The Keno payouts when playing the game at online casinos

Keno Paytable

When you start playing the Keno game at online casino, as a standard rule you need to choose your numbers. You can pick them yourself or pick the randomizer option which chooses them for you. Then on each number you pick, you place a bet, which may range from $1 to $5. Every match that is made is called a “Hit”, and the amount of money you win for each Hit depends on the amount of money you’ve bet on the numbers that won. You can even win a Jackpot if you pick all the numbers correctly.

Though as always said Keno is pure game of chance and there are no skills or strategies or keno algorithm that can make you a winner except the fact that if you play all the number you have a greater chance of making a hit. So payouts are also based on how many numbers you’ve picked, so your payout decreases with each number you bet on. As an example, picking only three winning numbers will pay out 100% while making 4 hits from 10 picks will only give the player 40% of the jackpot. If you’re a new Keno player or a beginner, pick fewer numbers. But if you have been playing keno for a while and understand the game more thorughly, pick more numbers and bet more money on each one.

Playing Keno at online casinos

When you play Keno online you will know that it is very simple game and all you need is to predict the numbers. There is a Keno Machine attached to each Keno game which holds a total of eighty balls, all numbers from one to eighty inclusive. You are tasked with selecting from one to fifteen numbers that you think are going to be drawn out of this machine, and you mark your selection off on a Keno Card. Once you have chosen your numbers and chosen a stake level at which to play that game then the Keno Machine will start to fire out twenty balls.

The aim of the game of Keno is for you to match as many of those numbers drawn out with those marked on your Keno Card, and the more of them that you match the higher the winning payouts will become.

You do need to be aware that how many numbers you pick on each card you play will determine the value of the payouts, and as displayed at the side of each Keno Card will be the actual payouts that can be awarded based on just how many numbers you have chosen.

Jackpot Keno Paytable

The Keno game payouts

If you are playing Keno game at online casino then there are basically as set standard payouts adopted by most of the online sites. Here find below the payouts according to the type of wagers you place when playing online. The payouts that you will be awarded when playing the fifteen number games are as follows:

  • No payout is awarded for matching one or two numbers, and the payouts in order from the third matching number onwards up to the fifteenth matching number are: x0.5, x0.5, x1, x2, x5, x15, x50, x150, x300, x600, x1200, x7500 and x15000.
  • You will find that when playing the standard game of Keno you will be playing a game on which you can select up to fifteen numbers hoping to match as many of those numbers with the twenty numbers that will be drawn out of the Keno machine once you have chosen your numbers, opted for a stake level and have then set the game into play.

The actual payout percentages, when you opt to play any of the available betting options available on the most commonly available online Keno game, keep in mind that it is the highest payout percentage that you should be looking for and as such use the below list of payouts to understand and use the betting opportunity that is going to return over the long term the very highest payout percentages.

Keno Paytable

  • When you bet on single number in Keno then the payout on this wagering opportunity is just 75%. So it is not advised to play the single number bet in Keno
  • You should also not bother placing the two numbers bet when playing Keno online for when you do and you are playing on a Keno game variant with the standard pay table the payout percentage is a very low 92.09% which is lower than most online pokies Australia.
  • You may think that when you play Keno games you will have a much better chance of winning by selecting a lower amount of numbers that you have to match on your Keno card with those drawn out of the Keno Machines, however this is certainly not the case for even the three numbers bet comes with a very poor and low long-term payout percentage which works out at just 93.04%
  • Another quite low paying option you can wager when playing Keno online is the four numbers bet, and whilst you will have fewer numbers to match when placing this type of Keno bet the RTP of that wager is low and modest at just 93.79%.
  • Note that the seventh best-paying bet in regards to your winning chances via its attached payout percentage is the 5 numbers wagering opportunity and for reference, you are up against a quite low payout percentage of 93.87% if you place this Keno wager.
  • If you opt to give the six numbers Keno bet some play time then be aware you are going to get, over the long term, a payout percentage of 93.79%, and that is not as high as some of the additional wagering opportunities.
  • With its long term expected payout percentage of some 94.15% the seven numbers betting option offered on the standard Keno games pay table is the sixth best-paying bet available.
  • Any type of online casino game wagering opportunity that has a house edge of 92.90% is not going to be giving your true value for your money or a lot of winning opportunities so do be advised that that low payout percentage is what is attached to the 8 numbers bet.
  • There is something of a mid-range long term expected payout percentage attached to the 9 numbers Keno bet and as such do be aware that if this bet is one you would opt playing online then you will get a long term RTP of some 93.43%, whilst not low it is certainly not as high as some other betting opportunities available.
  • Should it be the payouts attached to the 10 numbers getting the opportunity then you will be playing the bet which boasts the second highest payout percentages which works out at 94.54%.
  • There is a noticeable drop in regards to the payout percentage on offer on the eleven numbers bet and as such you would be better off placing either the above or below number bet when playing Keno online as opposed to this bet which has a payout percentage of some 93.10%
  • The twelve numbers bet on a Keno game is one that is often overlooked however with it being the fifth best bet with a house edge that works out at 94.22%, should the rather large winning payout that is attached to this game be one you are willing to play be aware of the RTP for there are some much better wagering opportunities available.
  • It is actually the thirteen number bet which can return the highest payout percentages when playing a Keno game with the industry standard pay table attached to it for when playing this wager you will get a payout percentage of some 94.90%.
  • If it is the fourteen numbers bet that catches your eye for whatever reasons then you will be playing against a long term house edge on this bet of some 94.27% which is, in fact, the fourth best payout percentages attached to the standard Keno game pay table.
  • The third highest payout percentage attached to the Keno game which has the payouts is the fifteen number bet, which many players tend to select this wagering opportunity its payout percentage which is 94.39% is not the highest one available so do be aware of that fact.

Keno bonuses and comps when playing online

You already must be aware that like any other casino game to play online the internet casino site allows you to play Keno too for free and with real money. You can practice the game of Keno all free till you wish to switch over to real money wagering. When you start to play with your real money remember that you are offered welcome bonus as well as comp points while you play which when you have enough of them saved up, you can exchange them to buy additional casino credits.

Note that you need to check the terms and conditions of the casino site where you opt to play Keno with real money before you claim their bonus and earn comp points