Keno Pad- Enjoy The Game Of Keno On Your iPad

Keno Pad App

If you want to enjoy the game of Keno on your iPad then just have a very beautiful Keno app known as Keno Pad from iTunes.  All you need is to tap between 2 and 10 numbers that you think will come up. Then anxiously watch as 20 random numbers, or balls, are chosen to see how many matches you get. The more you bet, the more you win or lose the game.

Game Of Keno On Your iPad

Keno Pad App Features

Game Of Keno On Your iPad

With this game of Keno on your iPad you can not only enjoy Keno but other casino games as well like poker, texas hold ’em, slot machines, roulette, or black jack.  This is free game so you get 100 Credits to start. Also you can get up to 1,000 or one million credits if you complete the game challenges.
This app has a retro casino feel and there is a win meter to know your winnings. With Quick Pick option you can select the keno numbers at once. You can slow the game or move fast as there are five speeds to use mainly  being slow, normal, fast, really fast, and instant. Also there are Keno Spot Leaderboards and you can bet up to 1,000,000 credits per game (if you can afford to).

Keno Pad App for iOS

Since Keno Pad is a paid download, you’ll enjoy playing keno ad-free. You’ll be able to enjoy this ad-free iPad Keno  game and save money from going to an actual casino.

With Apple’s Game Center Integration, you’ll enjoy competing with others on the High Scores Leaderboard and competing against yourself earning achievements when you get a 2-Spot, 3-Spot, on up to 10-Spot!

Besides the game of Keno, Keno Pad provides hours of fun. If you like other casino games like poker, texas hold ’em, slot machines, roulette, or black jack, then you’ll want to add this exciting Classic Keno game to your collection!

Keno Pad app is not free

Keno Pad app

As said above this game of Keno on your iPad is not free at app store. You need to purchase the game and it costs AU$9.99. Also there are in app purchases in the game for you to get more credits if you want o play the game like one million credits costs AU$2.99 and 5 million credits cost A$7.99

Also this app requires iOS 9.3 or later which is compatible with iPad. Download the app now.

How to play game of Keno on your iPad for free?

To play keno on iPad for free there are various free Keno game apps available on app store to install. Some are paid apps like the above though many are free to download.

All you need is to search Keno games on App store and install the app on your iPad

Playing free Keno means no real money is involved you simply play for fun as long as you want.

Infact many of the Keno free game apps offer in app purchases to buy more credits if you get exhausted with the default free credits that you get to play keno games.

How to play Keno on iPad for real money?

keno lotto game
keno lotto game

To play Keno on iPad for real money can be played at online casinos or Australian or New Zealand official lotto sites like TAB Keno and My lotto.

At online casinos all you need is to register yourself on your iPad safari browser and open your online casino account to play real money Keno games.

There are video keno games as well to play at online casinos

To fund your online casino account you are offered various deposit options such as:

  • Credit cards
  • EWallets
  • Prepaid Vouchers
  • Bitcoins

And various others.

The minimum deposit is generally $10 to play real money keno on Ipad at online casinos

When you play keno on iPad for real money at official lotto site then you need to either download their app on iPad or play keno directly on your web browser be it chrome or safari.

Here the keno game is in a lottery form where you buy a Keno lottery ticket. The aim of the game is to match your numbers to the numbers drawn and you can play from as little as $1.

If you’re new to playing Keno the easiest way to play is to buy a Dip, or if you have lucky numbers Pick Your Own.

Also at Lottery sites there are lots of other features added to keno lottery game like Multipliers or take a second chance draw. So if you try adding Multiplier to any Keno ticket for your chance you can win up to 10 times more. Adding Multiplier doubles the cost of your Keno ticket.

Keno on iPad with real money is filled with excitement and the chance to win real cash and huge prizes.

If you win the keno game with real money at online casinos you have to initiate a withdrawal request and select the withdrawal option like through check or direct bank transfer. If you wn keno game at lottery site then prizes of $1,000 or less will automatically be credited to your Lotto account. If you’re lucky enough to win a prize over $1,000, you will need to complete an online prize claim form and the lotto people will also send you an email letting you know about your win. Moreover there are no taxes on your winnings.