5 Thrilling Adventures to Enjoy in Western Australia

Western Australia is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites that flaunts sparkling turquoise-blue beaches, magnificent islands, and beautiful landscapes.

Here I have rounded up 5 thrilling adventurous activities you must try in Western Australia:

  1. Swim with Whale Sharks

Swim with Whale Sharks
Swim with Whale Sharks

Yes, you can swim with giant whale sharks! Located in Western Australia’s north-west coastal region, The Ningaloo Coast is a World Heritage Site where the majestic whale sharks gather at Ningaloo Reef every year between March and August. You can watch them from a safe distance but often they come so close to the shore that you can sight them with binoculars.

  1. Head out for Adventurous Hikes

Head out for Adventurous Hikes
Head out for Adventurous Hikes

You can hike out on various peaks like Bluff Knoll, Karijini National Park, and MMTTrivia. Bluff Knoll is the highest peak of the Stirling Range in the Southern region of Western Australia. It is also called ‘Pualaar Miial’, by the locals.

To hike Karijini National Park, head to the Weano and Hancock Gorges in Karijini National Park. You can also explore Weano Gorge and the rugged beauty of the Handrail pool thereby following the descending into Hancock Gorge.

MMTTrivia is the place most people describe the walk down into Hancock Gorge as a journey to the center of the earth.

  1. Climb the Gloucester Tree  

Climb the Gloucester Tree  

Wondering how climbing a tree could be an adventure? But, climbing the Gloucester tree isn’t an ordinary thing! Because you’d climb a giant 58-meter high tree, spiraled with 153 spikes. The world’s second tallest fire-lookout tree is in Gloucester National Park in Western Australia, and people from all over the world visit this place to climb the tree and enjoy the most spectacular views of the Karri forest. Moreover, if you could conquer the summit, you will be awarded a certificate.

  1. Take a Tour to the Fremantle Prison 

Take a Tour to the Fremantle Prison 
Take a Tour to the Fremantle Prison

This’s no longer a working prison though. Built-in 1855, it was working till 1991 and now it’s a recognized heritage place. You can listen to the stories of some of the most dangerous prisoners including thieves, murderers, serial killers, bank robbers and more.

Earlier the cells had hammocks which were later replaced by proper beds. You can also view the tunnels built by the prisoners descending 20 meters below the ground.

  1. Explore Skydiving

Explore Skydiving
Explore Skydiving

You can fly high and enjoy stunning views of Rottnest Island from 15,000 feet above!  Experience the majestic free-fall and get yourself recorded, so that you can cherish the life-changing memory any time you want.


These are some of the stunning and thrilling adventurous trips you can enjoy and explore while your next visit to Western Australia.