Enjoy a Drink at the Highest Bars in Asia

Out of all the pubs in Asia, none are more impressive than the bars nestled inside skyscrapers. On top of selling intricate cocktails, each venue boasts equally intoxicating settings for patrons. Instead of settling for the status quo, the owners of these bars went the extra mile. Visitors are greeted with bird’s eye views of some of the most vibrant metropolises in Asia. From Korea to China, each country has a bar that nearly sits in the clouds.

While almost any venue over 20 floors is impressive, some bars dramatically beat this figure. To showcase how high some venues are willing to go, we compiled a list of the highest bars in Asia. These bars are nothing short of breathtaking, since they hover over the rest of the population. Get a taste of luxury by visiting some of the highest bars in Asia!

Asia’s Highest Bars

Highest Bars
This bar’s decor revolves around champagne!

Bar #3: Bar 81 (Seoul, Korea) – The name says it all, since this bar is nestled on the 81st floor of the Lotte World Tower. The 555-meter-tall Lotte World Tower is the fifth tallest tower in the world & highest building in South Korea. As soon as it debuted, this bar became the highest bar in South Korea to be open to the public. Technically there’s a secret restaurant/bar on the 107th floor called the Signiel Club, but it’s for members only.

Fortunately, patrons don’t have to be VIP to enjoy the decadence of Bar 81. After looking at the menu, it’s no secret that this venue specializes in champagne. They offer over 80 labels, which easily makes them the largest champagne menu in South Korea. To emphasize their infatuation with this bubbling drink, the ceiling is decorated with a glitzy art installation. It’s designed to look like champagne bubbles, so there’s no excuse not to try a glass!

Highest Bars
This tower cuts through Shanghai.

Bar #2: Cloud 9 (Shanghai, China) – Out of all the bars in China’s commercial capital, none are more iconic than Cloud 9. This is due to its plush décor and even more impressive views. Cloud 9 is nestled on the 8th floor of the Grand Hyatt, which provides spectacular views of the city. Even though this view is one of a kind, their decor is so impressive that it’s easy to get distracted. From terraced levels to intimate nooks that are divided by columns, this bar aims to impress.

Mahogany and chrome cover almost every available space, which creates a truly captivating ambience. On top of blowing guests away with its aesthetics, this bar sports a robust drink menu. From champagne to classic cocktails, no taste gets neglected at Cloud 9!

Highest Bars
Enjoy cocktails at the highest hotel bar in the world!

Bar #1: Ozone (Hong Kong, China) – Perched on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton, this is easily the highest hotel bar in the world. This looming skyscraper is set on top of the International Commerce Centre on Hong Jong’s infamous Kowloon Peninsula. It simultaneously offers 180-dgree views of Victoria Harbour and the city’s iconic skyline.

To reach this bar, visitors must take a special elevator. It gradually dims its lights as it rises until clients reach a blue-lit room. This intimate lighting is accented by a white marble bar surrounded by lounge-like seating. Their signature drink is the Basilic, so don’t forget to try it when you visit!