5 Keno Apps for iPhone and iPad

The mobile devices that are sold by Apple are great. The iPhones and iPads have become something that many people have to have wherever they travel to. The ability to download apps that allow you to play your favorite games is one of the things that make these mobile devices so popular. I triped to iTunes to see what apps you can download to your iPhone or iPad can cause some difficulties.

The problem with browsing through the selections of iTunes is the vast number of apps that are available. It can become confusing and may not be as enjoyable as people want. It can be made simpler if you can limit the list of things that you want to look at.

5 Keno Apps for iPhone and iPad

A good app to consider for your iPhone or iPad is a keno game. It is a fun game that can be played anywhere and it will provide you with plenty of entertainment. Keno is a game that is similar to the lotteries that millions of people play around the world. You can find versions of keno that allow you to play for free or you can find versions at online gaming sites that give you a chance to win real money. When looking for a keno app to download to your iPhone or iPad, you should consider the following list of 5.

  1. Keno Keno Free – This an app that will not cost the iPhone or iPad user anything. It is a basic version of the game that does have some limitations. You only get a maximum of 500 credits at a time and the odds of winning may be a little low. The graphics are good and the game is easy to play which makes it a good choice for many people.
  2. Power Nova Keno for iPad – This version of the game offers great graphics that make it more fun to play than a basic version of the game. The rules are the same. You can choose up to 20 numbers from the 80 numbers in the game.
  3. This is a very traditional version of the game. The numbers are revealed as a ping pong ball with a number imprinted on it is drawn and revealed. The game can be addictive and people have amassed a large amount of virtual winnings. The biggest complaint form people is the difficulty is figuring out how much your balance on the game is.
  4. Keno Gold – In addition to the traditional version of keno, players of this game can also gain access to the bonus features that are offered. You can get free games, extra balls and a game multiplier when playing this version.
  5. Online Casinos Keno – There are many online casinos that allow people to download their app for the iPhone and iPad. They offer different versions of the keno game that can include such things as progressive jackpots. Players can fund their accounts a variety of ways and can withdraw their winnings through similar payment methods.

Whether you want to play keno for fun or from real money on your iPad or iPhone, you will have plenty of options. Once you get the app, you may find that it is not so easy to stop playing. The game is fun and addictive.

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