Keno Winning Odds

Keno is a fun game and at the same time, it is a strategic game also. This game is full of luck with immense probabilities. It is often also considered as one of the best games that implies luck. You cannot control the balls and this is what is making this game a game of luck. In this game, you can change the odds and it is equally fun filled, interesting and simple to do. You can select any number of your choice and play and bet with as much you want to play with. This is just like playing any lottery, although, there is an increased chance of winning particularly when you understand the keno winning odds using online calculators, which is generally available on online gaming websites.

Pattern of Selecting Lucy Numbers

  • Players usually select the following patterns to pick their numbers:
  • Dates of Birth, lucky zodiac numbers and Anniversary dates.
  • Selecting half on the first half of Keno numbers and the other half on the second half of Keno numbers.
  • Selecting those numbers that have a history of becoming winning numbers most frequently on the previous draws.
  • Selecting those number that did not appear in the previous draw as winning numbers.
  • Leveraging Keno online calculator to evaluate the odds to understand which works and which do not. This calculator tends to discover the likely payout to get in return of the numbers picked.

The odds are the probability of picking the right numbers which are not the same as the payoffs in online casinos. The payoff in Keno is less than the actual odds of winning. Based on how many numbers chosen by you correctly matched with the ones that picked up as the winning numbers will determine if you have won and how much.

Using Keno Calculator

Keno is the result of a complex mathematical formula that is not easily figured out by any common player. This is why using the keno online calculator can help you in having a quick clue on the odds of winning keno. Using the calculator, you can easily figure out the odds. This calculator is as easy to use as the normal calculator. Enter how many numbers you choose to play, enter the data on the pay table and then calculate. The calculator will compute the return of any keno pay table. This calculator will help you find your odds of hitting the right combination of numbers on your keno tickets.

Keno Odds Chart

The keno odds chart are the place where you can see all the probable outcomes, related to the number of positions you played. The sequence of odds on winning numbers include: 1 number is all about 3.30, 2 numbers relates to 12, 3 numbers comes to 42, 4 numbers equates 155, 5 numbers are 710, 6 numbers are 3050, 7 numbers have 11100 or 8 numbers equals to 46000.

If you play keno in brick and mortar casino the odds will vary each time. It is suggested to play online keno more, where odds are larger, up to 95 – 98%. Irrespective of the chances of winning, be careful about the amount you take to the casino. When you exhaust all the money taken to keno, stop playing.

Keno Probability

There is 1:80 chances of winning at keno as there are 80 balls involved. If 15 numbers out of 20 that you selected appeared to be the winning numbers this is the best chance of winning. Under these circumstances, most of the casinos offer the jackpot. Hitting all 20 numbers out of 20 is the least probability.


Keno is one of the most popular games played by hundreds of people across the globe every day. This testifies that this game has gained immense popularity worldwide. If you haven’t tried this yet, this is the time to start and practice leveraging the keno calculator for a better playing experience and better odds of winning.

Whatever game you play, it is great to know how the game is played and what the odds are before venturing into the real game. The more you would be aware of these information, the more enjoyable playing will become and more fun will be added to your excitement making your time and money worthwhile.

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