The most prominent six varieties of keno games that you can find to play

The most prominent six varieties of keno game that you can find to play

You must be knowing that beside the lottery game of Keno there are other varieties of Keno to enjoy.  These Keno variations make the game more exciting and are popular among Keno fans. So here are the most prominent six varieties of Keno games that you will find to play both online and even offline.

1. Power Keno

Power Keno

Power Keno widely played in Australia. It has the same rules as a regular keno game, plus one added bonus: if the twentieth ball drawn matches one of the player’s picks, then any winnings are quadrupled. That sounds quite exciting. So, for instance, if a regular win for picking six winning keno numbers is $75, and the twentieth ball is one of the player’s six numbers, then the player will win $75 times 4, or $300.

2. Super Keno

Super Keno

Super keno is similar to power keno, except that the focus in on the first ball instead of the twentieth. In other words, if the first ball drawn matches one of the player’s picks, then the player’s winnings on that keno game will be quadrupled.

3. Way Keno

Way Keno

This term is often heard in Las Vegas Keno where  you can choose groups of different numbers, all with the same number of numbers, to create more than one way to win. It can be thought of as a method to play several keno games at once. For example, you can pick three groups of numbers, with 4 numbers in each group. This would be called a 3/4 Way Ticket. In effect, you will playing three games of 4-spot keno, all on one keno ticket.

4. Combination Keno

Combination Keno

Combination Keno takes Way Keno a step further by allowing you to combine your groups of numbers in various ways. If you have chosen three groups of 4 numbers each, you can combine groups A and B, A and C, and B and C, to form three different sets of 8 numbers each, and combine groups A, B, and C to form one set of 12 numbers. This would be known as a 3/4,  3/8 and 1/12 Combination Ticket.

5. Video Keno

Video Keno

Video keno is also often found at online casinos which look like a pokies machine in many ways. However, the way it’s played and the results of playing differ a great deal from pokies. The major difference between video keno and regular casino keno is that video keno is a solo game. You don’t play along other individuals – you only play by yourself. Some people would certainly prefer this way, and that’s why video keno is great for them. If you tend to enjoy playing  pokies, this is a nice twist on the regular pokies-type game. You can find yourself in a similar environment, adding a new video keno game to your activities.

6. Online Keno

Online Keno

Online keno is the name given to keno game that you can play on your computer or with a casino or game app on your smartphone from the comfort of your own home. Just enter the online keno casino and download the free software or play keno in the no-download online flash casino or as said play with casino app. Online keno games use computer graphics to replicate the feel of playing in a real casino, and your winnings are deposited automatically into your online casino account. Online keno is faster paced than other keno games, with no waiting around between draws. This makes playing keno online a more dynamic and exciting experience for most people.

Now after knowing these six popular varieties of Keno game it is your choice to choose which one you want to play. Though keno offers a variety of great options the rules to play all the games are very simple. Also all the games do not require a huge sum of money to play and the risk of losing large sum is always minimum.  So just find the place be it land or online that offers the games of Keno and enjoy the one you think is more fun filled and you seem to be lucky enough to win.