Don’t Miss the Best Aussie Wines Ever Made

It’s no secret that Australia produces some of the world’s best wines. From Hong Kong to San Francisco, Aussie wines have stolen the show at numerous international contests. This forced critics to rethink old notions, & the world’s spotlight got focused on Australia. Before this exposure, people thought a high-quality wine could only come from Europe. Now this stereotype has been repeatedly shattered, & the industry is still reeling. In the last 5 years, Australian producers repeatedly proved that their products can easily compete with the world’s finest.

Now that Australian wine has captivated the world, we can expect more epic releases to hit the market. The time to make an impression is now, so producers are scrambling to come up with something unique. With so many promising brands vying for power, it’s easy to overlook a classic. This slew of releases makes it easy to get overwhelmed, & plenty quality brands are falling through the cracks. We couldn’t stand idly by & watch this happen, so this list was born. Prepare to discover our favorite Aussie wines, they deserve the exposure!

Best Aussie Wines of All-Time

Aussie Wines
You can’t go wrong with this brand!

Aussie Wine #3: La Violetta 2014 – Produced by none other than Das Sakrileg Riesling, this adventurous wine packs a punch. It hails from the Southern region of Australia, which gives it its wild roots. All of the ingredients were produced down under, so it doesn’t get more patriotic than this. This wine was artfully created by fermenting oxidized juice in old oak barrels.

Many attribute the wine’s dark texture to their rustic production style. Even though this is pure speculation, one thing is for sure. This wine boasts a savory flavor that’s both complex & textural. The exotic style it displays has won over countless die-hard fans. Its dark texture gives it a seductive allure, so drink this when things are getting wild!

Aussie Wines
Experience something completely sublime!

Aussie Wine #2: Clyde Park Block D 2014 Pinot Noir – This is yet another bold release from the Geelong vineyard. Over the years they have had their moments. Married duo Terry Jongbloed & Sue Jogebloed-Dixon recently teamed up to run the company. Under this new leadership, the vineyard has flourished.

Out of all their wines, their best release was the Clyde Park Pinot Noir. Its sophisticated taste showcases the complexity of their ingredients. Red-black berries & wild fermented funk give this blend a style that’s unforgettable. It’s so impressive, that it embodies the Geelong vineyard’s unparalleled work ethic. This is the perfect wine to celebrate with, so save it for a special occasion!

Aussie Wines
This wine is the perfect way to finish off a good meal.

Aussie Wine #1: James & Co. 2013 Sangiovese – Amidst all the Aussie sangioveses, this one stands out of the pack. If you are sick of sugary wines, this one is for you. It manages to artfully blend fruits while still maintaining a dry taste.

This sangiovese starts off fruity, but the taste changes quickly. Once the fruity flavor passes, its replaced with powerful spice & macerated cherries. The flavor ends on a dry note, which is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the best of both worlds. Overall it has a distinct, European feel to it. Explore the complexities of this marvelous release!