Keno Patterns You Must Know

In keno game there implies an RNG system for extracting the numbers, which means extracting random numbers, i.e., without any link with previous or next extractions. Keno has different patterns which you can notice after a long game observation. In fact, the keno algorithm develops some patterns which are followed by players, and the benefits are offered to those players who know how to identify them. These pattern numbers could be “hot” and “cold” numbers and are found in the database of some casinos or in gambler archives.

Here are some of the popular keno patterns!

  1. 4 Card Keno Patterns

For the 4 card keno, the player will select between 2 to 10 numbers, but playing on 4 tables. In this type of keno game, your winning odds are higher as you can “hit” seven spots on half of these cards (2/4), which will offer you a great jackpot. Actually, it is about overlapping numbers on the cards. Splitting the numbers among the 4 cards can provide a greater chance of winning. You can select numbers in a succession like 20, 21, 22, 23; a total of 26, 28 and a total of 36, 37. It will be played at 3/3 (3 numbers of 3) with a great opportunity to get out a single number.

  1. Multi-Card Keno Patterns

So long you are playing with multiple cards, your odds of winning are maintained. You should split the keno table into imaginary pieces to get a better view over it. Or you can do whatever is required to keep your focus on all cards. These pattern numbers are the 5 hot numbers (mostly drawn): 23, 34, 72, 1 and 4.

  1. 20 Card Keno Patterns

Usually, the 20 card Keno is similar to the 4 card Keno, the only difference is the number of numbers played. In this pattern, you play up to 20 numbers on your cards, reduce combinations of number, and play on more than 3 spots. In fact, the biggest winner is starting with 5 spots. Working with 20 numbers split into 20 cards is a little bit difficult, but it will improve your chances of winning. You need to find the combination of numbers that was repeated more often in the last 10-20 draws, then play 5 or 10 consecutive draws with a 4/6, 5/8, 6/10, but do not go up than 6 / x  i.e. calculating the minimum rate to win some amount.

Keno Winning Patterns

The game of keno is highly unpredictable as it is drawn by RNG and random numbers are hard to predict. It is a result of computer choice. In a Las Vegas casino, a player hit the biggest keno jackpot ever with the age of his wife, children, and his own birth date. The value of the prize was $6.4 million and at the press conference, the winner said he did not use any strategy, just followed his best numbers, which happen to be “keno lucky numbers”.

Most Common Keno Patterns

As it is quite obvious, there are different types of patterns applied by the keno gamblers when they’re betting. They often play using various dates related to their families, often they would replace date of birth with the year of birth, as this offer a better option (the date of birth is only up to 31). You may often also use other patterns like other dates related to you and your families as driver license number, address’s number, house number, passport dates, etc.

Best Keno Patterns to Play

The best Keno pattern is using verified numbers, as “hot” numbers. Or you should play just with the dates you like or use every time. You may also rely on a computer algorithm, which is able to make proper calculations and offer increased odds of hitting big prizes. You have to find out which is the right option in the Keno game and used on a long time run. And never forget to have fun as keno is all about fun and excitement. The most popular keno numbers are: 61, 66, 67, 74, 3, 16, 44, 58 and 78. So long you will follow these keno patterns, your odds of winning will be at the highest rate.