6 Best Australian Pub Keno Games

5 pub Keno games

Aussies favourite game is Keno, right? It is an easy game to play with only a little luck to push forward for great wins.  Many players love to play online Keno games at the casinos even with real money play or live dealer Keno games but they miss the social aspect that Aussies yearn for. Sitting at the local pub with some favourite drinks with your friends playing keno can be more exciting. It can also be a change for a while when you get bored playing online at the casinos.

Many Australian pubs offer Keno games and have been famous among players. Also, well-known Keno professionals and millionaires wins have been formed playing at the pubs. So if you are thinking of some pub keno games, here are the 5 Best Australian Pub Keno games that you can enjoy

There are many live keno games to choose from and each pub has its own game to offer. If you want to know how each game is played that can be easily found at the tickets of the Keno game that you buy. Before playing know the rules of the game and other details for a fair and easy play.

1. SA Lotteries Keno

SA Lotteries

South Australian Keno is a lottery game from Tatts Lottery. With new games drawn every 3.5 minutes, you never have to wait long for your next chance at a keno win, just make sure you have your numbers picked no later than 40 seconds before the draw commences.

Choose from one to 10 numbers, with a perfect 10 for 10 bringing in a $1 million jackpot. To add another exciting element to an already awesome keno game, there is also a side bet option, the Keno Coin Toss. Here, you can wager on either heads where the majority of the 20 drawn numbers will be between 1 and 40, or tails where a majority of the 20 drawn numbers will be between 41 and 80 or evens where the drawn numbers will be evenly dispersed over all 80 numbers. SA Lotteries Keno can be played at any lottery outlet across the state, as well as in the ACT under the name ACTTAB Keno.

2. NT Keno

NT Keno

NT Keno or Northern Territory Keno can be found at a range of gaming venues across the Northern Territory, with outlets at over 60 pubs, RSLs, hotels and sports clubs. It is owned and operated by SkyCity Darwin, with a new draw happening every three minutes. NT Keno can be played for as little as $1 per ticket and players have the choice of selecting their numbers or using the Quick Pick option.

There are a range of winning options within this Northern Territory Keno game, including progressive jackpots constantly rising, a 10-Spot Jackpot that pays over a million dollars for matching 10 numbers, SuperPlay tickets that provide multiple ways to win, and a side bet called Heads or Tails which works in the same way as SA Lotteries Keno Coin Toss

3. Tabcorp Keno

Tab corp Keno

Tabcorp Keno is another popular Keno game that can be found at pubs across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. This pub keno game ticks all the right boxes. Games can be entered for as little as $1, with new games starting every three minutes.

There are a range of variations offered through Tabcorp’s keno game. You can choose to play Classic, Kwikpik, Jackpots, Heads or Tails or Bonus, each of which comes with its own rules and pay scale. These game variations give you the chance to play for bigger jackpots and multiply your winnings while adding an extra element of excitement.

4. Pub Keno

Pub Keno

You can play Pub keno which can be played virtually online. You can play Australian pub keno at Royal Vegas Casino, G’Day Casino or Casino Mate which also offers real money play in AUD currency.

5. Jupiters Keno

Jupiters Keno

Jupiters Keno is owned and operated by Gold Coast’s famous Jupiters Casino, and this game can be found in pubs, lotto outlets and casinos across Queensland and New South Wales. Jupiter’s Keno is essentially the same as NT Keno, with the main difference being when playing Jupiter’s Keno, you can take out a jackpot for hitting seven out of seven as opposed to the NT Keno 10 out of 10.

6. Tasmania Keno

Tasmania Keno

Tasmania Keno also known as Tas Keno, can be found with many Keno variations at pubs, clubs, hotels and country clubs across Tasmania. Games run every three minutes, seven days a week, with tickets for as little as $1.00. Keno in Tasmania has three jackpots on offer; 7 Spot, 8 Spot and 9 Spot. In the year 2010, the highest Tas Keno winner was a woman who struck it lucky with a $977,1549 Spot jackpot.

Playing Keno at Pubs is, therefore, a great way to socialise, make friends, enjoy drinks and also have some great wins.