What is Krazy Keno and Where can you Play in Australia

Krazy keno

Krazy Keno will make you go crazy of course because in this game crazy wins are guaranteed and the game comes with an added bonus. It is a fun variant of standard Keno that is quick and fast paced to play. Krazy Keno is fast paced lottery style game and the random number generator determines the outcome of each round. No special strategies or prior knowledge are needed to play the game. This game has many versions from different software gaming providers.

With an Auto play feature this Instant version of Keno only uses 40 numbers. Just like other Keno variations, Krazy Keno allows players to select up to 10 numbers and wins are paid according to the pay table. However, the added bonus of the variant is the bonus ball that doubles the winnings.  With only three betting amounts the betting limits are limited and it only speeds up the game even more.

Krazy Keno Features

  • It is a Fast Keno to play with speed.
  • There are 40 numbers instead of the usual 80 numbers
  • With Auto Play feature you can Auto Play 1 , 5 or 10 games in a row
  • You can repeat your last bet with same numbers and wager.
  • There are three Betting Limits – Minimum coin size $0.25, $1.00 to Maximum coin size $5.00 limits
  • There is no Progressive in the game

Krazy Keno Superball

Krazy Keno superball game

Krazy Keno Superball, allows you to choose 2 to 10 numbers out of 80 on its two number boards, and on max bet you can win up to 80,000 credits with a bonus ball, Krazy Keno Superball has four betting levels, one for each credit that can be applied in the game. Start your Krazy Keno Superball online game by selecting to play 1 to 4 credits per game, and then choose from two to 10 numbers on the number boards. The numbers in the hopper come out in a random order; the more numbers you match, the higher your payout will be. Once your numbers have been chosen you can select to bet up to 4 credits in Krazy Keno Superball online. After you select the Play button, 20 keno balls will drop from the hopper and land on one or both of the forty-number number boards.

  • Krazy Keno Superball online game also has a Bonus Ball feature; when you wager 4 credits during this feature, you have the possibility to double your award.
  • If the Bonus Ball, marked with a red star and shown at the top of the hopper in a row, drops down into the hopper on the next game it may be part of the next 20 balls that drop.
  • If the bonus ball is part of your winning numbers, your cash prize is Doubled!

How to play Krazy Keno

Krazy Keno features

If you wish to play Krazy Keno for real money it is very easy, simple and fast. The first thing you need to do is to select the amount you wish to bet and then pick up to 10 numbers. The numbers you can select range between 1 and 80. Then click to play 1, 2, 3 or 4 rounds. The matching numbers will be marked green. Wins are paid depending on the size of your bet and the number of matching numbers. You should also pay attention to the Bonus Ball that scores 2x jackpot.

What are the Krazy Keno Rules

Krazy Keno jackpot

With the exception of the amount of numbers available, this game plays just like all other Keno games except that it is faster.

  • Keno board is in the center where you choose your numbers and drawn numbers appear after coming out of the tube.
  • Pay chart and round breakdown chart are listed to the right of the Keno Board.
  • You can choose you numbers by clicking directly on the number on the Keno Board.
  • Choose your wager by clicking on one of the 3 available amounts.
  • Choose to play 1, 5 or 10 games by selecting your choice along the right of the screen.
  • To repeat the last game with wager amount and numbers by choosing last bet.
  • To begin a new game, choose New and repeat the above listed steps.
  • Drawn numbers will show up on the board as Purple circles when you match one or yellow circles for missed numbers.

Where to Play Krazy Keno

Emu Casino- Play Keno in Real AUD

You can play this fast game of Krazy Keno at reputed online casinos of Australia

These above online casinos are powered by multiple different gaming developers such as Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, NetEnt, Betsoft and various others top brand , the above platforms are all licensed and accept Australian players. You will also find that betting and general options within each game are diverse and numerous, and allow you to always change the amount you wish to punt, as well as auto-play, re-bet with other game play settings. Also avail the great bonus offers from these online casinos and play Keno of your choice.

Remember you will have to register at the casino to play the fast Krazy Keno game. The registration process is free, quick and easy. Once done  make a deposit for real play, select the game and start your play. That sounds great, right.