3 Pubs You Must Visit While in Sydney

If you are searching for creative pub themes, there’s no better place in the world to celebrate than in Sydney. Thanks to its convict past, pubs have become staples of Australian culture. Pubs artfully intertwine self expression & social unity, giving people from around the world a place to mingle. Thanks to the diverse amount of pubs, Sydney is overflowing with must see venues.

Even though the current lockout laws have put a damper on Sydney’s nightlife, they could never extinguish the city’s vibrant pub culture. To this day Sydney remains one of the most colorful places in the world to parade from pub to pub. With countless pubs catering to every niche imaginable, you are bound to find one that suites you. For this reason we have compiled a list of the best pubs in Sydney. This is the most comprehensive list online, so check it out to discover your new favorite pub!

Best Pubs in Sydney 2016

pub 2
Your next night out just got more interesting!

Pub #1: Bald Rock Hotel – Take a trip down memory lane with this historic pub. This bar is a historic part of Sydney, it has a reminiscent feel as soon as you walk in the door. As you enter the premises you are instantly greeted with the vintage look of their heavy sandstone block bar. The pub is full of vintage alcohol advertisements that give it the vibe of an establishment that has survived the tests of time. Choose from the classics that are on tap & ready to go: Reschs, Bulmers, New, Guinness, Carlton, Fat Yak, Peroni and Pure Blonde, with Balmain Brewing Company’s golden ale. If that wasn’t enough they also have movie nights on Tuesdays, trivia on Thursdays & live music every Saturday night. The bar is dog friendly & serves up delicious meals so anyone can feel at home. This laid back atmosphere has put this old school pub at the top of our list.

Pub 3
Come on down & enjoy this pub’s overwhelming charm!

Pub #2: Friend In Hand – Get lost in Aussie culture at this delightfully decorated pub. From the moment you walk in you are bombarded with everything that makes Sydney’s pubs great. From the live rooster mascot to the exceptionally friendly culture, you will find this pub hard to leave. This pub does more than catch the eye, it wins over your heart. It’s decorated from head to toe in wild accessories. You will be enthralled by their model train, taxidermy heads, classic aeroplanes & canoe that adorn the bar. There’s also a massive glass aquarium where they keep the hermit crabs for their Wednesday crab racing. You will brush shoulders with every type of person imaginable at their weekly poetry reading, comedy nights & inviting fireplace. Come have a drink with friends at these epic events!

pub 4
This pub will always be part of Sydney’s culture.

Pub #3: Courthouse Hotel – This pub is the heart & soul of the Newtown community. Their grass roots approach has helped this pub weather the storm. To this day their massive beer garden is bustling with people who remember simpler times. There’s no wifi on the premises, so be prepared for genuine interactions. This is a renown beer & burger joint. So while you are waiting for an amazing burger you can choose between all the classics on tap. Even without a website they continue to attract new clients with their warm atmosphere & intense crab races. Enjoy your next cup of cider at this unforgettable oasis!