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How to Play Klub Keno at Online Casinos?

Klub Keno

Klub Keno is an online Keno game developed by Betsoft gaming provider. This version of Keno uses only 40 numbers and you can pick anywhere from 3 numbers up to 10 numbers. There is a StarBall that will land on the board and if it lands on a number you have bet on then you will win 2 X the payout. This gameplay allows stakes of $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00.

How to play Klub Keno?

How to play Klub Keno?

Klub Keno can be played at any Betsoft Powered online casino like Ripper Casino. You can play instantly with any of your gaming devices be it mobile or PC or tablet.

Simply visit the online casino by typing the casino URL on your web or mobile browser and hitting enter

Once the casino homepage loads, you click on Join Now or Sign Up and register yourself to play real money Keno with real AUD or BTC.

Now make an initial deposit of $10 and visit the games lobby to play Keno.

Click on the game to play. Not many features are to be had in Klub Keno but there are still a few that help to speed up the game and keep up the level of fun that this game has plenty of.

  • StarBall – A chance to win 2 X the original payout should the StarBall land on one of the numbers you bet on
  • 40 Numbers – By using half of the normal 8 numbers your winning chances are increased
  • Last Bet – Repeat the last bet you just made including all numbers and the wager amount
  • Auto Play – Have the game run through 5 or 10 games in a row for you using the same wager amount and numbers
  • Simple To Play – Fewer features mean this game is a great option for all players but mainly new players and players who don’t like all the shiny things that some Keno games offer

Choose your wager amount by clicking on the dollar amount until you find the amount you are willing to bet. To choose your numbers just click directly on them. These are the numbers that will pay out. You need to choose a minimum of three numbers and a maximum of 10 to play.

Players can choose to play One, Five or Ten games by selecting the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen. Once you select the number of games, the balls begin to drop and you can see what kind of matches you earn. To win the StarBall 2 X payout all you need to do is play as you normally would and if the StarBall lands on one of the numbers that you bet on then you win 2X the Payout.

Once the betting round(s) are over, you will get paid for any winning numbers. You can begin a new game by selecting “New Game” and choosing different numbers.

Rules of the Klub Keno Game

How to play Klub Keno in Australia

You must choose a minimum of three numbers to play for real money. As many as 10 numbers can be selected  Players can choose to select one game, five games or ten. The game draws 10 numbers at random. You are paid based on how many of the numbers they match during the random draw after the numbers are chosen. One of the 40 balls will be chosen at random as the Star Ball. If the Star Ball is drawn, and matches a player’s pick, then any win is doubled.

Klub Keno- The Game Verdict

If you are a high roller then maybe you might not be interested in this version of keno as the max bet is $1 only. The RTP of the game is 97.87% and is best for those who love to play Keno games.  This is one of the more fun versions of Keno that you can play. The StarBall gives payers a chance at winning some huge money for just playing the game you would on any other version. This is a game that all Keno players should try. If you are already going to play Keno then why not play a version that is going to give you 2 X the normal payout just because? Note that this Keno game may not be able to play for free at some online casinos.