Enjoy These 3 Family Friendly Activities in Vegas

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the perfect place to play Keno, but it’s also a great family vacation spot. For dedicated players the holidays can be difficult. Everyone wants to get away, but picking a destination that works for the family can be difficult. Finding the balance between adult entertainment & keeping everyone happy is key. Fortunately, it’s possible for everyone to get what they want. Out of all the gambling oasis’s, Sin City makes an epic family getaway.

There’s a lot more to Las Vegas than casinos & strip clubs. Since it’s a major tourist hub, there are shows everyday. There’s no shortage of world renown plays, comedians & breathtaking acrobatics performing. The surrounding desert also opens up doors to a slew of outdoor adventures. Even if you prefer to stay in the city, there are plenty of ways to get the adrenaline pumping. We have compiled this list of family friendly activities to make your next trip unforgettable. Prepare to plan a vacation that will blow your family away!

3 Family Friendly Attractions in Las Vegas

Family friendly
Experience the free fall of a lifetime!

Attraction #1: Vegas Indoor Skydiving – We don’t think your kids would be willing to jump out of a plane, but they will still love this. Vegas Indoor Skydiving allows the whole family to defy gravity, all without getting on a plane. Their vertical wind tunnel creates 120 mph winds. The sheer power of this allows everyone to float above the ground like a genie.

It’s a great alternative to the real thing, since it creates the freefall experience that gets the adrenaline pumping. The best part is, it’s located only minutes away from the northern part of the Las Vegas Strip. Give your family a rush of a lifetime!

Family friendly
Fly across Fremont street!

Attraction #2: SlotZilla Zipline & Zoomline – Las Vegas is surrounded by epic outdoor zipline options, but staying in the city has its advantages. There’s a lot of competition, but only one company offers ziplining in the middle of the casinos. SlotZilla Zipline & Zoomline offers a spectacular experience for anyone who wants to see casinos from a different angle.

Just East of Fremont street, there’s a 12 story slot machine shaped launch tower. From there you have two options of how you want to fly. The SlotZilla Zipline allows visitors to jet down the cable from 77 ft above the ground. This lands you half way down Freemont Street, inbetween the Four Queens & Fremont casinos. In this option you are seated, so it’s perfect for kids who are afraid of heights.

If you want to take things a step further, there’s the SlotZilla Zoomline. This option launches you from a 10 story jumping point at speeds of 40 mph. This covers the whole distance of Freemont Street. The best part is, instead of being seated it’s in a flying super hero position. Either of these options is a truly unforgettable experience.

Family friendly
Nature has never been this entertaining!

Attraction #3: Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat – If your kids love animals, this is a must see. It offers the best of both worlds with dolphins & jungle cats. There’s a 2.5 million gallon tank that’s home to multiple bottlenose dolphins. They do tricks with trainers, & there’s also an underwater viewing to see them play.

If that wasn’t enough, the dolphin habitat is surrounded by lush palms & foliage. This is where the panthers, tigers, lions & leopards roam. They are easily visible, & there are plenty of guides to explain their survival techniques. All this action is smack in the middle of Vegas, nestled inside the Mirage Hotel & Casino.