Keno in a progressive future

Progressive Keno

Slowly and steadily progressive Keno games are becoming popular at the online casinos. It is common to see progressive jackpot keno games in land casino Though Keno is a game of luck, the progressive keno games technically increase your odds of a win. As progressive jackpots grow in keno, it means the house edge is lowered, sometimes dramatically. So while  playing a progressive online keno game, check out the jackpot. Because as it grows the house edge diminishes, giving you a greater chance to be successful in keno. Here let us find what progressive is all about and how it works.

What does it mean by Progressive Jackpot?

It is better to understand first what really is progressive jackpot and how does it work before we play progressive Keno. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot for a gaming machine like a video poker machine where the value of the jackpot increases a small amount each Keno game  until the player wins the jackpot.

The amount of the jackpot is shown on a meter as a money value. Usually the jackpot can only be won by winning the combination with the highest payoff, e.g. a royal flush at a video poker game, or five of the most valuable symbols like lemons, cherries, alligators, etc.on a pokies machine or numbers Spots in Keno game. Once a player wins the jackpot, the jackpot resets to a preset minimum level.

The amount on the jackpot progresses a small amount for every play on a connected machine. The amount that the jackpot advances by is set by the casino or the house. For example, on a machine whose house edge is 5%, a generous jackpot contribution might be 1%-one fifth of the expected profit.

The house is prepared to contribute some of the profit of a jackpot linked machine because players are attracted by the:

  • Relative novelty of progressive jackpots (generally, only a small fraction of the house’s gaming machines will be connected to a progressive jackpot)
  • Constantly changing meter, often displayed on large LED or LCD displays or on laptop screens when you play online
  • Large amount of the jackpot, which eventually motivates more players to play the game.

Usually only players who wager the maximum number of credits per play qualify to win the jackpot. All wagers, whether or not they are maximum credit bets, contribute to the jackpot though. As a result, a game which requires a 10 credit wager to qualify for the progressive jackpot will tend to have the progressive jackpot rise to higher levels (relative to its break-even level) than a game that requires only a 5 credit wager to qualify.

Does progressive jackpot is liked by players?

Progressive jackpot games have long been always been favourites among players. They keep the players sit for hours for play on the possibility of some big wins as jackpot keeps on increasing by time.  As progressive jackpot (online pokies in particular) have created many instant millionaires over the past few years these progressive games start off with a minimum win that’s quite lucrative and then expand to epic proportions the more the game is played to offer some of the best chances to win big in a game of luck.  Coming to the Keno scenario the progressive online keno is slowly on the rise and the future looks promising.

What is Bonus Keno?

Bonus Keno is a progressive jackpot game developed by the online gaming developer Net Entertainment or called NetEnt. Bonus Keno can be played at the highly reputable casinos like the  Guts Casino for free play in practice mode or real money with Australian currencies.

The jackpot rises every time someone plays this game, continuing to rise until the jackpot is taken. The jackpot is activated when a number is drawn which reveals the jackpot (J) symbol, of which there are 10 available. When landing on a jackpot symbol, the amount you win will depend on how much you bet. The maximum bet of $5 needs to be made in order to be eligible for the full 100% jackpot.

Are there any offline keno progressives to play?

Yes there are offline Keno progressives to play and these can be found in most states across Australia at land based casinos or betting venues like pubs and TAB’s. Some real life keno progressives are extremely tempting, like the ACTTAB keno which comes with a progressive jackpot starting at $1 million for landing 10 winning keno numbers.

Keno in progressive future

With the rising popularity of online in recent years many online players prefer keno to play as other casino games like pokies or table games.

The casinos taking the popularity of Keno into consideration are continuing to add more keno games, including live dealer keno. So are the gaming developers producing and introducing more Keno titles. You can expect many more progressive keno titles available in the near future at online casinos to play.

Also playing online keno gives the advantage of better odds than you’ll find in a land based keno game, similar to a good pokies machine with returns often over 90%. With more play control on Keno you can choose to play one number at a time for minimum bets as low as a few cents, to more and more of numbers at once for high roller wagers. While offline keno games are played every few minutes, playing online is even quicker, with players given the option of controlling the speed of the draw.

Not only in online casinos but even in betting outlets, pubs and news agencies around Australia, Keno has great hold over the players.

With coming of the mobile Keno apps even the players can enjoy the convenience of playing keno whenever and wherever they like, controlling the speed of the game and having power over the style of game play.  In only few years to come you will see the change of Keno as a game with more progressives to win.