6 Things to do in Darwin

Darwin is located to the Northern Territory of Australia featuring its balmy nights, colourful characters and outdoor adventures. It is also popular for its markets, crocodiles and cruises. This is dominated by Aboriginal cultures which is evidenced by the range of languages spoken in the streets. Due to the city’s proximity to Asia, you will discover strong Asian influences, especially in the energetic food scene and night markets.

Let’s find out what you should do in Darwin.

1. Sail through a Sunset Harbor Cruise

Darwin is the epitome for sunsets and market in Australia. The locals living here appreciate such happenstance to live there. For a complete enticing experience, there is a ship at the harbor that takes you to explore the beauty of the sunset on the seas. The ship is composed mainly of the 50-foot luxury catamaran that features inbuilt floor ‘hammocks’ through which you can view the water gushing past you on a recliner. This voyage is called the Champagne Sunset Sail. Contact with the Sea Darwin Eco Tours and Cruises for more details and get yourself into a glamorous adventure on this harbor city.

2. Watch out Saltwater Crocodiles

Ever thought yourself of a Rambo-natured person? Then do visit the Crocosaurus Cove where you can go cage swimming with a crocodile right beside you. If you want to see something even more bewitching, hire a car and drive 60 miles along the Arnhem Highway to the Mary River to witness crocodiles jump out of the water eat buffalo meat from long hanging hooks. The operators available are Adelaide River Cruises, Adelaide River Queen and Spectacular Crocodile Cruises.

3. Watch Open Air Film at Deckchair Cinema

The ‘Deckie’ to the locals experience the Deckchair Cinema under open skies the mainstream movies and art house. It actually is very calming and soothing to experience movies in an open atmosphere. Those who are unsatisfied with a single visit can attend a double session, screenings begin at 7:30 pm. There is certain refreshment that you could enjoy at night such as Thai restaurant Hanuman and Ken’s Crepes which really are the best to enjoy at such a picture-perfect place.

4. Splash into Waterholes at Berry Springs

You should head towards city venter to Berry Springs Nature Park hiring a car and get a drive of 45 minutes south of the city centre. You can enjoy swimming in a series of three adjoining waterholes surrounded by bright-winged birds using the snorkel. The lawns of the park are perfect for barbecuing or sunbaking, and the kiosk is operated by local mango farmers, who also produce a range of homemade ice creams. You would also like to visit the mango farm itself – Crazy Acres, which is just four kilometres (2.5 miles) from Berry Springs, and it also features an on-site restaurant having a variety of mangos.

5. Take a Stroll along Mindil Beach Sunset Market

The Mindil Beach Sunset Market, really puts up their efforts and hosts street performers, musicians, craft stalls and some international food stalls. To avoid the immense gatherings, arrive at 6 pm. Swim into the infinite taste and recipes of the Darwinian Asian food culture consisting of Malaysian laksa, a savoury Japanese pancake or a Thai green papaya salad.

6. Learn History of Darwin’s Military

Witness the Darwinian military heritage scattered along Darwin with numerous heritage sites and museums. These landmarks serve a major role in expressing their post-apocalyptic dystopia in 1942 when the Japanese released about 300 bombs on the country. In spite of military strength Australia was unable to retaliate. Experience the bunker of the Darwin Military Museum, the oil tunnels, the Aviation Museum where you can witness the original B-52 bomber planes.


These are some of the most worth visiting places in Darwin, you cannot miss out to visit and watch.