Take a Tour of the Best Pubs in Dubai

As Dubai’s tourism industry continues to grow, multiple pubs are popping up across this booming metropolis. Over 15.79 million tourists visited Dubai in 2017, and this number is expected to reach 20 million in 2020. Even though these visitors hail from around the world, a few countries lead Dubai’s tourism market. With 1.26 million tourists, Britain is the third most common visitor behind India and Saudis. This influx of tourists from the UK have made their mark through a series of restaurants and pubs.

On top of integrating countless foreign customs and establishments, Dubai’s tourism industry is making a major economic impact on the UAE. In 2016, the amount of money contributed to UAE’s GDP from the travel and tourism sector exceeded $18.7 billion. This bonanza created 317,500 jobs, which equates to 5.4% of the country’s total employment. Even though these figures are impressive, they are expected to continue growing. By 2027, these figures are forecasted to increase by 2.4% to 410,000 jobs and 5.9% of total employment. This epic amount of capitalism ensures that the UAE culture continues to intertwine with Dubai’s tourism industry.

Out of all the establishments bridging the gap between the two worlds, none are more beloved than pubs. Through quality food and welcoming environments, these venues provide a level of camaraderie that citizens from around the world can appreciate. In many ways, pubs embody some of the most charming features of Western culture. To highlight which establishments are breaking the barrier, we compiled a list of the top pubs in Dubai. These establishments have generated international fanfare, so discover which pubs are representing Western culture in the Middle East!

Best Pubs in Dubai

Enjoy Dubai’s best kept secret!

Pub #3: Fibber Magee’s – When Mark Hutton came to Dubai, he decided to establish a legacy. By combining quality cuisine and customer service, he and his team created one of the most beloved venues in Dubai. Boasting a tucked away location, this pub has been named “Dubai’s Best Kept Secret”. Their menu features a slew of Irish classics that are backed by surprisingly robust drink options. The only thing that outdoes the quality of their offerings is the sense of unity within this warm establishment. This pub has a cult following, so come visit to discover what all the fuss is about!

Enjoy quality food in a fun setting.

Pub #2: The Dubliner’s – Out of all the pubs in Dubai, few have generated as much adoration as this unexpected venue. Despite being nestled in luxury; The Dubliner’s provides an undeniably charming environment. It’s located on the first floor of Le Meridien Dubai, but that doesn’t stop it from showcasing undeniably Irish roots. From their menu to drink specials, everything in this pub features a robust selection. They offer classic Irish cuisine, daily specials and affordable Friday brunch options. All these perks are accompanied by live music and quiz nights, so enjoy a taste of home in the middle of Dubai!

Visit the top rated pub in the world!

Pub #1: The Irish Village – Even though this venue is 8,000 kilometers away from Ireland, it hasn’t lost touch with its roots. Boasting authentic Irish cuisine and a cozy interior, the Irish Village continues to win over every visitor that walks through their doors. In 2016, they won the coveted title of the top pub in the world at the Irish Pubs Global Awards. This revered title only solidifies this pub’s legacy, so stop by to get a taste of unmatched Irish hospitality.