What Is Keno Deluxe and How to Play This Game

Keno Deluxe
Keno Deluxe- Instant Keno game you will love to play

Keno Deluxe is an Instant Keno game which is quite easy to play. This game is designed by Neogames where you simply pick how many numbers you wish to play with and get a match with the 20 random numbers picked by the game. If you are thinking you cannot play Keno Deluxe with real money then forget it as you can play with real bets and win real too here like any other Keno game that too in your own AUD currency.

When you start to play Keno Deluxe you will find that it is like a traditional Keno game but the format and the structure of the game is in bright pastel colors and a fun control board to make it much more visually appealing than any other Keno game that you mostly play at your local pub.

As you start to play instant game Keno Deluxe you will hear an upbeat tune playing which will slowly disappear as you start to play the game. Through out the game you wont hear any music but a lot of different sound effects. The look of the game has been designed like a one big gaming machine up close. You have a Paytable area, the area where all the possible numbers from 1 to 80 are displayed, the area where the 20 random numbers are displayed and the area where you can control the settings of the game.

How to play Keno Deluxe

As in any other Keno game; Keno Deluxe consists of a grid of numbers from one to 80 and the aim is to pick up to 15 numbers in the hopes that these will match the winning numbers drawn from the pit. No special skill or previous knowledge of keno is required to play, making this suitable for even inexperienced as well as professional players.

So what you need to do is to play and win on instant game Keno Deluxe, select your numbers that simply need to match with the randomly picked winning numbers. You could win on all your selected numbers. The more numbers you match the bigger and greater your winnings will be. How big your winnings are also depends on how much you have betted on your game. The numbers you have selected will be highlighted in pink making it easy to see your numbers. When you have a matching number to the randomly picked numbers it will change from a square box that the number is in to a circle in a purple colour. The numbers that don’t match yours will be displayed in a blue circle from a yellow square.

As an example like you select anything from 1 to 15. Pick the numbers yourself or let the game pick your numbers for you. If you wish to clear a number you picked, click on the Clear button to select another number. Then select how much you wish to bet on instant game Keno Deluxe. By using the plus or minus attached to the Bet meter you can select your betting amount. Instant game Keno Deluxe is now ready to start with just a click on the Go button. Once you have clicked on the Go button the randomly selected winning numbers will be displayed in the 4 tubes. If you want your game to speed up and show your winnings faster click on the Turbo button. As it is an instant game it gives instant wins too which will make you happy to see how big you have won.

Where to play Keno Deluxe

You can play Keno Deluxe at online casinos for free to practice as well as to play for real money. Most of the online casinos offer this game on instant play mode so that you can play Keno Deluxe directly over your Web browser without having to download any special software. Also online casinos offer welcome bonus and other special bonus which you need to avail when registering yourself at these online casinos.

Aussie friendly online casinos also accept deposits in AUD which you can make through any of the suitable banking mode like Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard. You can also select the ‘demo’ option on Keno Deluxe to play it for free in practice mode before committing to a real money wager.

What will you win when playing Keno Deluxe

When playing Keno Deluxe, the amount you can win depends on two things: the size of your bet, and how many numbers you have picked. The more numbers you pick, the more hits you’ll need to get in order to score a win. On the flip side, the more numbers you pick and match, the more money you will win.

Like suppose, if you only pick five numbers, you’ll only need to match one number to place a win, but if you pick 15 numbers, you’ll need to match at least three numbers to win. Picking only five numbers will give you a maximum win of 50x your bet if you match all five, while picking the maximum of 15 numbers and matching them all will earn a jackpot win of 15,000x your bet.

Every time you alter the size of your bet or the amount of numbers you pick, look to the left hand side of the screen, as the paytable will automatically update to suit your wager, so it will always be clear how much you stand to win.

Tips to play Keno Deluxe

As Keno is a game of chance the only tip to play is how many numbers you play. Each game will cost you the same amount whether you play two numbers or all 15, so optimal keno strategy recommends you play as many numbers as possible in order to increase your chances of a win.

Keno is to be enjoyed at all aspects which ever variation of the game you play. Also remember to stick to your bankroll and always bet within your means and play to relax yourself and have fun. Wins will automatically follow if you are lucky Keno player.