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How to Play Keno Kong?

How to play Keno Kong?

Embarking on a journey in 2019, Keno Kong was launched by Fun Fair Gaming, a name that rings quite a bell in the online gaming landscape. This game packs a punch with a jackpot worth up to 1000000FUN – the native cryptocurrency of FunFair. Rendered in a cartoon-style rendition of the iconic King Kong narrative, the game catches the eye with its lively artwork and tantalising soundscape, throwing players into the midst of a besieged city.

Keno Kong takes a leaf out of bingo and lottery’s book, offering players the chance to pick between three and ten numbers on the 10×8 grid. From here, the Guaranteed Fair random number generator draws 20 random numbers, and the more numbers you match, the bigger your prize. The game’s RTP fluctuates between 94.35% and 95.96%, depending on the quantity of numbers you pick.

Players have a multitude of strategic options, including covering the board with the maximum of 10 picks or selecting fewer numbers to increase their risk for larger winnings. The game also features Auto Play, Quick Play, and Quick Select options for a personalised gaming experience.

Join the Game: How to Play Keno Kong?

How to play Keno Kong?

To get in on the action, join any Bitcoin casino and load the game on your preferred device – be it a PC or a mobile. Use the arrow buttons to adjust your bet as per your liking. To pick a number on the game board, simply press it, and to deselect a number, press it once again. The ‘clear’ button allows you to unselect all picked numbers, while the ‘quick pick’ button randomly selects 10 numbers for you. Bear in mind that you must pick at least 3 numbers to play, but you can pick up to 10 numbers.

The potential prizes differ based on the number of picks you make. Check the paytable for detailed information on prizes. Additionally, the game displays hot and cold numbers, along with recent draw history, to help you strategise for future picks.

There’s no set wagering requirement or minimum bet, although the game does have a minimum bet of 100 FUN. Across 5 levels, there are 15 prizes totalling a possible 420,000 FUN.

Pay Table for Keno Kong

The paytable for Keno Kong is your guide to understanding the payout structure of the game. It’s essentially the reward blueprint that shows what you stand to win based on your number of picks. Let’s say you’ve opted for three numbers, then the minimum prize you could pocket is 5 FUN, and in case you hit all three numbers, you could bag up to 200 FUN.

If you choose to play it safe with four picks, your minimum prize stands at 2 FUN, with the maximum reward capped at 400 FUN. Now, for those daring souls willing to go all out with ten picks, although the minimum prize is zero FUN, the potential for a massive payout is staggering, with the maximum prize skyrocketing to a jaw-dropping 420,000 FUN! Remember, the risks may be higher with more picks, but so are the potential rewards. It’s all part of the electrifying game that is Keno Kong!

Number of PicksMinimum PrizeMaximum Prize
35 FUN200 FUN
42 FUN400 FUN
50 FUN2,000 FUN
100 FUN420,000 FUN

For more information on Keno Kong and other games by Fun Fair Gaming, check this link: Fun Fair Gaming.

Venture into the Jungle: Where to Play Keno Kong?

Where to play Keno Kong?

Geoff Scaplehorn, the Games Producer, has proudly asserted that Keno Kong is yet another blockchain-first for FunFair. Players can immerse themselves in the colossal winnings of Keno Kong at CasinoFair and Crypto Casino, with game-specific promotions adding even more value to their gaming experience.


What is the minimum and maximum number of picks in Keno Kong?

You must pick at least 3 numbers to play Keno Kong and can pick up to 10 numbers.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) in Keno Kong?

The RTP ranges between 94.35% and 95.96%, depending on how many numbers you pick.

Where can I play Keno Kong?

Keno Kong is available to play at CasinoFair and Crypto Casino.

What is the minimum bet in Keno Kong?

The minimum bet in the game is 100 FUN.