3 Beer Brands That Took Over the World

When it comes to beer, a handful of companies have managed to dominate the global industry. Out of the countless different beer producers around the world, about 10 companies account for over a quarter of sales. These titans have achieved this by winning over the masses with vigorous ad campaigns. In many countries beer is more than just an adult beverage, it’s a direct reflection of the culture. By getting millions of people to identify with their brand, these companies are raking in staggering profits.

Despite what you may think, odds are your favorite beer isn’t on the list. Since the market is so diverse, the leading names are more exotic than you think. For this reason we have decided to enlighten you about the true kings of the beer industry. Prepare to be surprised by this heavy hitting list!

The 3 Biggest Beer Brands In the World

beer brands
This shocking achievement proves that marketing is everything.

Brand #3: Bud Light – Despite being the mockery of any true beer drinker, Bud Light has managed to saturate the market. After its release in 1982, this signature beer went on to dominate the industry. It’s brewed longer than the original Budweiser & has a lower ABV of 4.2%. But the real selling point is the fact that it contains less calories & sugar. These focal points were heavily promoted around the world. Even though many connoisseurs despise Bud Light, it has succeeded in winning over the masses. The weaker sibling of Budweiser accounts for a whopping 2.5% of the global beer volume market share. This makes it the third most heavily consumed beer in the world. Quite an impressive feat for a self proclaimed weakling.

beer brands
This beer has travelled across the world.

Brand #2: Tsingtao – Even though you may have never heard of this beer, it can’t be missed in China. A 640 milliliter bottle of Tsingtao accompanied by a glass of ice is a common site around the sprawling country. This incredibly hoppy tasting pilsner is the creation of Tsingtao Brewery Co. Like the beer’s wild taste, the company’s story is just as intriguing. In 1916 Tsingtao Brewery Co. was founded by a group of adventurous German settlers in Hong Kong. Their vision was to create an international brand, & over time they made this dream a reality. Tsingtao was first introduced to the US in 1972. It was an instant hit amoungst Chinese immigrants, & soon became the highest selling Chinese beer in America. Needless to say, business is still booming for this brand. Since 2009, Tsingtao’s percentage share of the global beer market has grown by 0.1% each year. They now command a staggering 2.8% of the world’s beer volume market share.

beer brands
This beer has taken China by storm with its cheap prices.

Brand #1: Snow – Before you throw up your hands in exasperation, remember that this beer dominates a country of 1.3 billion people. SABMiller & China Resources Enterprise teamed up to take over China with this controversial beer. Even though it has been vehemently criticized for its watery taste, this 4% proof lager has exploded in popularity. This is due to its cunning marketing & extremely low price. At $1 a liter, this is by far the cheapest drink in China. The numbers don’t lie, cheap products sell. Since 2005 Snow’s sales have increased by 573%. This explosive growth has catapulted Snow to the top of our list. Holding 5.4% of the global beer market share, Snow is officially the fastest selling beer in the world.