9 Hacks and Tricks to Win Big When Playing Keno

9 Hacks and Tricks to play Keno

Hacks and Tricks to Win Keno

1.Play Keno with Small Bets
2.Select Keno with Higher Payouts
3.Play Keno with Progressive Jackpots
4.Pick the Right Keno Number
5.Observe the number drawn
6.Look for Number of Spots and House Edge
7.Play Keno Syndicate
8.Play Keno Online
9.Choose to play Keno Free

Hacks and Tricks to Win Keno

Keno is all about the probability supported by right speculation. Before playing the game, it’s good to know that the odds are almost always stacked against you. While winning at Keno is largely based on luck, there are a few strategies and tips that you can consider to potentially improve your chances. However, it’s important to note that there are no guaranteed hacks or tricks that will guarantee you a win in the game.

But there are some easy hacks and tricks to win Keno that can help you get a better payout from the keno machines. Remember that keno machines are designed to make money for the machine owners — not you. So never place brash bets as you will almost certainly lose. Be calculative and work your probabilities by following these tricks.

1. Play Keno with Small Bets

Hacks and Tricks to win Keno
Keno Bet Settings

As Keno is the game of chance it is not one of the games with the best odds.  Familiarize yourself with the odds and payouts of the specific Keno game you’re playing. Each casino or online platform may have different rules, odds, and payouts, so knowing this information can help you make informed decisions. So always consider this when you start to stake on a Keno game especially when you are playing at online casinos.  Keno game is combined with its high house edge, and that is therefore enough to convince you that you should play with small bets.

The house edge in Keno ranges between 25% and 40%, meaning you will lose more than you will win. Thus the best hacks and tricks to win Keno is not go for higher best but place small bets and play number of games. This way your money lasts longer and you have more chances to win.

Take care of this aspect that on most online casinos when playing keno game the small bets don’t qualify for the jackpot. On the other side this is not so important as again the odds to win the Jackpot in Keno is so slim so it’s best to avoid playing with high stakes. This hack works best for both high rollers as well as new players.

2. Select Keno with Higher Payouts

Keno Paytable
Keno Paytable

Keno is generally designed to make money for the casino owners. But some machines always dole out greater Keno payouts than others. Even if you have to travel a distance to get to that machine — do it.  As most of these keno machines can be found at Las Vegas Strip. Ask around for machines with a history of good payouts. Keno houses usually don’t advertise their payouts, but you could inquire to get some information. How much you can win at keno varies between each game, with different vendors offering different pay scales.

Looking for hacks and tricks to win Keno note that your potential winnings are also dependent on how many numbers you choose. Given these variables, you’ll need to refer to the game at hand to guess your potential winnings. The individual paytables reflect just how much you can win based on how many of your chosen numbers are picked. For example, if you pick five numbers and three of these are picked, your payout may be 3:3, while hitting five out of those five numbers will give you a payout of 5:50.

At online casinos, Keno payout tables will look like below chart:

Number of selected PicksThe number drawn and Payout
OneOne 1 to 1
TwoOne 1 to 1, two 9 to 1
ThreeOne 1 to 1, Two 9 to 1, Three 16 to 1
Four One 0.5 to 1, Two 2 to 1, Three 6 to 1, Four 12 to 1
FiveOne 0.5 to 1, Two 2 to 1, Three 3 to 1, Four 15 to 1, Five 50 to 1
SixOne 0.5 to 1. Two 1 to 1, Three 1 to 1, Four 3 to 1, Five 30 to 1, Six 75 to 1

These payouts are considered to be standard payouts. However, there are a lot of online casinos that offer great bonuses and promotions for playing keno with them. Don’t waste your time playing keno online with these casinos, as most times the payouts are far less which is why the bonuses are so enticing.

3. Play Keno with Progressive Jackpots

Keno Jackpot hit
Keno Jackpot Hit

Always play at a keno machine that offers a progressive jackpot. Remember that as the amount of the jackpot goes on increasing, the probability of your winning also increases, and the odds get slowly stacked against the house. Some games of keno also give you the option of enabling bonus bets, like placing an additional wager for the chance to multiply your winnings, or even placing a fun side bet like heads or tails. 

4. Pick the Right Keno Number

Keno numbers to select
Keno numbers to select

There is no way to select right Keno numbers and the way you select the lucky numbers depend on you and your intuition. Many players choose numbers on their important dates like wedding date, birthdate and so on or many go for numerological aspect to choose numbers. While Keno numbers are drawn randomly, some players prefer to use strategies like selecting “hot” or “cold” numbers. “Hot” numbers are those that have been frequently drawn in recent games, while “cold” numbers are those that have not been drawn for a while. Ultimately, though, each number has an equal chance of being drawn, so this strategy is not foolproof.

As the nature of this game makes it so that it’s impossible for any combination to be more likely to win than any other this means there is no such thing as right or wrong numbers. But the hack is that  if you have any lucky numbers you want to pick, go for them and stick to it for some time.  Try decide beforehand which numbers to select before you start playing. It makes the process smoother and more streamlined, so you can play more tickets in one session.

Another hacks and tricks to win Keno approach is to use number combination techniques, such as grouping numbers or choosing patterns on the Keno card. Some players believe that certain patterns or combinations are more likely to appear, but there is no mathematical proof to support this.

5. Observe the number drawn

Keno Drawn numbers
Keno Drawn numbers

Keno machines usually run on a standard algorithm. If you play at a particular machine, observe the numbers that occur. Note the numbers that repeat often and those that don’t. Study the frequency of those numbers and the patterns that they follow. This might seem like mind-numbing work, but it will help you win big when you play. For this to work, you have to observe the same machine every time. This particular game has stats for the last nine draws, along with the last 80, 160, 400, and 1966 (the total number in its history). Looking at the last nine draws, you will find that the number 74 was drawn 9 times, while the numbers 13 and 65 each have been drawn 8 times. Meanwhile, the numbers 4, 8, 9, 10, 18, 21, 22, 31, 40, 42, 49, 56, 57, 59, 61, 68, 69, 70, 72, 76, and 77 didn’t win once. This hacks and tricks to win Keno often works best for Keno lottery games.

6. Look for Number of Spots and House Edge

NT Keno 10 spot
NT Keno 10 spot

Another valuable hacks and tricks to win Keno is choosing fewer numbers increases your odds of hitting a winning combination on keno spots. While the payouts may be smaller, your chances of winning are higher. It’s a trade-off between higher odds with lower payouts and lower odds with higher payouts. Keno typically has a higher house edge compared to other casino games. This means that the casino has a higher advantage over the player. Be aware of this and play responsibly, keeping in mind that Keno is primarily a game of chance.

7. Play Keno Syndicate

Keno Syndicate
Keno Syndicate

When playing Keno there is another great hacks and tricks to win Keno by joining a Keno Syndicate. Keno syndicates increase the chance of taking out the spot 7, 8, 9 and 10 jackpot from as little as $4 a share per week! Known as Keno Superplay, you can buy your share of the weekly keno syndicate. Each share is $4 giving a total of 100 shares.

Experts believe that 20% of all lottery jackpots are won by syndicates. Which means one in every five occasions a Keno jackpot goes off around the world, it’s because a group of friends, work colleagues, or the family has pooled their funds to maximize their chances of becoming mega-millionaires.

Syndicates afford you the opportunity to play more games and more numbers, hence increasing your odds of claiming the big one. Of course, you might have to share your jackpot with your friends, but $500 million between 10 people is still a whopping $50 million each.

8. Play Keno Online

Ripper Casino
Ripper Casino

We at Play Keno Australia recommend to play Keno online as the best hacks and tricks to win Keno.  As a rule, online casinos have better payouts than land casinos. Thus, it’s always better to play online. The best payouts are available at Quickfire (Microgaming), RTG Keno platforms. There are simple video keno platforms to play. As an example a colourful and cheerful one called Monkey Keno.

If you play the latter one, the numbers are not drawn but thrown to the board by a monkey and they come in the form of coconuts. Essentially, both of the platforms (play as lottery or play as video keno) have the same payouts and odds of winning, and the return to player ratio is 94.9 percent.

Though, you may prefer Monkey Keno because of a few special features as you can choose games randomly instead of selecting individual numbers and can choose to autoplay the game. It also shows hot and cold maps (the numbers which were drawn most and least in the game).

9. Choose to play Keno Free

Play Demo Version of Keno
Play Demo Version of Keno

Also at online casinos, you can opt to play free keno games without spending any cent or penny. Play it for free first to get a hold of the game. While it makes little difference when playing for free, it may cost you lots of bets when playing for real money. Also even if you learn the best tips on how to win at Keno and you’re 100 per cent sure of your skills, still practise for free first. You never know what can happen. It’s always better if something wrong happens and you don’t lose your cash in the process. Better follow this hacks and tricks to win Keno.


You need to keep in mind that the payouts change depending on how many numbers you choose in total which is the wise hacks and tricks to win Keno . If you guess five out of five chosen, your payout may be of 50 to 1. That’s really sweet. But if you guess five out of 10 chosen, that reduces to 3 to 1. Therefore choose between four to eight numbers. When you choose less than four, any chance of winning is extremely low. There are 80 numbers in the Keno machine.  Then again, if you choose more than eight, you will always need to hit at least four or more numbers to get any extra money above what you’ve already spent for the wager and that’s not that easy either. Though, if there is a progressive jackpot attached to the game, it may be worth to choose more numbers whether you win or lose.

Remember that Keno is a fun game and is a pure game of chance like any other lottery game. Play at a reliable and trustworthy online casino wisely sticking to your bankroll and having the tolerance to win or lose.


Q1. Are there any guaranteed hacks or tricks to win Keno?

Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed hacks or tricks that can ensure consistent wins in Keno. It is a game of chance, and the numbers are drawn randomly, so it’s impossible to predict the outcome accurately.

Q2. Can selecting “hot” or “cold” numbers improve my chances of winning?

While some players believe that choosing “hot” or “cold” numbers can increase their chances of winning, the truth is that each number has an equal probability of being drawn in Keno. Past results do not influence future outcomes, so this strategy does not provide a significant advantage.

Q3. Are there specific number combinations or patterns that are more likely to win?

While some players prefer to use number combinations or patterns on the Keno card, there is no mathematical evidence to support the notion that certain combinations or patterns are more likely to win. The numbers are drawn randomly, and each number has an equal chance of being selected.

Q4. Do smaller bets or selecting fewer numbers improve my odds of winning?

Choosing fewer numbers does increase your odds of hitting a winning combination in Keno. However, the payouts for winning with fewer numbers are generally smaller compared to selecting more numbers. It’s important to strike a balance between higher odds with lower payouts and lower odds with potentially higher payouts, depending on your preferences.

Q5. How can I manage my bankroll effectively while playing Keno?

To manage your bankroll effectively, it’s important to set a budget for your Keno play and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses or spending more than you can afford. Keno is a game of luck, and there is no guaranteed strategy, so it’s crucial to gamble responsibly and not rely on it as a source of income.