Looking at King Keno Game by IGT

king keno game machine

There are plenty of people who dream of the day that they hit the lottery. Lotteries run by governments and big businesses can have jackpots that will give people more money than they could ever spend. That dream is why people are willing to buy a lottery ticket and choose the numbers that they hope will make them rich.

Keno is a casino game that is similar to the lotteries that people buy tickets for. Players of IGT keno choose between 1 and 20 numbers from the 80 numbers that are on the keno board. The game then reveals the winning numbers.

More Matches Bigger Jackpot

The more numbers that the play is able to match, the more they can own. The amount that a player will win is based on how many of the numbers that they select and how many of those numbers that they are able to match. If you choose 20 numbers and match all of them, you will win the big jackpot.

The lure of winning the jackpot is why many people choose to play keno at the many online gaming sites and traditional casinos. One thing that people do not realize is the wide variety of keno games that they can choose from at the online casinos or the traditional casinos.

The Keno Game King by IGT is a very popular form of electronic keno machines that people are choosing to play both at Vegas casinos and at online casinos. The wide variety of games that are available is what drives the popularity.

  • Progressive Machines – What makes these great is the way that the jackpots grow. The more people that are playing the keno game, the higher the progressive jackpot will grow. When someone finally hits the jackpot, they will win the amount that has been collected since the last win. Many casinos have their progressive keno games linked together. This means more people are playing and the jackpot will grow even faster.
  • Basic Version – The more basic version of this keno game allows players a very clear and easy screen to play. It clearly shows the numbers and makes it easy to select and watch as the numbers are revealed. The odds of the different bets are shown on the screen to help a player decide how they want to wager their funds. The payback rate of this game is as high as 96%.

Why Choose Keno King Game by IGT

With the larger number of games that are offered in casinos and other gambling places, it might make you wonder why you should choose this one. The great thing about keno is that it is addictive and fun to play. The anticipation that is built up as you select the numbers and watch them as they are revealed is not duplicated in any other game. The simplistic version that is offered in this keno game adds to that excitement. It is easy to see when you win and how much you win. If you choose a progressive version of this game, you could soon find yourself winning that big jackpot that you have always dreamed about.

We found this video which gives you a pretty good preview of the King Keno machine.