Discover the Top Pubs Macau Has to Offer

Even though Macau is almost 6,000 km away from Australia, it’s home to some amazing pubs and late night venues. Given the rapid emergence of this gambling mecca, this isn’t surprising. Macau is right on the border of China, which provides access to some of the most avid punters in the world. Ever since 2002, international casinos have invested heavily in Macau. This gamble paid off, by 2007 Macau exceeded Las Vegas in gambling revenue. Even though Macau is one tenth the size of Sin City, it currently rakes in three times as much revenue.

This impressive transformation is fueled by the staggering amount of tourists coming to Macau. Every year, over 30 million people visit Asia’s gambling haven. Two thirds of this total hail from China, and this group encompasses many of the country’s elite punters. This flood of affluent tourists generates $28 billion, which is almost half of Macau’s $51.8 billion GDP. Tourism fuels this nation’s economy, and investors aren’t missing out on the action. As the number of visitors continues to grow, so are the number of venues that cater exclusively to international visitors.

Even though their casinos routinely steal the show, the bars in Macau are equally stunning. These venues host some of the most affluent tourists in the world, so every aspect is built to impress. While many offer nothing but modern amenities, some boast a touch of home. To showcase what’s available, we compiled a list of the best pubs in Macau. These venues range from state of the art to homely, since they all feature different perks. Prepare to get an intimate look at a different side of Macau’s nightlife with this list of epic venues. Each one has its own legacy, so dive into the details of these amazing pubs!

Best Pubs in Macau

Macau Pubs
Enjoy rare whisky by the fire…

Pub #3: Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge – Boasting comfortable décor and impressive promotions, this bar is a welcome touch to Macau. Located on the second floor of the Galaxy Macao, this prestigious venue is complimented by a slew of high-end amenities. Their oak panels and Jacobean rugs are set by a real fireplace, which is a novelty in this part of Asia.

While the interior is inviting, it’s backed up by a robust selection of over 400 types of whisky. This impressive lineup includes rare single malts from France, Ireland, Sweden and India. They even offer a vintage 1963 Glenmorangie, along with all the modern options patrons love. Their Happy Hour offers percentage discounts based on age, so the older you are the more you save. This pub has too many perks to ignore, so come experience a taste of class in Macau!

Macau Pubs
This franchise manages to exceed expectations.

Pub #2: McSorley’s Ale House – Even though McSorley’s is an international brand, their Macau venue is a sight to behold. From New York to Hong Kong, this brand consistently brings a touch of Ireland to loyal patrons. Given its strong presence around the world, it’s no surprise that this bar is located in the Venetian Macao. Even though the surrounding décor revolves around Venice, this two-story bar breaks the mold. Their pub is filled with enough mahogany, Guinness and charm to transport patrons straight to Ireland. They also have their own ale on tap, which allows visitors to indulge a taste of home!

Macau Pubs
This pub offers a casual alternative to Macau’s ritzy nightlife.

Pub #1: Old Taipa Tavern – While the rest of the entries are nestled in sprawling establishments, this pub maintains a low-key vibe. Instead of going for the glitz and glamor, the owners of this bar picked an intimate setting on the back roads of Cork. This strategic position in Taipa Village allows the venue to cater to expats and locals alike. Aside from top notch ales, the venue offers authentic Irish food, live music and comedy shows. This pub embodies Macau’s vibrant mixture of cultures, so don’t miss out on the action!