Gambling Hubs Most Punters Miss

Even though most punters flock to the same major gambling hubs, there are plenty of hidden gems to explore. Everyone has heard of Vegas, which makes visiting it a thinly veiled tourist trap. The same can be said for most major gambling destinations, since they are steeped with bright eyed punters. Every blog and TV channel has painted these places to be paradises, but many times the reality is much different. For those who hate crowds and hecklers, staying away from the main gambling hubs is a good move.

Nowadays, the only way to get a genuine gambling experience is to think outside the box. Despite failing to dominate the international spotlight, there are plenty of places that are advantageous for punters. These range from hidden destinations in Central America to new hubs in Asia. With a selection this diverse, it’s impossible not to discover something that’s perfect for your needs. For this reason, we decided to highlight gambling hubs that are often overlooked. These places are bursting at the seams with entertainment, so prepare to treat yourself to something new!

Gambling Hubs That Fly Under the Radar

Gambling Hubs
Test your luck in this tropical paradise!

Gambling Hub #3: San José, Costa Rica – When Costa Rica comes up, most people automatically think about pristine beaches and jungle adventures. To many punters’ surprise, their gambling scene is just as vibrant as their wildlife. The capital city of San José is home to over 30 casinos that range from small to impressive. These are the perfect selection for punters who are trying to get their feet wet in Central America’s gambling scene.

To make matters even more enticing, visiting Costa Rica is advantageous for frugal travelers. Their exchange rate is extremely favorable for Aussies. At the time of this writing, one Australian dollar is worth 435 Costa Rican Colons. This epic conversion rate guarantees that no matter what you do, your money is well spent in Costa Rica.

Gambling Hubs
Take on the odds while surrounded by iconic landmarks!

Gambling Hub #2: Los Angeles – Even though most punters would be shocked, there are plenty of casinos in LA. Once visitors are finished visiting Hollywood and Venice, a slew of gaming options await. From Commerce Casino to Bicycle Casino, there are many places to gamble within Los Angeles city limits. These venues focus on card games, but pokies enthusiasts can still get a piece of the action. There are dozens of full-fledged casinos within an hour drive of LA. These range from homely to larger than life. Treat yourself to something different during your next trip to California!

Gambling Hubs
This is the upcoming hotspot in Asia.

Gambling Hub #1: Singapore – For decades, the only type of legal gambling in Singapore was the Singapore Pools lottery. This dominated the scene ever since its establishment in 1968, but things changed quickly in 2000. After the Singapore Racecourse opened its doors in 2000, the public’s appetite for casinos couldn’t be ignored. The government eventually let two massive integrated resorts open in 2010.

These are hands down some of the most impressive casinos in the world. They feature theme parks, 55 story high-rises, boutique stores, restaurants, nightclubs and massive casinos. All these amenities have made Singapore’s ten gaming venues impossible to ignore. Treat yourself to Asia’s new gambling frontier!