6 Best Cheap Food Joints of Hobart

Hobart is probably Australia’s smallest capital city, which has of late emerged as one of the country’s finest and most amazing dining destinations. Flavors here are inspired by the surrounding sea and Tasmania‘s exquisite regional produce, offering a variety of tastes that transition between international and uniquely Tasmanian. The prime dining center includes the city docks, Salamanca and North Hobart, but there are some reasonably priced cafés and restaurants available all over the city and its inner suburbs.

Cheap Food Joints of Hobart

here are some places in Hobart known for serving reasonably priced meals:

  1. Burger Got Soul:
    • Location: 135 Elizabeth St, Hobart
    • A burger joint that offers a range of tasty and affordable burgers. It’s known for its casual atmosphere and quick service.
  2. Dede Indonesian Takeaway:
    • Location: 58 Federal St, North Hobart
    • Dede Indonesian Takeaway is a popular spot for affordable Indonesian cuisine. They offer a variety of dishes, including noodles, rice, and curries.
  3. Fish Frenzy:
    • Location: Elizabeth Street Pier, Hobart
    • Situated on the waterfront, Fish Frenzy is known for its fish and chips. It’s a casual eatery with reasonable prices and a great view.
  4. Pie in the Sky:
    • Location: 137 Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay
    • A bakery that specializes in pies and pastries, offering a variety of flavors at affordable prices.
  5. Retro Café:
    • Location: 34 Paterson St, Launceston (about a 2-hour drive from Hobart)
    • While not in Hobart, Retro Café in Launceston is known for its budget-friendly breakfast and lunch options. It’s a quirky spot with a retro vibe.
  6. Mum’s Asian Kitchen:
    • Location: 92 Liverpool St, Hobart
    • Mum’s Asian Kitchen offers affordable and tasty Asian cuisine, including noodles, stir-fries, and rice dishes.
  7. Schnitz:
    • Location: 65 Elizabeth St, Hobart
    • Schnitz is a chain known for its schnitzels, and it offers a variety of affordable options.
  8. Machine Laundry Café:
    • Location: 12 Salamanca Square, Hobart
    • While not the cheapest, Machine Laundry Café is known for its reasonably priced breakfast options in the popular Salamanca area.
  9. The Salty Dog Hotel:
    • Location: 298 Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay
    • The Salty Dog Hotel is a pub that offers affordable pub-style meals, including burgers, schnitzels, and more.
  10. D’Annapa’s Pizza:
    • Location: 18b Elizabeth St, Hobart
    • D’Annapa’s Pizza is known for its delicious and reasonably priced pizzas, offering a variety of toppings.

Keep in mind that the availability and affordability of food can change, and it’s always a good idea to check current reviews and local listings for the most up-to-date information on budget-friendly food options in Hobart.

Here are the top 6 Cheap Eateries of Hobart!

1. Machine Laundry Cafe

Cheap Food Joints of Hobart

Sandwiched in a corner of restaurant-heavy Salamanca Square, it is an ever-popular café serving up fresh food… and fresh clothes. Although, it appears to be an unusual combination, this Hobart laundrette, Machine Laundry Cafe, is a food junction that has been serving witty, inventive breakfast dishes to a crowd of fans. You will find the egg and bacon standards with innovative dishes like wonderful parmesan, spinach pancakes, caramelized onion and the Mental Lentil, which is a pide roll with spiced vegetable and lentil pattie and salad.

2. Cafè Lola

Mostly healthy eating doesn’t always come cheap, but colorful Cafe Lola offers both fresh and frugal. Located just a few steps from the docks in the red Marine Board building, this smart little eatery is known for its fresh local produce and clean-eating ethics. The menu of this paleo-inspired café includes Lola’s paleo pods, which blend the likes of grilled polenta with Tasmanian salmon. You can add a smoothie like the choc mocha antioxidant, and you’re bound to be energized for rest of your day.

3. Mure Lower Deck

Situated in a commanding centre stage on Hobart’s docks, Mure Lower Deck is the bottle-green seafood restaurant, containing two very different dining experiences. The Upper Deck is served as a fine-dining seafood restaurant and the bustling Lower Deck bistro offers a more casual way to get a taste of the Tasmanian sea. All the fish here prepared is caught by Mures’ own boat, and the signature seafood chowder is just amazing and famous. It is also known for Tasmanian scallops or oysters freshly shucked at the Lower Deck’s fishmonger counter.

4. Flippers

Flippers is one of four floating fish punts lining the docks of Wharf, the fish-shaped Flippers offers an exotic Hobart experience. You can sit on the steps of the docks eating fish and chips watching the city’s fishing fleet. Grab a classic fish and chips, or take a tour of the sea with a fisherman’s basket of fresh scallops, fish, crab sticks, calamari and prawn cutlets.

5. Jackman & McRoss

The historic inner city area of Battery Point is known for its classic Hobart bakery. Located just a short walk up the hill from Salamanca Place, Jackman & McRoss‘s wide windows are as beautiful and inviting as the pastries and other baked articles that fill its glass cabinets. You should try the breakfast panini filled with scrambled tomato, eggs, bacon, and avocado. You can also have a Tasmanian taste with one of its scallop pies. Grab a footpath table, if you are lucky, so that you can eat with a view of kunanyi (Mount Wellington).

6. Ginger Brown

Located in a small shopping strip in South Hobart, which is two kilometres (1.2 miles) from the city centre, Ginger Brown ‘s convince you in all means why it’s a local favorite. The breezy energy is matched by inventive dishes like fried halloumi, beetroot, orange, and baby spinach salad. It can be the best lunchtime destination for many.


There is no dearth of cheap yet tasty and quality food in Hobart coupled with the unique taste of Tasmania produce and the local vibe. So if you happen to visit this city, do not forget to visit these cheap food joints to satiate your taste buds. There are many more things to do for fun and adventure in and around Australia.