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How to Play Presto Change O Keno and Movie Theatre Keno?

Presto change O keno

There are so many Keno games to play these days at online casinos that are powered by different gaming softwares. One such game recently launched is Presto Change-O Keno and Movie theatre keno Presto Change-O Keno is a standard 80-spot keno with a 20-number draw. The player may pick between 3-10 numbered spots on the card. Movie Theater Keno is a standard 80-spot keno with a 20-number draw. This keno game is developed by Grand Vision Gaming.

Presto Change O Keno

Presto change O keno

Presto change o keno comes with three special Hat symbols are randomly placed on non-player marked spots. Hitting 2 Hat symbols will progress the paytable. Hitting 3 Hat symbols will progress the paytable farther and take the player to Free Games.

Magic Moolah Bonus in the game

Presto change O keno- Magic Moolah

When the player hits all three hats, they will trigger the Free Games. The player will receive between 10 and 50 Free Games, with no retriggers. Bonus Coins will be randomly placed on the board. Hitting Bonus Coins progress the paytable just like the Base Games. Hitting a Bonus Coin grants a random 2x or 3x multiplier. If more than one multiplier is hit, the multipliers are multiplied by each other up to a max of 27x which can be achieved in the Diamond paytable (3 x 3 x 3 = 27x).

Presto change O keno- Free Games

2. Movie Theatre Keno

Movie Theatre Keno

In Movie Theatre Keno the Instant Money feature is triggered by hitting 4 Kernel bonus spots. This feature awards the player a money value for each collected kernel. The Popcorn Bonus feature is triggered by hitting 5 Kernel bonus spots. Popcorn Instant Money transfers to the feature, while the 5th spot triggers the feature.

Movie Theatre Keno- Pop Kernels

The Popcorn Bonus consists of multiple batches where the popcorn machine dumps a batch of popcorn and occasionally throws a kernel. The player collects these kernels and is awarded money for them at the end of the feature.

The player starts with 3 batches. When a kernal is collected the batches remaining will be reset to 3. Players start with 4 collected kernels from the triggering game. A total of 15 kernels including the original 4 may be collected. Collecting all 15 kernels in a single bonus will award an extra prize of up to 400 times the bet.