How to play WA Lottery and Keno in Perth

The lottery and Keno games are very popular in Perth, Western Australia. The reason that people like playing these games of chance is fairly simple. They can win a lot of money with a very small bet. A bet of a $1 can win a person a jackpot of a million dollars or more. It does require some luck to win. While luck will play a part there are other things that people need to know if they want to play these games.

WA lottery

There are many different games that are offered in the WA lottery. Versions of the lottery include:

  • Saturday Lotto
  • Super66
  • Soccer Pools
  • Monday Lotto
  • OZ Lotto
  • Wednesday Lotto
  • Powerball
  • Cash 3

The games offer different jackpots and the drawing of the numbers for the games are on different days. They all work in a similar fashion. A player has to pick numbers from a range that the game has set. The amount of numbers they have to choose depends on the game. On a certain day, the game officials draw the winning numbers. The more numbers that a player can match, the more money they can win. Match all of the numbers and the player can win all or a share of the big jackpot.

There are plenty of different strategies to playing these games.

  • Special numbers – People will choose their numbers based on things that are important to them. Birthdays, ages and other numbers in a person’s life can be played. Many players will use the same numbers every time.
  • KwikPik – A computer will randomly pick the numbers for a person. This is the easiest way to play.
  • Multiple numbers – Players will often box their numbers. This means they will play all of the different combinations of the numbers that they choose. They pay extra but they increase their chance of winning.

Tickets for the WA lottery can be bought at licensed retailers. Many of the smaller jackpots can be collected from these same retailers. It is also possible to play online at the official lottery site.

Keno in Perth

Keno is just like playing the lottery. A player will choose their numbers. The numbers in Keno range from 1 to 80. Players can choose the amount of numbers they want. The more they choose and match, the more they win. The biggest difference between Keno and the lottery is the frequency of the games. Keno games can be restarted every 3 minutes. A player can choose new numbers for each game or they can play the same numbers for many games in a row. The more they play, the more chances they have to win.

Keno can be played in many places in Perth. There are land based casinos, and RSL Clubs. Keno games can also be found in many pubs and bars. It is harder or find places that do not offer Keno than it is to find the places that do offer the game.

In addition to playing in these places, there are also online casinos that can be accessed to play Keno. These casinos are licensed to operate and can be played on computers and mobile devices.

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