Discover the Best of Sydney Pub Food

It’s no secret that Sydney is home to some of the best pub food on the planet. Since pubs are the favorite meeting place for adults from all walks of life, it’s no surprise that Sydney’s pub food has diversified. No longer are you limited to fish & chips or nachos. Over the years pubs have stepped up their game & started delivering top notch food. Now you can encounter internationally acclaimed cuisine at your favorite pubs.

Since pubs are abundant in Sydney, you have a wide range of choices when going out on the town. Almost every pub features steak, schnitzel, burgers & peppered squid. While these plates are delicious, there’s plenty more for your taste buds to explore. You can always stick to the classics, but if you want to reinvigorate your appetite it’s time to try something new. Even if you are just looking for a new twist on your favorite dish, you can find it in Sydney’s pub food. For this reason we have compiled a list of 5 pubs that have outrageously good food. That way you can treat yourself the next time you go out for a round of drinks!

Best of Sydney Pub Food

Sydney is home to a vibrant pub scene, offering a variety of venues that serve excellent pub food. The city’s pubs often combine a relaxed atmosphere with quality meals. Here are some pubs in Sydney known for their great pub food:

  1. The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel:
    • Located in The Rocks, The Lord Nelson is Sydney’s oldest continually licensed hotel. It not only offers a selection of handcrafted beers but also serves delicious pub meals, including classic Australian fare.
  2. The Glenmore Hotel:
    • Situated in The Rocks with stunning views of Sydney Harbour, The Glenmore Hotel is known for its rooftop bar and quality pub food. The menu features a mix of modern and traditional dishes.
  3. The Dolphin Hotel:
    • The Dolphin Hotel in Surry Hills has been revamped, offering a stylish pub experience. The menu features a range of shareable plates and pub classics with a modern twist.
  4. The Australian Heritage Hotel:
    • Located in The Rocks, this historic pub is known for its gourmet pizzas featuring unique Australian toppings such as kangaroo and emu. The menu also includes traditional pub favorites.
  5. The Welcome Hotel:
    • Found in Rozelle, The Welcome Hotel is known for its friendly atmosphere and a menu that emphasizes locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Their pub classics are well-executed with a focus on quality.
  6. The Henson:
    • Situated in Marrickville, The Henson is a family-friendly pub with a diverse menu featuring wood-fired pizzas, burgers, and a variety of share plates. They also cater to dietary preferences with vegetarian and vegan options.
  7. The Courthouse Hotel:
    • Located in Newtown, The Courthouse Hotel is known for its relaxed vibe and diverse menu. From classic pub meals to innovative dishes, there’s something for everyone.
  8. The Oaks Hotel:
    • Situated in Neutral Bay, The Oaks is a popular pub with a large beer garden. The menu includes a mix of pub classics and contemporary dishes, and they are particularly known for their steaks.
  9. The East Village Hotel:
    • Found in Darlinghurst, The East Village Hotel combines a modern pub atmosphere with a menu featuring diverse options, including salads, burgers, and share plates.
  10. The Union Hotel:
    • Located in Newtown, The Union Hotel is a classic pub with a menu offering a mix of pub staples and modern Australian cuisine. The pub has a laid-back vibe and is a popular spot for locals.

These are just a few examples, and Sydney has many more pubs offering excellent food. It’s always a good idea to check the latest reviews and current menus, as the food scene can evolve. Additionally, Sydney’s diverse neighborhoods provide a range of pub experiences, from historic establishments to modern gastropubs.

3 Sydney Pubs That Have Amazing Food

Best of Sydney Pub Food
This spicy Thai food will win over any guest.

Pub #1: Triple Ace Bar – If you are craving super spicy Thai food, the search is over. The House restaurant dominates the adjoining space of the Triple Ace Bar. The same culinary masters from Spice I Am teamed up to liven up Sydney’s nightlife. This courtyard is strung with lanterns & brings a touch of Northeastern Thailand to Sydney. They feature one of the hottest salads in Sydney, & their menu boasts some fiery Thai classics. Once you try their authentic Thai food it’s easy to see why this restaurant steals the show.

sydney's pub food
This pub dishes out culinary masterpieces.

Pub #2: Four in Hand Hotel – This hotel manages to artfully combine an elegant restaurant & a relaxed pub. Since they are side by side, you can go back & forth as the night progresses. When you are in the pub, it’s easy to forget that you are in an extremely classy establishment. The chairs are comfortable & the atmosphere is warm & inviting. But once you get hungry the magic happens. Chef Colin Fassnidge has created his own culinary dream team, & they are ready to blow you away.

Their culinary masterpieces include everything from slow cooked dishes to homemade icecreams. You can even order a whole roasted pig that serves 10 people if you order in advance. When recommending dishes the list goes on & on. You can enjoy a 12 hour braised lamb shoulder, roasted duck or sashimi grade tuna that’s dotted with lemon curd. There’s also fennel custard that’s bejeweled with confit fennel, shreds of Alaskan king crab & topped with toasted hazelnuts. The desserts are just as impressive. They serve lemon verbena flavoured ice cream that’s topped with fresh honey that’s produced on their rooftop. You can’t go wrong with this impressive spread.

sydney's pub food
These ribs can seduce anyone.

Pub #3: The Shakespeare Hotel – If you are looking for relatively cheap food that won’t disappoint, this pub is for you. Unlike other swanky pubs, everything on the menu is $12.50 & is served in hefty portions. The best part is on top of getting a value meal, it also tastes delicious. You can choose between many dishes that include pork ribs, braised lamb shanks & rump steaks that are bathed in mushroom sauce. This spread showcases the classic attractions of Sydney’s pub food.They also do trivia on Monday nights, badge draws on Wednesdays & epic Swans games. Come & mingle at this delightfully satisfying pub.