What is Krazy Keno?

Krazy Keno game online

Krazy Keno are number of video games which are a variant of standard Keno game to be played at online casinos.

The popular variants of Krazy Keno comes from Betsoft gaming and IGT in collaboration with Wager works software.

In Krazy Keno crazy wins are guaranteed and the game comes with an added bonus. Just like most Keno variations, Krazy Keno allows players to select up to 10 numbers and wins are paid according to the pay table. However, the added bonus of the variant is the bonus ball that doubles the winnings. Krazy Keno is fast paced lottery style game and the random number generator determines the outcome of each round. No special strategies or prior knowledge are needed to play the game.

With an Auto Play feature, this instant version of Keno only uses 40 numbers and has very few extra features to speed up the gameplay.

Krazy Keno from Betsoft

Krazy Keno from Betsoft gaming
Krazy Keno from Betsoft gaming

Krazy Keno from Betsoft only has half the numbers that you find in most keno games, online or otherwise, and only has ten winning numbers instead of the normal twenty. But it still offers a giant jackpot of 100,000.00.

You have three different betting sizes you can play in this game-0.25, 1.00 or 5.00. You also get to choose how many numbers you want to play. You can pick any total up to 10 numbers by marking them on the numbers grid.

After you make your selections, the menu of payoffs will come on the screen. In order to collect Krazy Keno’s large jackpot, you’ll need to choose ten numbers. If you pick ten, you can still be rewarded if you end up with as few as four matching numbers.

Naturally, the payoffs get bigger the more numbers you selected correctly. If you play 5.00, you will collect 10.00 for 4 correct, 40.00 for 5 and 125.00 for 6. The payoffs get dramatically higher from there. 9 out of 10 pays 50,000, while all 10 hits the 100.000 jackpot.

There are still some good payoffs even if you don’t play ten numbers. If you just played 5 numbers, you can win 625.00 if all five come in.

Features of Betsoft Krazy Keno game

The screen for Krazy Keno is unique, featuring a bright orange background. Your betting options are listed on the lower left of the board, while your game choices are on the lower right. Listed just above that is your current balance.

The grid of 40 numbers is sitting near the top of the screen. Sitting near the bottom of the board is the blue capsule which contains all of the keno balls. It is plugged into a simulated electric socket to increase the realistic appearance.

There is a winding tube which connects the capsule with the number grid. When you have clicked the start button to begin a game, the ten numbers selected at random will appear to travel through the tube and fall into the board of numbers. If a ball matches any of your numbers, it will light up.

At the top right of the game board, a list will be kept of all your matching numbers, or “hits.” You will also be able to see how much, if any, payoff you will receive.

Krazy Keno by IGT

Krazy Keno By IGT
Krazy Keno By IGT

The Krazy Keno superball game comes from IGT Interactive  This keno game is unlike most others, and is wondrous in its design, positively crazy one might even argue. There are added features this very graphic filled slot game too, making Krazy Keno Superball, one of the more delightful additions to the keno gaming market of late.

Players can select a stake from as little as 1.00 per game. On the higher end of scale, players can wager as much as 4.00 per game, which in keno gambling terms, is one of the cheapest maximum wagers any keno game offers.

Features of Krazy Keno by IGT

The bonus ball feature will see a player receive a 2x multiplier if they successfully land the bonus ball in Krazy Keno Superball. There is also a clear button if you want to start from scratch with your keno ticket, and a turbo feature to speed up the gameplay if you are tired of waiting, though the drawing of the numbers is somewhat rapid anyway.

How to play Krazy Keno?

If you love to play Keno games fast, you can find a faster version of Keno. It is a fast, smooth, and great browser-based casino that can work on any browsers.

You have to register an account with them if you haven’t already, which is quite fast and easy.

You can type Keno into the search bar located at the top left of the games list and select Krazy Keno to play.

Playing Krazy Keno for real money is very easy, simple and fast. The first thing you need to do is to select the amount you wish to bet and then pick up to 10 numbers. The numbers you can select range between 1 and 80. Then click to play 1, 2, 3 or 4 rounds. The matching numbers will be marked green. Wins are paid depending on the size of your bet and the number of matching numbers. You should also pay attention to the Bonus Ball that scores 2x jackpot.

Fast Keno – This is fast speed version of Keno

40 numbers – It has only 40 numbers

Auto Play – It has Auto Play feature 1, 5 or 10 games in a row

Last Bet – Repeat your last bet – same numbers and wager.

3 Betting Limits – $0.25, $1.00 and $5.00 limits

Other than the number of numbers available, this game plays just like all other games of keno except faster. At Keno board you choose your numbers and drawn numbers appear after coming out of the tube. You will find the pay chart and round breakdown chart to the right of the Keno Board.

Select your numbers by clicking the number on the Keno Board. Select your wager by clicking on one of the 3 available amounts. Select to play 1, 5 or 10 games.

You can repeat the last game with wager amount and Numbers by choosing the Last Bet and choose New and repeat the above-listed steps to start a new game.

Where to play Krazy Keno online?Krazy Keno can be played online at various casinos

Keno at Rich Casino
Keno at Rich casino

that offer this game. You can play for free for fun or play with real money that’s your choice. Following are the two legit casinos that offer this game.

  • Rich Casino
  • 7 Reels Casino

Also find various other sites on the web that will offer these games to play for free.

Finally remember that Krazy Keno is fun and thrilling online casino variant of standard Keno and it is casino game based entirely on luck. What makes the variant generous is the bonus ball that doubles all wins. Another great thing about the game is that you don’t need special skills to play it, but all your good luck to win this crazy fun game!