Keno for iPad

Keno on iPad

With the mobile gaming market in the midst of a meteoric rise, it is unsurprising that classic casino favourites such as keno are now available in app form for your IPad. Available for free from iTunes and the Apple app store, players can pick from multi-card games like Keno 4 Multi-Card, traditional one-card keno games including Keno King and Keno Gold and even novelty themed titles such as Keno Classic, Keno Trek and Keno Fairy.

Thought to have originated in ancient China, keno is a popular bingo-style lottery game now played in casinos worldwide. Enjoyed in the East for generations, keno is easy to learn but difficult to master. An enthralling numbers game with an ever-increasing popularity, keno employs the random element so integral to traditional lottery games, but also attracts professional gamblers with a knack for playing the odds.

Players are given a scorecard upon which they mark between one and twenty ‘spots’, selected from the numbers one through to eighty. Numbers from that range are then drawn at random, with players’ scores determined through the number of ‘hits’ that match their spots. The greater the proportion of hits per spots, the greater the odds and the higher your score, just like in a Las Vegas casino.

The skill lies in estimating how many hits a player is likely to get. Pick too many spots and the odds will be reduced, too few and you could risk missing out on a high score, or even from scoring altogether.

With the Apple app store offering such a wide variety of gaming content, keno is becoming a popular choice for iPad users who crave the thrill and glamour of real casino gaming. Most keno apps are free, and are fun ways to experience high-stakes gambling without the inherent risks to your bank balance.

Keno Keno App
Online Keno App

Some of the best Keno Apps that you can download all free on your iPad from iTunes store are Keno Keno; Keno Tap; Keno Gold; Keno 4 Multi card and many others. Note that the apps that you find at Apple store offer virtual games which means you do not have any real money gambling or wins.

Playing real money Keno on your iPad

Keno real money
Keno at online casinos

To play real money Keno on your iPad you need to visit any Australian friendly online casino like Rich Casino with your iPad by typing the url of the online casino on your web safari. If you are new to the casino you get yourself registered and open real money account with the casino cashier by making an initial minimum sum of deposit (that varies from online casino to casino).

Then you go to games lobby and find the game of Keno. Mostly these games are listed under casual  style of gaming category or in other games category. There will be wide range of Keno games to select and choose the one you wish to play. Many are lottery type Keno games and few are pokies type too.

A key aspect that you should know about when you are playing real money iPad keno is how to place a bet. The first step to it is having sufficient money in your online casino account. The second step is to know the amount for which you want to bet. Most casinos allow you to place a bet for a small amount like $0.50 and high amounts like $10. The third step is to place the actual bet on the hand-held device. For this, on your iPad screen you will be provided with two options indicated as: plus and minus signs. You can select the value of the bet by using one of these two signs to either increase or decrease the value. After selecting the bet size, you can start selecting the keno numbers.

TAB Keno Australia on iPad

Keno Australia iPad
Keno Ticket

TAB Keno Australia is the official Keno Lottery App available at iTunes store to download on your IOS devices. It works similar to playing Keno at your nearest lotto retailer store.

All you need is to create an account and the lotto app will match your first deposit with Keno Reward Dollars to the value of $50.

Now choose your Keno game, pick your numbers and start playing Keno

With the official Keno app you can:

  • Watch the live Keno game draw
  • Get instant Keno results
  • Have live jackpot updates
  • Get rewarded regularly with Keno Rewards
  • Save and play your favourite Keno numbers
  • -Play your favoured Keno game preferences
  • Collect and top up your account easily
  • Get winning ticket notifications immediately
  • Find your nearest Keno venue through venue finder
  • Moreover the app is Licensed and regulated in Australia

What all Keno games you can play with official Keno app?

Keno Australia App
Keno Australia App

Keno Classic – $1 Could Win You $1 Million!: The Keno app delivers the classic Keno game as you know it, right in the palm of your hand. Spend just $1, and if you match the 10 numbers you play to the numbers drawn, you could win $1 million+!

Keno Mega Millions – $2 Could Win You $5 Million!: Play Keno Mega Millions for a chance to win $5 million or more! Spend just $2, and if you match the 10 numbers you play to the numbers drawn, you could win $5 million+!

Keno Heads or Tails – Chance to Double or Quadruple your Money!: If you’re looking for a super fun easy game to play, try Keno Heads or Tails where you have the chance to double, or even quadruple your money. Simply pick which half of the Keno grid will have more numbers drawn, or choose equal numbers in each half.

Keno Kwikipik – Play auto-picked numbers!: If you’d like more chances to win in a single game just add a Keno Kwikpik for an easy way to play, with more chances to win on a single ticket. With a Kwikpik, there’s no need to choose your numbers and you’ll be given multiple chances to win on a single game!

Remember you can download the official Keno app from iTunes for iPhone from here.

For iPad simply type the URL on your iPad safari browser and hit enter to visit the TAB keno website to play Keno directly.

Note that residents of Australian jurisdictions (excluding NSW, QLD and WA) who are 18 years or older are eligible to open a Keno account and play the Keno ACT game via the app in accordance with the ACT Keno Account T&Cs.

Also residents of QLD and WA are not eligible to play Keno via the app. Residents of NSW who are 18 years or older are eligible to open a Keno online account and utilise features available specifically to a NSW resident, however they are not able to play Keno via the app.

Benefits of Playing Keno On Your iPad

Keno on iPad to play Keno games
Keno on iPad can be played in the form of app or without download at online sites

Whether you select to play free keno game in the form of Keno app or you play real money Keno game at online casino, you will enjoy playing the game with your iPad. The tablet allows you to have a gaming experience similar to that on a small sized laptop. Also iPad affords you more convenience than a laptop, as you can hold the device in your hand and game with ease. The keno boards fit conveniently on the iPad screen, and you will feel the same look of the game as you play Keno with your PC or laptop.

Now its your choice to play virtual Keno games with game apps or to play real money Keno with your iPad.