiled a list of the 7 most cherished pubs that you need to see while in Australia.

Best Pubs in Australia

Australia is home to a wide range of pubs, each with its unique charm, atmosphere, and offerings. The concept of a “best” pub can be subjective, as it depends on individual preferences and tastes. However, here are some iconic and well-regarded pubs across different regions of Australia

  1. The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel (Sydney, New South Wales):
    • Australia’s oldest pub brewery, located in The Rocks area of Sydney.
    • Known for its historic charm, craft beers brewed on-site, and a traditional English pub atmosphere.
  2. The Young and Jackson (Melbourne, Victoria):
    • Situated in the heart of Melbourne, near Flinders Street Station.
    • Famous for its historic architecture and the iconic painting “Chloe,” as well as its lively atmosphere.
  3. The Breakfast Creek Hotel (Brisbane, Queensland):
    • A Queensland institution with a classic pub feel.
    • Known for its steaks, the “Beer Garden,” and the resident parrot, “Charlie.”
  4. The Rocks Brewing Co. (Sydney, New South Wales):
    • Located in The Rocks, it’s known for its craft beers and stylish industrial decor.
    • Offers a range of house-brewed beers and modern Australian cuisine.
  5. The Espy (The Esplanade Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria):
    • A historic pub located in St Kilda, Melbourne.
    • Renowned for its beachfront location, multiple bars, live music, and diverse dining options.
  6. The Norfolk Hotel (Surry Hills, Sydney, New South Wales):
    • A trendy pub with a modern and stylish vibe.
    • Features a rooftop bar, creative cocktails, and a diverse food menu.
  7. The Wheatsheaf Hotel (Adelaide, South Australia):
    • A popular pub in Adelaide known for its extensive craft beer selection.
    • Emphasizes a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.
  8. The Royal George Hotel (Kyneton, Victoria):
    • A historic country pub with a cozy and rustic charm.
    • Offers a range of local wines and a classic pub menu.
  9. The Ship Inn (Brisbane, Queensland):
    • Located in South Bank, it offers views of the Brisbane River and the city skyline.
    • Known for its diverse menu and house-brewed beers.
  10. The Last Jar (Melbourne, Victoria):
  • An Irish-themed pub in the heart of Melbourne.
  • Features a traditional Irish menu, a wide selection of whiskies, and a cozy atmosphere.

These pubs are just a selection, and there are countless others throughout Australia, each with its unique character and appeal. Local recommendations and personal preferences often play a significant role in determining the “best” pub for an individual’s tastes.

7 Best Pubs in Australia

Here are the 7 Best Pubs in Australia:

#7. Story Bridge Hotel – This infamous Queensland pub has received national attention for hosting the area’s most notorious Australia Day tradition of all time: cockroach racing. Enjoy the frenzy of mixed emotions as people scream frantically at the little critters as they race to the finish line. This brilliant custom has been practiced for the last 30 years and will continue to be a staple of this fine pub.

#6. Australian Heritage Hotel – Being the oldest licensed pub in Sydney has firmly cemented this historic pub into Aussie history. They have been consistently providing their much needed service to Sydney’s residents ever since they first poured their first pint in 1824. It has also been recognized by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects as a “20th Century Building of Significance” for its inspiring Edwardian-style architecture. So pick up a pint and enjoy this iconic piece of Sydney culture.

#5. Sling Lounge – This innovative Brisbane pub has been creating classic cocktails ever since its illustrious opening. Their 200 plus drink menu showcases their artistic approach to bar tending that has put this bar on the map. When visiting this oasis don’t leave without trying one of their Forgotten Cocktails, most notably their Millionaire Cocktail. This epic cocktail dates back to 1937 and is a classic piece of history.

#4. Hoo Haa Bar – Windsor has never been the same since the opening of this incredible bar gave the city a much needed boost to their nightlife and tourism. This bar artfully blends urban art with a refined elegance rarely seen in bars nowadays. Make your way up the beautifully graffiti covered stair case up into the breath taking beer garden and stunning bar that boasts a sleek style that will have you coming back the following night.

#3. Ettamogah Pub – The wacky architecture of this unforgettable pub has been showcased by Ken Maynard’s cartoon strip since 1959. The witty cartoon strip was regularly featured in The Australasian Post, making it a must see attraction since its inception in 1987. While many copycat bars have opened up, you need to visit the original pub just North of Albury.

#2. The Pub With No Beer – Don’t be fooled by the playful name, you can enjoy a pint anytime at this progressive pub. After all, what’s a pub without beer? This pub was made famous by the release of Slim Dusty’s powerful hit single, The Pub With No Beer. The single ended up reaching the top of the billboards and converted this pub into a living legend.

#1. Icebergs – Sidney’s top attraction easily made the top of our list with their jaw dropping view of Bondi Beach. Lounge and enjoy the sunset with their 150 square meter balcony while enjoying their top rated surf & turf cuisine. As if that wasn’t good enough you can also take a swim in their incredible ocean pool below. Don’t miss this breathtaking experience when you are in Sydney!