Are you Winning More Money in Keno Games or Pokies Games

Winning More Money in Keno

Do you love to play Pokies games or Keno Games at online casinos?  For some of you the choice may be Keno games and for many of you it may be pokies games. Though both the games are different in their format and structure but they do share certain similarities. They both can be said as game of chance, offering good points and so not require and skill or training to play to increase your chances of winning. So which game then out of the two can make you earn more money. Let us find out.

To analyse Keno and Pokies you need to understand the differences and similarities of the game.

Now go online and open a Keno game and a Pokies game. What did you observe at the first instance? The graphics and animations used in both the games are of leading software providers be it Microgaming, NetEnt or any other such kind. So whether you play Keno or Pokies they both are quite appealing to you.

Winning More Money Keno or Pokies

Both Keno and pokies (slot machines) are games of chance commonly found in casinos, and the outcome of each game is primarily determined by luck. The chances of winning and the potential payouts can vary based on the specific rules and variations of the games, as well as the particular casino or gaming establishment. Here’s a brief overview of both Keno and pokies:


  • In Keno, players typically select a set of numbers (spots) from a predetermined range.
  • The game then randomly draws a set of numbers, and players win based on how many of their chosen numbers match the drawn numbers.
  • Keno has different variations, and the odds and potential payouts can vary. The more numbers you choose and match, the higher the potential winnings, but the odds of hitting all numbers are generally low.

Pokies (Slot Machines):

  • Pokies are electronic gaming machines with spinning reels that display symbols. The goal is to align matching symbols on the paylines to win prizes.
  • Pokies come in various themes and variations, and each machine may have different rules and features.
  • Payouts in pokies can vary significantly based on the specific machine, the number of paylines, and the size of the bet.


  • Both Keno and pokies are designed to be entertaining games of chance, and neither offers a strategy that guarantees consistent wins.
  • The house edge, which represents the advantage the casino has over players, can vary for both games. Generally, casinos have a higher house edge in both Keno and pokies compared to some other casino games.

In terms of which game tends to offer better chances of winning or better payouts, it’s challenging to make a general statement. The outcome in both games is random, and the element of luck plays a significant role. Players may have individual preferences based on the type of gaming experience they enjoy.

If you’re considering playing either Keno or pokies, it’s essential to approach them as forms of entertainment rather than as guaranteed ways to make money. Set a budget for your gambling activities, play responsibly, and be aware that the house always has an edge in casino games. Remember that gambling should be done for enjoyment, and it’s important to gamble responsibly.

What should you choose

As pokies are video pokies  with different themes and use the addition of bonus features and bonus games, pokies have much more room to move with graphics and are therefore visually superior to keno. Keno is limited in its use of graphic design due to the main element of the game being a plainly numbered board, so there’s not much that developers can do beyond that.

So if you want an tech sound game with more latest advanced graphics with video console and cinematic animation, the pokies is the best game to play

Then what about the money win factor? Can you win more in Keno game or pokies game?

Whether you’re playing keno or the pokies the amount of money you can win from a single game depends on the individual game at hand. Some online pokies games come with huge jackpots, with progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah starting with a base jackpot of $1 million and increasing all the way into the tens of millions, while other basic pokies only have jackpots of a few hundred dollars.

The amount you can win on the pokies is also based on how big your wager is with some game jackpots only triggered if the maximum bet is in play and how many active paylines are in play.

In a similar way, the amount you can win in keno depends entirely on the game you’ve chosen as well as the wager you’re placing. Betting on more numbers in keno means the chances of hitting one of those numbers is increased compared to only betting on a couple of numbers, while choosing to bet on only a couple of numbers means you stand to win a higher amount if you do have a hit.

Therefore the amount you can win in keno or pokies depends on the specific game you’re playing and the active bet that you’ve placed. So it is seen that online pokies have bigger jackpots than online keno, whereas land based keno has produced many multi-million dollar winners too. Conclusion is if you are playing online then Pokies games might turn out to be superior to Keno.

But if you wager more then which game can have more chances of winning. Keno or Pokies?

As you found above there is differences in jackpots in both the games, the betting requirements for keno and pokies depends on the individual game you’ve chosen to play. Pokies can be played online for wagers starting from one cent per spin, while some games will allow a maximum bet of up to $300 per spin.

Wagering in online keno is typically limited to a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum of $10. This means that if you play for fun with smaller bankrolls you  may be more inclined to play pokies to make your money stretch further but only if playing the minimum bet on a low wager game.

Also will your winnings effect the game variety in both the games available to play

If you consider the difference in game variety between the two then pokies  will be the winner. You can find a huge collection of great pokies at all leading online casinos, while keno isn’t always an option. Casinos that do offer keno are usually limited to a couple of keno variants per site, while some casinos have over 900 pokies from reputable software providers.

Not only playing at web even with your mobile playing pokies games have better options while keno players may not have more chances to play the game on the go with their tablets and smartphones.

After looking at the differences and similarities it is you to decide which game will make you better win. Some players love to spin the reels of the pokies games while others love to select their lucky numbers on a keno board and watch to win. Make your choice: Keno or Pokies or both.