Surprise Yourself With These Keno Secrets

Due to its mysterious past & bright future, few lottery games have as many secrets as Keno. Over the last 1,000 years, this game has gone from saving ancient China to stealing the show at casinos around the world. It’s a game that has managed to withstand the tests of time by evolving at an amazing rate. This vibrant history has helped make Keno one of the most beloved games in the world. Now that it has taken the gambling scene by storm, it’s easy to see that Keno will continue to dominate casinos.

Even though millions of people play Keno everyday, there are many facts about Keno that would surprise even the most avid player. This game has undergone so many transformations that it’s almost impossible to keep track. It’s a game that managed to single handedly revolutionize China, so it’s no surprise that it managed to infiltrate the entire world. If you love Keno, it’s important to know the hidden facts that makes this game great. For this reason we have compiled a list of surprising Keno facts. Get ready to be blown away by the versatility of this ancient game!

5 Surprising Facts About Keno

Keno secrets
This game has stolen the show!

Fact #1: Ancient Asian Roots – While most of our favorite games came from Europe, Keno is the only casino game that originated in Asia. It’s also one of the oldest gambling games to survive. Cheung Leung created the game 3,000 years ago to raise money for the Han Dynasty war!

Fact #2: Hitting the Right Number – Guessing all the 20 winning numbers in a Keno draw is next to impossible. Experts claim that if every person on earth played Keno during every second of their lifetime, only one person would get all 20 numbers right. If you put all the tickets spent in this pursuit in a line, it would reach all the way from earth to the Milky Way Galaxy. These odds make Keno one of the most complex games in rotation.

Fact #3: Back to Basics – Competitive Keno players in live casinos actually prefer to use crayons instead of pencils or pens when picking numbers. While this may seem silly, there’s actually a good reason for it. This game runs at such high speeds that a dull pencil or a dry pen could ruin your game!

Keno secrets
The odds are in Keno’s favor!

Fact #4: Tax Break – Even though the IRS has developed a terrifyingly strict reputation, it still has a soft spot for Keno. United States citizens aren’t legally required to report Keno winnings if the amount is less than $1,500. While this doesn’t help big winners, it does wonders for people who are having a fun night out. Why Keno has managed to attain this lucky break from one of the most draconian tax collecting agencies in the world is anyone’s guess…

Fact #5: It Can Be Beat – Even though Keno features some of the most complex equations in world, one man managed to beat the system. Ron Harris was more than a Keno enthusiast, he worked as a computer technician who checked computer chips at casinos. Against all odds, he was able to replicate the random calculations of the Keno machines. This netted him over $100,000 in cash & a few years in prison.