10 Outstanding Tips For Successful Keno Player

Tips For Successful Keno Player

You love to play Keno Game and you also know this game has no specific strategy to play and win except the fact to understand the game thoroughly before playing. Whether you choose Keno Card game; single or multi card or you choose Keno video game online there are but 10 outstanding tips that will surely make you a successful Keno player.

Tips For Successful Keno Player

1. Play Keno with spare money

This tip applies to all the games you wish to bet and play whether online or at land casinos.

You should only play Keno with spare money. Do not play with your cash that you have saved or kept for some other important use. If you are but crazy game player then spend only a fixed amount on Keno or other games but never ruin your budget and the wallet.

2. Choose to play Keno online

It has been found that online keno games have a more consistent payout. The real Keno machines only have a 60 to 70 percent payout rate. This is nothing compared to the payout rate of online Keno machines.

3. Play other casino games too with Keno

If you are a hard core punter then it is better to choose another game rather than playing only Keno. You should have a mixed bag to play games. Games that have high payouts are more favourable to play. Keno game is the one game that’s less likely to pay big. This is due to the high amount of payout you’re most likely to receive from other games like blackjack, poker, and even roulette.

4. Always pick the same numbers each time you play Keno

Whenever you play Keno or lottery there should be a consistency in choosing your lucky number. Having the same numbers over and over again, you may have a higher chance of getting it right sooner or later.

5. Compare the casinos online before playing Keno

You need to comparing numerous sites that have Keno. It is because most of these online  sites have similar payout rates and such, but it’s always a possibility to stumble across a site that offers more than the usual amounts for winning. There are even sites that offer extra benefits in the form of bonuses for signing up and playing at their casinos.

6. Choose Keno numbers that are constant

Like said earlier it has been seen that many players choose to play consecutive numbers, although they change the numbers in particular with each play. For example, one round might include the numbers; 5, 10, 15, 23, 33, etc. and another round might be; 7, 22, 44, 48, etc. In fact, many people do this for every single game they play.

7. Go for Keno numbers that have not showed up

Always tally the previous results and see which numbers have not shown up yet. Therefore choose numbers that did not show up in their previous games. The logic here is that those numbers will eventually show up, so using them might adhere the best results.

8. Choose two or three Keno numbers from the previous results

It is believed by most of the players that numbers that have already won in previous results might show up again and again. Therefore it is also a good idea to have two or three previous numbers too in your hit list.

9. Select a lot of spots on a Keno Card

Select a lot of spots on a card, if you’re choosing to play Keno for the longest period of time that you can. Using this method, you’re almost guaranteed to win something, even if it’s not the biggest of prizes. Even if you are not hoping to play Keno for long, choosing as many slots on a card as possible is the best way to win.

10. Play Keno at reputed online casinos that offer great bonuses

When playing Keno choose the reputed online casinos to grab great welcome offers as well as many promotions so that you can take this opportunity not only to play Keno but also have a great variety of casino games to choose and play along with those bonuses.

With all the above tips that make you a wise player of Keno you will find this game of chance more relaxed and interesting to play.