Aussie Cocktails That Are Stealing the Show

Even though international drinks hog the spotlight, there are plenty of cocktails that are unapologetically Aussie. Armed with some of the best ingredients available, these drinks are fighting to reclaim Australia’s place in bar menus. Manhattan has the cosmo, Cuba has the mojito and Singapore has its sling. Many people draw a blank when coming up with a signature drink from Australia, but that is slowly changing. There’s a slew of award winning spirits to work with, and they are all produced in Australia.

Now that Aussie spirits are routinely taking international distillery competitions by storm, the world is starting to recognize Australia’s potential. From top notch whiskies to delightful rums, every main spirit is being produced down under. The superior native ingredients and Aussie craftsmanship can’t be beaten, and these brands are quickly gaining international attention.

This fresh wave of quality Aussie spirits is paving the way for new cocktails. They are 100% Australian, so everyone needs to get acquainted with them. They don’t have the promotion of big companies, so their popularity is growing exclusively due to their quality. These drinks are too good to miss, so we compiled a list of the best Aussie cocktails. Don’t miss out on this revolution, it’s about time Australian drinks stole the spotlight!

Aussie Cocktails Everyone Needs to Try

Aussie Cocktails
Kick things up a notch!

Aussie Cocktail #1: Dead Man’s Drop Spiced Rum Sour – What makes this drink unforgettable is the fact that it showcases NSW’s finest rum. Over the years Dead Man’s Drop has stolen the show with their black spiced rum. The different spices and herbs used in this spirit provide a symphony of flavors. Unlike many spiced rums, this blend manages to work in harmony instead of overpowering itself and creating a conflicting taste. This black spiced rum hails from Bathurst, NSW, making it an undeniably patriotic choice.

To make the Aussie Rum Sour, the list of ingredients is surprisingly short. All that’s needed is a lemon, simple syrup, chocolate bitters, Dead Man’s Drop black spiced rum and an egg white. Once everything is measured out, shake up all these ingredients and pour them over a large ice cube. This proves to be a winning combination, with the lemon highlighting the herbs and spices. It’s an intoxicating treat, so don’t forget to add it to your arsenal!

Aussie Cocktails
Add a much needed burst of flavor to your next party!

Aussie Cocktail #2: Dark and Stormy – While the original cocktail hails from Bermuda, this twist on an old classic is 100% Australian. Even the name “Dark n Stormy” is trademarked by the Gosling Rum Company, so we had to get creative. For this reason, the Dark and Stormy was invented with all Australian ingredients. It sports one of the most revered spirits on the continent, so let’s take a closer look.

Instead of settling for the traditional dark Black Seal rum, we chose a delightful golden rum from Far-North Queensland. Iridium is the pride and joy of Mount Uncle Distillery. It’s made from Australian grown sugar cane molasses, which gives it a remarkably smooth taste. This golden rum is in a class of its own, which makes it the perfect addition to this cocktail.

Using an Aussie spirit is nice, but the other ingredients also sport Australian roots. By substituting the traditional ginger ale with Australian apple cider, the drink gets noticeably more exciting. Pressman’s Cider utilizes Aussie apples to create the perfect fruity twist to this cocktail. To balance out the sweetness, add a dash of Shrubs from Currong Comestibles. Their entire line of syrups are made from Australian bush fruits, which provide a much-needed hint of bitterness. The Riberry is perfect for this cocktail, but their other syrups also help balance out the flavor.

Like most classics, this recipe is simple. Just muddle a lime wedge, peeled ginger and Riberry Shrub in the shaker. Add the rum, shake up the mixture and double strain into a mug with ice. From there fill the mug to the top with cider and add a garnish if desired. At the end of the day this cocktail is just as delicious as it is potent. The best part is, it’s 100% Australian. This is the perfect drink for any gathering, so treat your guests with something new!