Avoid Casino Games With the Worst Odds

Casinos have a massive amount of games, but not all of them are advantageous for the player. Not all games are created equal, & it’s reflected in the payout percentages. Even though it doesn’t mean you will always fail, the larger the house edge the harder it is to win. Having a strategy helps, but in the end it doesn’t matter how talented of a player you are. Either way, the casino will get their cut. This isn’t necessarily shocking, since they are providing the entertainment. What is shocking is how much the payout percentage can vary from each game.

Since payout rates make such a big difference, doing a little research is essential. Playing Keno with no deposit casinos is one way to add to  your bankroll. Finding out which games have the worst odds will help you bet strategically. Just because a game has a high house edge doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it. It just tells you to bet carefully & use discretion. When stepping into a casino, everyone should have a game plan. For this reason we have compiled a list of casino games with the worst odds. Prepare to be surprised by the fun games on our list!

Casino Games To Avoid at All Costs

casino games
Stay away from the wheel if you want to win!

Casino Game #2: Big Six – Even though its popularity is fading, this game can still be found in most casinos. Big Six revolves around an upright wheel with a bunch of dollar amounts on it. The dealer spins the wheel, & you win each time your number hits. Each betting amount correlates to a number on the wheel. If you bet $1, you stand to gain $1 if the wheel stops on the $1 symbol. The same system applies if you bet $5, $10 or $20. No big wins are possible, you can only win the same amount that you bet.

Even though winning isn’t impressive, the best way to play this game is by placing $1 bets. For $1 bets, the house edge is 11.11%. This is twice as high as the odds of an American roulette wheel. Even though these odds don’t sound bad, they get drastically worse the more you bet. If you bet $5 or $20, the house edge doubles to 22.22%. Those are terrible odds.

To add insult to injury, there’s no possibility of hitting a big jackpot. The most you can win is $20, & you will have to risk $20 each spin to win this. If you are adamant about playing this game, stick to $1 bets to increase your odds.

casino games
This game has some of the worst odds around!

Casino Game #1: Sic Bo – Craps may be the most popular dice game at the casino, but this game is still popular. There’s a reason for this preference, since the payout percentage in craps is a lot more appealing than with Sic Bo. Instead of using 2 dice, Sic Bo uses 3. This increases the variety of potential bets, but it also has its drawbacks.

In Sic Bo, only the dealer can roll the dice. This cuts out any attempts from the player to increase the odds with rolling techniques. A normal bet pays even odds with a house edge of 2.78%. While this is a modest amount, if you try to go big the house odds increase drastically.

One of the most popular moves in Sic Bo is betting on specific totals. It provides a 50 to 1 payout rate, but the house edge is 15-29%. The latter percentage is usually found at casinos that offer a 60 to 1 payout rate. This means that the more you stand to gain, the more drastic the house edge rises. These figures give Sic Bo the worst odds in the casino, so avoid betting on totals at all cost.