Discover the Biggest Cricket Upsets

Last year was undeniably controversial, and cricket was no exception. A slew of upsets swept the league and made fans question their loyalty. While they may have been perplexing, these wins showcase the beauty of cricket. On the field there are many uncertainties that pave the way for surprises. When top notch teams go up against minnows, nothing is guaranteed. Low ranked teams randomly beat champions, which keeps everyone on their toes during matches.

On top of fueling hope for underdog teams, cricket upsets are what make the sport worth watching. They prove that with enough tenacity and teamwork, anyone can become a champion. This is the epitome of sportsmanship, which makes cricket impossible to ignore. It’s been a wild year, so we compiled a list of the biggest cricket upsets of 2017. Prepare to be blown away by these matches, they defy all reason!

Biggest Cricket Upsets of 2017

This match blew everyone away!

Upset #3: Bangladesh vs New Zealand – When Bangladesh reached the Champions Trophy Semi-final, no one took them seriously. It was the first time in history that they had made it this far, so the expectations were low. When Bangladesh lost their opening match to England, everyone thought that they were defeated. The odds may have been against them, but Bangladesh wasn’t going to give up so easily. They battled the weather and got a point against Australia during a rainy match. Fortunately, this match got cancelled due to weather and Bangladesh was pitted against New Zealand.

When Bangladesh played against New Zealand, they hit the field with unmatched tenacity. It was now or never for the flailing team, so they played with a passion. Shakib Al Hasan and Mahmudullah Riad pulled off a brilliant double century that turned the tide of the game. To the surprise of fans, Bangladesh easily beat New Zealand. By the end of the match, Bangladesh had proven that it was ready to go up against bigger teams.

No one saw this coming…

Upset #2: West Indies vs England – When it comes to controversial matches, this one steals the show. The West Indies team’s victory over England defied all reason, since it seemed like they were destined to lose. On top of being ranked exceptionally low, West Indies performed terribly during the away Tests. For this reason, when they actually made England run for their title everyone was shocked.

Karaigg Brathwaite teamed up with Shai Hope to put 427 on the board for the Windies. England only had 258 points at the end of the first inning, but they were far from defeated. During the second inning England made a valiant 490-point comeback, but it wasn’t enough to win. Shai Hope’s final score sealed the victory for the West Indie team. This wasn’t just a shocking match; it was an emotional rollercoaster ride!

Pakistan proved that they are a force to be reckoned with…

Upset #1: Pakistan vs India – These two arch-rivals stole the spotlight as they battled for the ICC Champions Trophy. The stakes were high, and India was the undisputed crowd favorite. They were ranked noticeably higher than Pakistan’s team, so everyone was shocked when they lost. Despite Hardik Pandya’s attempts, Pakistan managed to swipe the victory from India’s reach. This was easily the highest ranked cricket upset in 2017, which makes it impossible to ignore or forget!